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Unleash your potential with Piktalent’s customized internship programs in Spain. We understand the importance of a personalized internship experience that matches your career goals. Gain practical training, network with industry professionals, and develop skills tailored to your needs. Start your journey to success today!

Experience unparalleled internship opportunities in Spain and Europe through our extensive industry partnerships. Bid farewell to generic programs and embrace a personalized internship tailored to your specific goals and aspirations. Discover the perfect path to professional growth and success with us.






Exploring the Process of Our Tailored Internship Service in Spain

Our Custom Internship Program in Spain offers personalized services that allow students to customize their internship experience according to their unique requirements. From selecting the ideal placement and tasks to choosing the preferred location, economic conditions, and duration, we ensure a tailored program that meets your needs.

    • Share your specific requirements, and let us do the work of finding the perfect placement for you!
      Experience the power of customization with our internship service. Tailor your tasks, location, working hours, and compensation to create your ideal internship. Our dedicated team evaluates each request to ensure feasibility, boasting a success rate of over 95% in fulfilling premium service requests. Your dream internship is within reach with us
    • Payment is only required once all the details are confirmed and finalized.
       Once a custom internship service is agreed upon, we kindly request a deposit to secure your enrollment. The complete fee will be charged only upon your acceptance by a company that fulfills the necessary criteria. For detailed information, please consult our custom internship service agreement, including its terms and conditions.
    • Discover the advantages of having a dedicated personal assistant while we curate your perfect internship experience.

      Once we initiate the search for your desired internship, a dedicated personal assistant will be assigned to you, providing round-the-clock support. Our platform offers an array of additional services accessible through your dashboard or by consulting your personal assistant. From insurance and accommodation to transfers and beyond, we’re here to assist you with any requirement you may have.


By participating in a personalized internship program, students can gain a distinct edge and fast-track their career progression beyond the limitations of a conventional internship. The tailored experience opens doors to exceptional opportunities for professional growth and success.

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Hands-on experience and professional development opportunities in a variety of industries, including:










General Asked Questions

A Custom Internship Program in Spain is defined by its tailored and personalized approach to internships. It involves designing internship experiences that align with the specific needs, goals, and interests of individual participants or groups. These programs offer flexibility in terms of the internship duration, industry, company, and tasks involved. The aim is to provide a unique and customized internship experience that maximizes the learning, growth, and professional development opportunities for participants. Whether it’s adjusting the program duration, focusing on a specific industry, or collaborating with specific companies, a Custom Internship Program ensures a highly personalized and impactful internship experience.

Piktalent’s customized internship programs in Spain are open to students and recent graduates from various fields and backgrounds. We welcome applications from individuals who are motivated, eager to learn, and passionate about gaining practical experience in their desired industry. Our programs are designed to accommodate both domestic and international applicants, offering an enriching and culturally diverse experience.

Our Custom Internship Programs in Spain have a flexible duration, based on the needs and requirements of participating companies and interns. However, generally, our programs last between 2-6 months. We collaborate closely with both the interns and host companies to ensure that the program length caters to their goals and objectives.

Yes, we offer internship programs in a variety of locations across Europe. When you apply for the program, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate your city preferences.

Piktalent collaborates with a broad range of leading companies and organizations from various industries in Spain. Our goal is to provide our interns with exceptional chances to acquire practical experience and augment their professional skills in their preferred field.

Throughout the Internship Program in Spain, Piktalent offers extensive support to our interns. We firmly believe that a fruitful internship experience entails personal and professional growth, and therefore we are dedicated to providing our interns with the requisite resources and direction to accomplish their objectives. Our support comprises aiding with visa applications, travel arrangements, and accommodation bookings.

Acquiring academic credit for your internship in Spain is subject to the regulations of your educational institution or university. We recognize the significance of academic credits and extend our help to our interns in obtaining credits for their internships. However, it is ultimately at the discretion of your university or educational institution to decide whether and how many academic credits they will award you for your internship.

Other Services

We can provide a range of services to make your internship experience unforgettable.