Internships in Glasglow

Undertaking an internship in Glasgow guarantees an outstanding and fulfilling experience.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is known for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and friendly locals.

It is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde, and has a thriving arts and music scene.

The city is also famous for its museums, galleries, and historical landmarks. Additionally, Glasgow is a hub for business and industry, with major employers in areas such as finance, technology, and healthcare.

Benefits of Interning in Glasglow

Choosing to pursue an internship in Glasgow offers a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in your desired field, in the midst of a culturally enriching environment.

Enroll in this program and forge long-lasting relationships with individuals from varied cultural backgrounds worldwide, leading to an invaluable and enlightening experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Professional development

Interning in Glasgow can help you develop important professional skills, such as communication, time management, problem-solving, and teamwork. You can gain practical experience in your field of interest and learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world situations.

  • Cultural immersion

Glasgow is a vibrant and culturally diverse city, and interning here can provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in Scottish culture and history. You can explore the city’s museums, galleries, and landmarks, and learn about its rich heritage.

  • Networking 

Doing an internship in Glasgow can help you establish valuable connections with professionals in your field of interest. You can attend industry events, network with potential employers, and build your professional network.

  • Personal growth

Interning in a new city can be a challenging and rewarding experience. You can learn how to adapt to new environments, develop your independence, and gain confidence in your abilities.


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Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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For students or educational institutions who require extra help and personal support in organizing mobility placements, we have custom solutions- that may require the payment of a service fee.

FAQ about Internships in Glasglow, UK

Specific requirements for applying to internships in Glasgow may vary depending on the company or organization offering the internship. However, some common requirements may include:

  1. Eligibility: Interns may be required to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being a current student or recent graduate in a relevant field.

  2. Skills and Experience: Some internships may require specific skills and experience relevant to the position, such as knowledge of a particular software program or proficiency in a particular language.

  3. Visa Requirements: International applicants may need to obtain a visa to work as an intern in Glasgow, which may have specific requirements and processing times.

  4. Availability: Internships may have specific start and end dates, and applicants may be required to commit to a certain number of hours per week.

It is important to carefully review the internship requirements and application process for each opportunity and to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria before applying.

There are various types of internships available in Glasgow, depending on the industry and field. Some common types of internships in Glasgow include:

  1. Business internships: These internships are usually offered by companies in the finance, marketing, and consulting industries. They provide interns with experience in areas such as financial analysis, market research, and project management.

  2. Creative internships: These internships are often offered by media, arts, and design companies. They provide interns with experience in areas such as graphic design, video production, and content creation.

  3. Science and engineering internships: These internships are usually offered by companies in the technology, engineering, and scientific research industries. They provide interns with experience in areas such as product development, data analysis, and research.

  4. Healthcare internships: These internships are usually offered by hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations. They provide interns with experience in areas such as patient care, medical research, and healthcare administration.

  5. Education internships: These internships are often offered by schools, universities, and educational organizations. They provide interns with experience in areas such as teaching, curriculum development, and education policy.

It’s important to note that not all industries or fields may have internships available at all times. It’s recommended to research and apply for internships well in advance and to consider a variety of industries and fields to increase the chances of finding an internship that matches your interests and skills.

The weather in Glasgow is generally mild and damp, with temperatures ranging from around 0°C (32°F) in winter to 20°C (68°F) in summer. Rain is common throughout the year, with October and November being the wettest months. It’s important to pack warm and waterproof clothing when visiting Glasgow, especially during the winter months.

As with any city, the cost of living in Glasgow can vary depending on factors such as accommodation, transportation, and lifestyle. However, compared to other major cities in the UK, Glasgow is generally considered to be relatively affordable.

Shared accomodation: £450 to £600 (518€- 690€)
Transportation: £40-£60 (46€-69€)
Eating Out: £150-£300 (172€-345€)
Utilities (electricity, heating, gas…): £100-£200 (115€-230€)
Groceries: £100-£200 (115€-230€)

Average cost of living between: £800-£1500 (920€-1726€)

For a more comprehensive understanding, please refer to this source.

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