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Looking to kickstart your career in engineering? The United Kingdom has a rich engineering heritage and is home to renowned engineering marvels. Explore a multitude of engineering internships across various fields, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, and environmental engineering. 

Did you know that the UK is famous for its iconic bridges, such as the Tower Bridge in London and the Forth Bridge in Scotland? The country also boasts impressive infrastructure projects like the Crossrail, Europe’s largest construction project, and the innovative tidal energy project in Swansea Bay.

Embark on an exciting engineering internship journey with Piktalent, where we provide a diverse array of opportunities across various fields, including Civil Engineering and Robotics Engineering. Select us as your gateway to a fulfilling and rewarding engineering internship experience in the UK, paving the way for a promising career ahead.

Civil Engineering Internships

gain practical experience in construction projects, transportation systems and infrastructure planning.

Mechanical Engineering Internships

learn about manufacturing processes, machine design and automation.

Electrical Engineering Internships

develop your skills in energy generation and distribution, electronics and telecommunications.

Environmental Engineering Internships

work on projects related to water and air quality, waste management and renewable energy.

Robotics Engineering Internships

gain expertise in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Health and Safety Engineering Internships

work on projects related to occupational safety, health management and risk assessment.

Explore a diverse array of engineering disciplines within our program, presenting a multitude of internship prospects. The mentioned fields are just a glimpse of the extensive range we provide. Visit our website to peruse current openings and unveil the complete spectrum of opportunities awaiting you.

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If you’re encountering challenges in finding the perfect engineering internship, worry not, for we have you covered! That’s why we offer a personalized internship service in the United Kingdom that takes care of all the intricate details, so you can focus on honing your skills and gaining valuable experience.

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Civil engineering industry

The UK is home to some iconic civil engineering projects, including the Channel Tunnel, also known as the “Chunnel,” which connects the UK and France.

London’s Tower Bridge is not only a stunning architectural masterpiece but also an engineering marvel. It can be raised to allow large ships to pass through the River Thames.

The world’s first iron bridge, the Iron Bridge, was constructed in Shropshire, England in 1779. It is considered a symbol of the Industrial Revolution.

Mechanical engineering industry

The UK is renowned for its automotive industry, with iconic brands like Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Jaguar originating from the country.

The London Eye, one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels, showcases the application of mechanical engineering principles in its design and operation.

The British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel is celebrated for his contributions to mechanical engineering, having designed numerous groundbreaking structures, including the Great Western Railway and the SS Great Britain.

Electrical engineering industry

The UK played a significant role in the development of electrical engineering, with notable contributions from inventors like Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell.

London’s historic Savoy Theatre was the first public building in the world to be fully lit by electricity, thanks to electrical engineering advancements.

The UK is home to impressive power stations, such as the Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire, which is the largest decarbonization project in Europe.

Environmental engineering industry

The UK is committed to renewable energy sources, with wind farms such as the London Array and the Walney Extension contributing significantly to the country’s green energy production.

The Thames Barrier, a movable flood defence structure in London, showcases innovative environmental engineering solutions to protect the city from rising sea levels.

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, is a world-famous environmental project, featuring a collection of biomes that house diverse plant species from different climates and ecosystems.

Robotics engineering industry

The UK is at the forefront of robotics research and development, with leading institutions and companies pioneering advancements in robotic technology.

The University of Bristol’s Bristol Robotics Laboratory is one of the largest robotics laboratories in Europe, conducting cutting-edge research across various robotic disciplines.

The UK hosts international competitions like the RoboCup, where teams of autonomous robots compete in soccer matches, showcasing the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Health and safety engineering industry

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, implemented in the UK, was one of the pioneering legislations worldwide aimed at ensuring the health and safety of workers.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is based in the UK and is one of the largest professional organizations dedicated to promoting health and safety practices.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the UK government agency responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations and ensuring workplace safety standards are met.

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