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Job posting
Post vacancies and get applications
  • Buy your own package of vacancies.
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Without applications limit
We recruit for you
We search the candidates for you
  • Recruitment service of talent based on your necesities
  • We proactively search for the candidates
  • Recruitment, selection and filtering of candidates
Search for talent
Search on our talent database
  • Search on our talent database based on your requirements
  • Unlock the constact data from the candidates you choose
  • Buy candidates CVs packages

We adapt ourselves to your requeriments

Post your vacancies and manage your applications with your recruiting team.

  1. Under this modality, you will be able to publish your vacancies at the time you need and receive spontaneous applications from our candidates.
  2. You will be able to design your own vacancy package, starting from 1 vacancy, to use in a period of 12 months. The greater the volume of vacancies, the better conditions we can offer you.
  3. All vacancies have a duration of 30 days and there are no application limits.
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We recruit the young talent you need

  1. At Piktalent, we are specialists in finding and recruiting young talent for your company
  2. We will proactively search for your candidates
  3. We will select the best profiles available and interview them to make sure we get a perfect match.
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Search for the talent you need among more than 60,000 profiles, accessing our talent bank.

  1. With this modality, you will be able to search our database depending on your needs and see blind profiles that contain the basic information of each candidate.
  2. According to the needs you have, you can discover the data of those candidates that you would like to interview for your company
  3. We offer the purchase of CV packages to unlock the contact details and the CV of the chosen candidates.
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Our team process more than 20000 applicants from all around the world


We work with more than 600 educational institutions


We work with more than 3000 companies from 15 countries

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