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Embark on an Engineering Adventure in Italy and launch your career on an international stage. Italy is celebrated for its rich engineering heritage, offering a plethora of opportunities for ambitious engineers. Italy boasts an impressive engineering legacy, with architectural marvels like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa captivating visitors from around the world. Additionally, the country is renowned for its contributions to automotive engineering, fashion, and sustainable energy solutions. Immerse yourself in the rich engineering culture of Italy and gain invaluable experience that will propel your career forward.

At Piktalent we specialize in providing internships across various engineering disciplines in Italy. From Civil Engineering to Robotics Engineering, we offer a diverse array of opportunities tailored to your specific interests and career aspirations. With us, you can pave the way to a promising and gratifying future in the engineering field.

Civil Engineering Internships

gain practical experience in construction projects, transportation systems and infrastructure planning.

Mechanical Engineering Internships

learn about manufacturing processes, machine design and automation.

Electrical Engineering Internships

develop your skills in energy generation and distribution, electronics and telecommunications.

Environmental Engineering Internships

work on projects related to water and air quality, waste management and renewable energy.

Robotics Engineering Internships

gain expertise in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Health and Safety Engineering Internships

work on projects related to occupational safety, health management and risk assessment.

Our program provides a diverse array of opportunities across various engineering disciplines in Italy. Explore the numerous internship fields we offer and find the perfect fit for your interests and aspirations. Discover the full range of opportunities available in the engineering field in Italy by exploring our vacancies online.

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Civil engineering industry

Italy is renowned for its remarkable architectural heritage, including iconic structures like the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Roman aqueducts.

The engineering marvel, Ponte Vecchio, located in Florence, is one of the oldest and most famous bridges in Italy, dating back to the 14th century.

Italy is home to innovative engineering projects, such as the Millau Viaduct in France, which was designed by an Italian civil engineer and is considered the tallest bridge in the world.

Mechanical engineering industry

Italy is globally recognized for its automobile industry, housing renowned manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

The famous Vespa scooter, an iconic symbol of Italian design and engineering, was invented in Italy and continues to be a popular mode of transportation worldwide.

Italy has a strong tradition in precision engineering, with companies specializing in manufacturing high-quality machinery and mechanical components.

Electrical engineering industry

Italy played a crucial role in the development of electricity, with Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, inventing the first electric battery in 1800.

Italy is a leader in renewable energy technologies, particularly solar power, and has made significant advancements in photovoltaic systems.

The Enel Group, an Italian multinational energy company, is one of the largest electricity providers in the world and has a strong focus on sustainable energy solutions.

Environmental engineering industry

Italy is renowned for its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental protection, with initiatives such as waste management, recycling programs, and renewable energy projects.

Venice, known as the “Floating City,” faces unique environmental challenges due to rising sea levels, making it an interesting location for studying and implementing innovative environmental engineering solutions.

Italy has numerous national parks and protected areas, showcasing its dedication to preserving biodiversity and natural resources.

Robotics engineering industry

Italy has a rich history in robotics, with the first humanoid robot, the WABOT-1, developed by researchers at Waseda University in Japan, inspired by Italian roboticist Piero Fiorito.

The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a leading research institution in the field of robotics, conducting groundbreaking studies and developing cutting-edge robotic technologies.

Italy hosts various robotics competitions, such as the European RoboCup, where teams from around the world showcase their robotic creations and compete in different categories.

Health and safety engineering industry

Italy has a well-established healthcare system and is known for its high standards of health and safety regulations, making it an ideal location for interns interested in this field.

The Italian Society of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene (SIMLII) plays a significant role in promoting and ensuring health and safety standards in workplaces across the country.

Italy has a rich cultural heritage of public health initiatives, including historical quarantine sites like Lazaretto Vecchio in Venice, which demonstrate the country’s efforts to combat infectious diseases.

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