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Experience the Serenity of Finnish Nature

Dive deep into the pristine beauty of Finland’s landscapes, setting the stage for a unique career path. From the vibrant streets of Helsinki, the capital city that’s home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, to the vast expanses of its 188,000 lakes, Finland offers a tranquil environment that’s sure to captivate your senses. Did you know? Finland is known as the world’s happiest country. Moreover, with its high water-to-landmass ratio, it boasts of having the most lakes compared to any other country. Around 75% of Finland’s surface is covered with lush forests, making it Europe’s most heavily forested country. 

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Finland: The Nordic Gem

The Finnish economy

Throughout 2023, Finland, recognized as Northern Europe’s beacon of stability, grappled with economic challenges, including a mild recession. However, the nation’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its intricate trade relationships with Russia stood as testaments to its resilience. A pivotal moment in Finland’s foreign policy was its decision to join NATO, underscoring its dedication to ensuring regional stability. In the Arctic, a region of strategic importance to Finland, the dynamics have been shifting. Heightened geopolitical tensions, spurred by increased military activity and resource interests, have necessitated a reevaluation of Finland’s Arctic policy. In response, Finland has placed a renewed emphasis on international cooperation, extensive research, and forward-thinking strategies to navigate the complexities of the Arctic landscape.

Finnish culture

Finnish culture is a harmonious blend of indigenous traditions and European influences, deeply embedded in the nation’s history and way of life. The significance of nature is evident in cherished customs like the sauna, symbolizing Finland’s profound connection to its environment. The coexistence of Finnish and Swedish as national languages not only shapes the linguistic landscape but also adds layers to the country’s cultural identity. Literary accomplishments, such as the revered national epic, the Kalevala, and the global recognition of authors like Nobel laureate Frans Eemil Sillanpää, underscore Finland’s rich literary tapestry. Furthermore, Finland’s contributions to global architectural and design movements highlight its innovative spirit, while societal principles like “Everyman’s Right” reflect its deep-rooted values of equality and communal respect. The nation’s emphasis on quality education and its progressive stance on issues like women’s rights further solidify its reputation as a country that seamlessly marries tradition with forward-thinking ideals.

Work environment

In 2023, Finland distinguishes itself on the global stage as a preferred destination for professionals from various backgrounds. The country’s work culture is particularly notable for its low hierarchies and the accessibility of supervisors, attributes highly valued by both domestic and foreign employees. Finland’s diverse job landscape caters to traditional roles as well as innovative opportunities, ensuring that every professional finds their niche. The nation’s dedication to the welfare of its workforce is further underscored by the recent amendments to the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act, emphasizing a safe and informed work environment. Beyond the confines of the workplace, Finland’s reputation shines even brighter. Consistently ranked as the world’s happiest country, it promises a life marked by economic and social stability, a commendable work-life balance, and a profound bond with nature. These attributes, combined with robust infrastructural and policy frameworks, position Finland as an unparalleled choice for professionals seeking both career growth and a high quality of life.

As you embark on your professional journey in Finland, you’ll find that values such as honesty, punctuality, and equality are deeply ingrained in the Finnish working culture.

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  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • English (widely spoken, especially in business and tourist areas)

Winter:15/-5 °C (5/23 °F), Summer: 15/25 °C (59/77 °F)

One person spends about 900 euros per month on basic necessities, not including rent

As of 2023, the average salary in Finland is approximately 3,807 EUR per month or 45,684 EUR yearly

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