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Unleash your wanderlust and embark on an extraordinary journey in Spain, the unparalleled destination for TEFL enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a world of boundless opportunities, where top-notch education, vibrant holiday options, and an abundance of job prospects await your arrival. Let the rhythmic melodies of Spanish resonate with your soul, as you uncover the captivating allure of this globally adored language. Brace yourself for a life-changing adventure as you become a TEFL teacher in Spain.

Designed to empower learners at every proficiency level, Piktalent’s immersive programs ensure an enriching and rewarding learning journey for all. Discover the joy of teaching, connect with diverse cultures, and make a lasting impact on the lives of English learners in Spain.

Choose the Perfect TEFL Course Tailored to Your Learning Style and Career Goals

Ready to embark on an exciting journey to become a certified English teacher? 

    • 120-Hour Course Syllabus: Building a Solid Foundation for Success

      Designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the classroom. Each lesson is meticulously structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of grammar, lesson planning, and effective teaching methodologies. Through a perfect blend of theory and practical components, you’ll be able to seamlessly apply what you’ve learned to real teaching scenarios.

      11 Units: A Comprehensive Exploration of Teaching Essentials

      Covering a wide range of teaching essentials. From understanding language acquisition to effective classroom management, each unit delves deep into the fundamental aspects of teaching. With engaging materials and interactive activities, you’ll develop a solid theoretical foundation that can be seamlessly applied to practical teaching situations, including online teaching.

      Accommodation and Support Services: Making Your Transition Seamless

      To make your experience in Spain truly unforgettable, we offer optional accommodation services for students relocating to the city. From high-speed internet to other essential services, we’ve got you covered, allowing you to focus on your studies and immerse yourself in the local culture.

    • Continual Assessment for Personalized Progress Monitoring

      After each lesson, you will be assigned an engaging task that needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for evaluation. This assessment method allows your tutor to closely monitor your progress and provide timely guidance and support throughout the duration of the course. With this personalized attention, you can confidently navigate the learning journey and refine your teaching skills.

      Internships and Job Placement: Opening Doors to Exciting Opportunities

      We understand the importance of practical experience in shaping your teaching career. Upon completion of your TEFL certification, we provide comprehensive support in finding internships and job placements. Whether you aspire to teach in local schools or explore online teaching opportunities, we’ll assist you in securing the right position to kickstart your teaching journey.

TELF Courses

TEFL course

949 /total
  • Course Duration:
  • 1 month

TEFL Course

1299 /total
  • No Accommodation
  • Course Duration:
  • 1 month

TEFL Course + Homestay

1599 /total
  • With Accommodation
  • Course Duration:
  • 1 month

TEFL Course + Individual Room

1749 /total
  • With Accommodation
  • Course Duration:
  • 1 month

Please note that the price provided is an approximation and is subject to variation depending on the city in which you choose to undertake the TEFL course.

Ready to embark on an exciting journey to become a certified English teacher?

Enroll in our TEFL Courses and Unleash Your Potential.

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Why Choose Spain for Your TEFL Course

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Spain and Become a Confident English Teacher

Are you ready for an incredible journey that combines language learning, cultural exploration, and rewarding career prospects? Look no further than Spain for your TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. With its enchanting beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality, Spain offers the perfect backdrop for aspiring educators to develop their teaching skills and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

  1. Experience the Magic: Learn Spanish and Teach English in a Country of Rich Culture and Warm Hospitality Imagine learning Spanish while teaching English in a land brimming with vibrant culture and warm-hearted locals. Spain is a country that effortlessly blends ancient traditions with modern flair, providing an immersive language experience like no other. As you navigate the bustling streets, indulge in delectable cuisine, and interact with the locals, you’ll uncover the magic that makes Spain a captivating destination for both language learners and educators.
  2. Ignite Your Wanderlust: Explore Historic Landmarks, Savor Delicious Cuisine, and Dance to Flamenco Rhythms

    Spain is a treasure trove of history, boasting awe-inspiring landmarks that will transport you to bygone eras. From the grandeur of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to the majestic Alhambra in Granada, every corner of Spain is a testament to its rich heritage. Indulge in tantalizing tapas, paella, and sangria, savouring the flavours that define Spanish cuisine. And when the night comes alive, immerse yourself in the passion and rhythm of flamenco, a dance form that encapsulates the spirit of Spain.

  3. In-Demand Skills: Tap into a Thriving Job Market and Open Doors to Exciting Career Opportunities Spain is renowned for its high demand for English teachers. By obtaining your TEFL certification in Spain, you gain access to a thriving job market brimming with opportunities. Whether you dream of teaching in prestigious language schools, or private institutions, or embarking on a rewarding career as a freelance English tutor, Spain offers a wealth of options to kickstart your professional journey. Embrace the chance to make a lasting impact on students’ lives while honing your teaching skills in a supportive and dynamic environment.
Unleash your teaching potential, embrace the magic of Spain, and embark on an enriching journey that will shape your career and leave an indelible mark on your life. Choose Spain for your TEFL course and unlock a world of possibilities.

Spain Cities for TEFL Courses

Find Your Ideal TEFL Course Location and Begin Your Spanish Adventure.

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General Asked Questions

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course equips you with the necessary skills and certification to teach English to non-native speakers. Taking a TEFL course in Spain allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant Spanish culture while gaining valuable teaching experience in a country with a high demand for English teachers.

To enroll in the TEFL Course Spain, applicants must be at least 21 years old. This age requirement ensures a level of maturity, life experience, and dedication to the teaching journey.

The requirements may vary, but typical criteria include being at least 21 years old, having a minimum C1 English level (for non-native English speakers), and demonstrating a passion for teaching. It’s always best to check the specific requirements of the TEFL course you’re interested in.

No, being a native English speaker is not mandatory. However, applicants who are not native English speakers must meet a minimum C1 English level to ensure effective communication and engagement with future students.

Yes, we value personal connections and understanding. As part of the application process, we request a brief introduction with the TEFL Course Spain team. This interaction allows us to learn more about your motivations, aspirations, and teaching philosophy, ensuring a personalized and enriching learning experience.

Yes! The TEFL Course Spain welcomes applicants with various levels of teaching experience. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training and support to both aspiring educators and those with prior teaching backgrounds. We believe in nurturing your skills and guiding you towards success.

The TEFL Course Spain offers a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled English teacher. You can expect immersive learning experiences, practical teaching practice, expert guidance, and a vibrant community of educators. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and confidence to excel in the classroom and make a positive impact on your students’ lives.

Yes, the TEFL courses offered in Spain by Piktalent are internationally recognized and accredited. Upon completion, you will receive a TEFL certificate that is widely recognized and valued by employers worldwide.

Yes, Piktalent provides lifetime job placement assistance to help you secure teaching positions in Spain and beyond. We have connections with reputable language schools and institutions, which can greatly enhance your job prospects.

Yes, TEFL courses in Spain are an excellent option for recent graduates and career changers looking to explore new opportunities. Teaching English abroad offers a unique experience to develop transferable skills, immerse yourself in a new culture, and make a positive impact on students’ lives.

Piktalent provides support and guidance in arranging accommodation and can offer recommendations based on your preferences and budget. 

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