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Jumpstart your IT career in Poland, a nation at the forefront of Europe’s tech innovation. Known for its skilled workforce and dynamic tech scene, Poland bridges rich traditions with a forward-thinking digital landscape.

Piktalent is your portal to a wealth of IT internship opportunities in Poland. Boasting a thriving tech ecosystem, a focus on cutting-edge software development, and robust digital infrastructure, Poland is an ideal environment for burgeoning IT talents.

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Software Development Internships

gain experience designing and developing software applications, working with programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and more.

Web Development Internships

work on web development projects using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular frameworks like React and Angular.

Data Science

get hands-on experience working with big data, data analysis, and data visualization tools such as Python, R, and Tableau.

Cloud Engineering Internships

learn about cloud computing and work with leading cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.

Machine Learning Engineering Internships

work on machine learning projects using tools like TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch.

Information Security Analysis Internships

learn about cybersecurity threats and work on projects related to network security, encryption, and other security-related topics.

The IT industry in Poland has become a powerhouse within Central Europe, marking its territory as a hub of innovation and expertise in the region as of 2023. With a well-educated workforce and a strategic location at the crossroads of European trade and communication routes, Poland provides a dynamic landscape for IT businesses and specialists.

The Polish government has played a pivotal role in shaping this sector, launching initiatives that promote technological innovation, encourage foreign and domestic investment, and emphasize digital education. Poland has become a nurturing ground for ambitious tech startups as well as a strategic outpost for multinational IT corporations.

Three Facts about the Polish IT Landscape:

  1. Poland is making significant investments in digital infrastructure, striving to position itself as a leader in Central and Eastern Europe for IT services and innovation. The collaboration between the government and private enterprises is enhancing the nation’s digital networks and service capabilities, which, in turn, propels the growth of IT companies.

  2. Recognized for its robust video game industry, Poland is home to world-renowned game development studios. The country’s commitment to supporting creative digital industries has not only fostered a culture of innovation but also attracted international acclaim, turning Poland into a go-to destination for gaming and interactive media development.

  3. Education and continuous professional development in IT are national priorities. Polish universities and tech institutes collaborate closely with the IT industry to deliver education programs that are directly aligned with market demands. This ensures a consistent supply of well-trained IT professionals equipped with contemporary skills, ready to drive forward Poland’s ambitious digital agenda.

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Software developer industry

In 2023, the software developer industry in Poland is booming. It’s characterized by a strong presence of both multinational corporations and vibrant start-ups. 

Highly Skilled Talent Pool: Poland ranks highly in international programming contests and is known for its exceptional pool of developers. The country’s education system has a strong emphasis on computer science and practical coding skills. This leads to a workforce that is both theoretically grounded and adept in real-world programming.

Technology Sector Growth: The software development sector in Poland is experiencing rapid growth. Especially with an increasing number of tech firms choosing Poland for their R&D centers. Polish developers work across a range of technologies from mobile app development to advanced fields like AI and machine learning.

Startup Ecosystem: Poland has a thriving startup ecosystem. The country’s startups are gaining international recognition, attracting significant venture capital investments. This vibrant startup culture is a breeding ground for innovative software development projects and is attracting talent from across the globe.

Web developer industry

Poland’s dynamic economy has seen a surge in the demand for web development, driven by digital transformation across all sectors. Companies in Poland are investing heavily in their online presence and e-commerce platforms due to the global shift toward online services. 

Diverse Skill Sets and Specializations: Polish web developers are known for their wide range of skills and specializations. The industry shows a comprehensive grasp of the full stack of web technologies. This diversity makes Poland a versatile and attractive destination for outsourcing web development projects.

Strong Freelancer Community: Poland has a robust freelance web developer community, which contributes to a flexible and dynamic industry landscape. Platforms like Upwork and Toptal feature Polish developers prominently, showcasing their competitive rates and high-quality work. This freelance ecosystem allows for a substantial degree of adaptability and quick response to changing market needs.

Innovative Educational Approaches: Educational institutions and private coding bootcamps in Poland are continually evolving.  These programs are highly practice-oriented, enabling students to work on real-world web development projects and collaborate with businesses during their studies. They prepare a ready workforce that knows all about the latest industry trends and is ready for industry challenges.

Data scientist industry

Poland’s data scientist developer industry is experiencing significant growth, reflecting the global trend towards big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Collaborative Ecosystems and Tech Hubs: Poland has fostered a collaborative ecosystem for data scientists, characterized by vibrant tech hubs and innovation centers. Polish cities facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration on data science projects across different industries.

Government and EU Support: The industry is bolstered by substantial support from both the Polish government and the European Union. Thanks to that there’re numerous grants and funding opportunities for research and development in data science. This support is particularly evident in projects aiming to enhance public services through data analytics.

International Conferences and Events: Poland is home to several international conferences and events focused on data science. These events attract experts from around the world and are crucial in keeping the local data science community abreast of global trends, tools, and best practices.

Cloud engineer industry

The demand for cloud engineers in Poland is driven by enterprises of all sizes embracing cloud solutions for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the government’s digital initiatives promote cloud adoption across various sectors, further amplifying the need for skilled professionals in this field.

Rapid Industry Growth: Poland’s cloud computing market is experiencing rapid growth, with more Polish companies transitioning to cloud-based solutions. The increase in remote working arrangements has also accelerated the adoption of cloud services, requiring expertise in cloud infrastructure management and security.

International Investments: Recognizing Poland’s potential, international tech giants and cloud service providers have made significant investments in the country, establishing innovation hubs. These investments not only enhance Poland’s cloud infrastructure but also provide a wealth of opportunities for cloud engineers. 

Educational and Professional Training: Polish educational institutions and tech organizations are increasingly offering specialized training programs in cloud engineering. These programs are designed to equip the next generation of IT professionals with the necessary skills to design, implement, and manage cloud solutions, ensuring a robust talent pipeline for the industry.

Machine learning industry

The Polish government has recognized the potential of Machine Learning and is supporting the industry through investment in research and development. This has enabled the creation of advanced ML solutions in areas ranging from fintech and gaming to advanced manufacturing and healthcare.

Educational Excellence and Research: Poland boasts a high standard of education in the fields of computer science and mathematics. Polish universities are not only producing highly skilled graduates but are also involved in cutting-edge Machine Learning research.

Growing Startup Culture: The Polish tech scene is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, with a growing number of startups specializing in ML. These startups are often nurtured by tech incubators and accelerators, and some have gained international recognition for their innovative solutions.

Government and EU Support: Poland benefits from EU funding aimed at digital transformation, part of which is allocated to advancing AI and ML technologies. Additionally, national programs and initiatives aim to promote the implementation of ML in various sectors, enhance digital skills among the workforce, and encourage innovation.

Information security analyst industry

As of 2023, the information security analyst industry in Poland is an integral and fast-growing segment of the nation’s tech sector. With an ever-increasing reliance on digital technologies, the importance of safeguarding information has never been greater.

Government Initiatives and Cybersecurity Infrastructure: Poland has launched numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening its cybersecurity infrastructure. The government has put forth strategic plans to increase national cybersecurity. These include increasing funding for security projects and fostering partnerships between public and private sectors.

High Demand for Cybersecurity Experts: There is a high demand for information security analysts in Poland, with many companies facing a shortage of qualified professionals. This demand is driven by the need to comply with European Union data protection regulations, as well as the increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

Innovation and R&D Investment: Poland is home to several research and development centers focused on information security, with investments from both domestic and international tech firms. Innovation is further driven by the country’s active participation in EU cybersecurity programs, which fund innovative security projects and encourage collaboration with other member states.

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