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About Piktalent

An innovative approach to young talent recruitment

Piktalent is a brand-new, groundbreaking tool launched by The Student Mobility group, is the newest and broadest brand. Through technology, we aim to solve the needs of students, universities, and companies, providing a solution to the lack of resources currently available online.

Consequently, students and young graduates are able to find a job and/or internship online and in an efficient manner. As well as this, Piktalent provides a tool for educational institutions and schools to measure, benchmark and review their students development through their real-life experiences.
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Bassem Artillo

Founder & CEO

" We make the connections that matter. "


Our team process more than 20000 applicants from all around the world


We work with more than 600 educational institutions


We work with more than 3000 companies from 15 countries

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Our mission is to be the liaison between students, schools / universities, and companies, with the final aim of improving the employability of young talent. We strive to facilitate company recruitment of youth profiles, whilst providing universities with related management tools to smooth the process. Our platform will guide the relationships between all three parties in a more efficient way than you have ever seen before - everything you need in ‘just one click’.


In a nutshell

What separates Piktalent from other online platforms is our focus on quality over quantity. We believe that quality connections between students, universities, and companies lead to improved employability outcomes for young talent. For this reason, we take great care in screening each university and company that partners with us. This allows us to create a community of reputable institutions that are committed to helping students transition into their chosen careers.
Whether you're a student looking for jobs, an employer seeking the best candidates, or a university looking to manage its students, everything becomes easier with Piktalent.

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