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Are you ready to dive into an enriching educational experience? Malta, with its rich history and commitment to academic excellence, offers a unique environment for future educators and educational administrators. Whether you have a passion for teaching, curriculum development, or steering educational policies, Malta presents a variety of internship opportunities to suit your career goals.

At Piktalent, we recognize the crucial role of hands-on experience in crafting a prosperous career in education. That’s why we provide an extensive selection of education-related internships. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in Malta, a country that values education and offers a welcoming atmosphere for aspiring educators and administrators. Find the internship that aligns with your ambitions and start your journey toward a fulfilling career in education.

Teaching Internships

develop your teaching skills and gain experience in subject-specific instruction, student mentoring, and classroom management. Create engaging and effective learning environments for students of all ages.

Second language teacher internships

gain valuable experience in lesson planning, classroom management, and language instruction while immersing yourself in German culture.

Educational Management Internships

gain insight into the administrative side of education and learn about topics like budgeting, policy-making, and program evaluation.

Education Research Internships

conduct research and analysis on topics like learning outcomes, educational psychology, and instructional design, and help shape the future of education.

Curriculum Development Internships

get involved in designing, developing, and implementing curricula for a variety of educational settings, from primary schools to universities.

School Psychologist Internships

work with experienced professionals to assess student needs, develop interventions, and provide support to students and families. Gain experience in conducting assessments, and administering interventions.

Malta, a dynamic hub in the Mediterranean, is making significant strides in its education sector as we enter 2023. Explore Malta’s commitment to delivering exceptional learning experiences, fostering innovation, and nurturing the potential of its students.

Key Highlights of Malta’s Education Landscape:

  1. Malta has wholeheartedly embraced digitalization in education. The country’s commitment to modern learning experiences is evident through initiatives like eLearning platforms, digital textbooks, and a wealth of online resources. Students benefit from a tech-savvy, engaging education system.

  2. Malta places a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Students are encouraged to pursue STEM subjects, aligning with the country’s vision of cultivating a skilled workforce to drive innovation and technological advancements.

  3. Maltese universities have been gaining international acclaim for their academic excellence. The University of Malta, with its rich heritage, stands out as a prominent institution contributing not only to education but also to research and development, bolstering Malta’s global standing.

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Teaching industry

The teaching industry in Malta has undergone significant developments in recent years, reflecting the country’s commitment to providing quality education.

Bilingual Education: Malta’s bilingual education system is a unique feature of its teaching industry. English proficiency is a valuable skill in Malta, given its relevance in international business and tourism. 

International Student Hub: Malta has become a popular destination for international students seeking high-quality education in a Mediterranean setting. Its universities and language schools attract students from various countries, contributing to a culturally diverse learning environment.

Education as a Pillar of Economic Growth: Education is seen as a cornerstone of Malta’s economic growth. The country’s investment in education and training aligns with its ambition to become a knowledge-based economy. This vision involves developing a skilled workforce capable of contributing to innovation and driving various industries, including technology and tourism.

Second language teacher industry

Malta is a nation with two official languages, English and Maltese. As the additional language, we can observe the strong presence of Italian. That shows that Malta’s language landscape is diverse and dynamic.

Language Diplomacy: Malta actively engages in language diplomacy, promoting English and Maltese as key languages of international communication. The country’s efforts include hosting language-related conferences and events, further solidifying its reputation as a center for language education and exchange.

Italian Language Resurgence: In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Italian language in Malta, with a growing number of Maltese residents and learners seeking proficiency in Italian. This trend reflects the enduring cultural ties between Malta and Italy and contributes to Malta’s linguistic diversity.

Diverse Language Schools: Malta is home to a multitude of language schools. These institutions offer a broad spectrum of language courses, ranging from general language proficiency to specialized programs such as business language courses and exam preparation. 

Educational management industry

Malta’s educational system has grown to encompass a wide spectrum of institutions, programs, and services. The educational management industry in Malta plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient and effective operation of educational institutions at all levels, from preschool to higher education.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation: Malta places a strong emphasis on quality assurance in education. Regulatory bodies ensure that educational institutions meet rigorous standards. These standards encompass the curriculum, infrastructure, faculty qualifications, and support services provided to students. The educational management industry works closely with these bodies to uphold and continually improve educational quality.

Investment in Early Childhood Education: Malta recognizes the importance of early childhood education. The educational management industry collaborates with stakeholders to invest in high-quality preschool programs, ensuring that children receive a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Innovation and Technology Integration: Malta’s educational institutions have embraced innovation and technology to enhance the learning experience. From implementing learning management systems to providing teacher training in digital pedagogy, Malta is committed to preparing students for the dynamic workforce.

Education research industry

With a strong commitment to evidence-based practices and continuous improvement in education, Malta has nurtured a thriving ecosystem of educational researchers and institutions. 

Research-Informed Policy: Malta places a strong emphasis on utilizing research findings to inform educational policies. Government agencies, in collaboration with researchers, regularly review and adapt policies based on the latest research insights, ensuring a responsive and evidence-driven education system.

Growing Interest in Educational Technology: The education research industry in Malta has witnessed a growing interest in educational technology research. Researchers explore the impact of digital tools, e-learning platforms, and innovative teaching methods on student outcomes, shaping the integration of technology in education.

Focus on Inclusivity and Equity: One of Malta’s notable strengths in education research is its emphasis on inclusivity and equity. Researchers actively investigate and address educational disparities, ensuring that all learners, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, have equal access to quality education. This research informs policies and practices aimed at creating a fair and inclusive education system.

Curriculum development industry

With a commitment to delivering modern and inclusive education, Malta continuously evolves its curricula to meet the changing needs of students and society. The industry is characterized by collaboration between educational experts, institutions, and government bodies to create relevant and effective curricular frameworks.

Curriculum Innovation: Malta’s curriculum development industry is marked by a strong culture of innovation. Curricular frameworks are regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest pedagogical approaches, technological advancements, and societal changes. This ensures that students receive a relevant and forward-thinking education.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Malta places a significant emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in curriculum development. Educational experts work diligently to create curricula that cater to the diverse needs of students, including those with special educational needs and those from various cultural backgrounds. This commitment to inclusivity fosters a more equitable and accessible education system.

Focus on STEM Education: In response to the growing importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, Malta has integrated STEM education into its curricular frameworks. This prepares students for careers in technology and innovation and aligns with the country’s economic goals.

School psychologist industry

School psychologists in Malta are dedicated professionals who work within educational institutions to support students’ mental health, emotional well-being, and academic success. This industry underscores Malta’s commitment to providing holistic and inclusive education.

Training and Professional Development: Malta places a strong focus on the training and professional development of school psychologists. These professionals are required to undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest research and best practices in the field of psychology and education.

Mental Health Advocacy: School psychologists in Malta also play a role in advocating for mental health awareness and support within the educational system. They contribute to destigmatizing mental health issues, promoting mental health education, and creating a supportive environment for students to seek help when needed.

Inclusive Education: Malta’s educational system places a strong emphasis on inclusive education. School psychologists play a vital role in ensuring that students with diverse needs, including those with disabilities or learning differences, receive appropriate support and accommodations. This inclusive approach reflects Malta’s commitment to providing equitable educational opportunities for all.

Education sector in Malta

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