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Unlock Boundless Opportunities with Internships in Estonia! This country offers a unique fusion of historical heritage, cutting-edge technology, and a thriving business ecosystem. As you embark on your internship journey, you’ll discover a nation that prides itself on efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to nurturing talent.

Estonia has rapidly evolved into a global technology and startup powerhouse. The country birthed global giant like Skype. The capital city is home to a dynamic tech hub, attracting entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.

Piktalent offers a gateway to diverse internship opportunities in Estonian business sector. This is your chance to gain hands-on experience, refine your skills, and forge valuable connections in one of Europe’s most innovative and picturesque countries. Seize this extraordinary opportunity and embark on an unforgettable internship journey in Estonia

Marketing Internships

work with top companies and develop and execute marketing strategies, and conduct market research! Enhance your digital marketing skills.

Finance Internships

gain hands-on experience in financial analysis, accounting, and investment analysis, while working with leading companies in the finance industry.

HR Internships

develop your people skills and learn about HR management, employee engagement, and recruitment strategies, while working with companies of all sizes.

Accounting Internships

work with leading accounting firms, where you'll be able to develop your skills in financial reporting, budgeting, and auditing.

Sales Internships

develop your sales techniques, learn about customer relationship management, and gain practical experience in lead generation and sales forecasting.

Economics Internships

work with leading companies, where you'll be able to apply your knowledge of micro and macroeconomics to real-world problems.

Estonia stands as a thriving hub for business and innovation, offering an array of internship opportunities that can shape your career and propel it to new heights. Nestled in Northern Europe, this Baltic gem seamlessly blends its rich historical heritage with cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal destination for aspiring professionals seeking transformative experiences.

Estonia’s business landscape is diverse and thriving. While the technology sector continues to shine, other industries like finance, logistics, and manufacturing also offer robust opportunities to grow. Estonia’s strategic location in Europe enhances its position as a logistics and trade gateway, providing hands-on experience for those interested in supply chain management and international business.

Three Related Facts:

  1. Estonian universities offer internationally recognized business programs, and internships often involve collaboration with academic institutions, fostering a culture of learning and innovation.

  2. Estonia’s impressive startup density, one of the highest per capita in Europe, fosters a dynamic atmosphere for aspiring business enthusiasts. The nation’s startup ecosystem thrives with a multitude of incubators and accelerators dedicated to cultivating innovative concepts. Interns have the unique opportunity to dive headfirst into the startup realm, gaining valuable insights into vital areas like business development, marketing strategies, and the intricacies of venture capital. 

  3. The Estonian government actively supports entrepreneurship and business growth. Initiatives like “Startup Estonia” provide resources and funding for startups, creating an environment conducive to innovation and internships that expose you to the intricacies of government-backed business initiatives.

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Marketing industry

Estonia’s marketing industry stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a dynamic landscape for professionals seeking to make their mark in the world of marketing.

Digital Marketing Dominance: Estonia’s marketing landscape is increasingly digital-focused. With a highly connected population and a preference for online interactions, digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing, are vital components of marketing campaigns. Interns and professionals have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in crafting and executing digital marketing strategies for local and global clients.

Innovation in MarTech: Estonian MarTech startups are gaining global recognition. These companies develop marketing automation tools, AI-driven marketing solutions, and data analytics platforms. Interns can collaborate with these innovative firms, contributing to the development of cutting-edge marketing technologies.

Marketing for Sustainability: Estonia is actively embracing sustainability in marketing. Eco-friendly practices, responsible advertising, and corporate social responsibility are integral to the marketing strategies of many Estonian businesses. Interns can engage in projects that focus on sustainable marketing practices, aligning with global trends towards environmental consciousness.

Finance industry

Estonia’s finance industry is a dynamic and innovative sector, positioning itself as a gateway to the European financial landscape. Nestled in Northern Europe, Estonia has a robust and well-regulated financial sector, ensuring transparency and trust for both domestic and international financial activities.

Fintech Innovation: Estonia’s finance industry is a hotbed for fintech innovation. The country hosts a growing number of fintech startups focusing on various aspects of finance, including payment solutions, blockchain technology, and digital banking. Finance professionals and interns have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge fintech projects.

Banking and Investment: Estonia’s banking sector is well-developed, with local and international banks providing a wide range of financial services. The investment environment is favorable, attracting foreign investors seeking opportunities in the Baltic region. Interns can gain insights into banking operations, investment analysis, and asset management.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Given the digital nature of the finance industry, Estonia places significant emphasis on cybersecurity and data protection. Interns often collaborate with experts in these fields, contributing to the development of secure financial technologies.

HR industry

As of 2023, Estonia’s Human Resources (HR) industry is thriving, reflecting the nation’s commitment to a balanced and empowered workforce. Estonia’s HR landscape offers a unique environment for HR professionals and enthusiasts.

Diverse Workforce: Estonia’s HR professionals work with a diverse workforce, including both local and international talent. The country’s strategic location in Europe attracts professionals from various backgrounds, creating a multicultural work environment.

Talent Attraction and Retention: HR in Estonia plays a critical role in talent attraction and retention. The country’s strong focus on education and a supportive business environment make it an attractive destination for professionals seeking career growth.

Legal Framework: Estonia’s HR practices adhere to a well-defined legal framework that governs employment relationships and workplace rights. HR professionals ensure compliance with labor laws while creating a conducive work environment.

Accounting industry

In 2023, Estonia’s accounting industry thrives as a cornerstone of the nation’s business landscape, offering precision, transparency, and expertise in financial matters. 

Technological Advancements: Estonia’s accounting industry embraces technology with open arms. The use of innovative accounting software, blockchain technology for secure financial transactions, and data analytics for financial insights are integral to the industry. Accounting professionals have the opportunity to work at the forefront of technological advancements.

International Business Hub: Estonia’s strategic location and business-friendly environment make it a favored destination for international companies. Accounting professionals often work with multinational corporations, gaining exposure to cross-border financial operations and international taxation.

Financial Transparency: Estonia places a strong emphasis on financial transparency and anti-money laundering measures. Accounting professionals play a vital role in upholding these standards, contributing to the country’s reputation as a trustworthy financial center.

Sales industry

As of 2023, Estonia’s sales industry stands as a dynamic sector. Estonia’s innovative spirit extends to sales techniques and customer engagement, making it an attractive destination for sales professionals and enthusiasts. 

E-commerce Boom: Estonia has witnessed a significant surge in e-commerce, with both local and international retailers establishing a strong online presence. In addition, Estonia is renowned for its digital society and e-governance initiatives, extending the digital advantage to the sales industry. 

International Trade: Estonia’s status as a member of the European Union and its proximity to key European markets make it a hub for international trade. Sales professionals engage in cross-border business transactions, gaining experience in global sales strategies.

Sustainable Sales: Estonia places a strong emphasis on sustainability, and this extends to the sales industry. Companies prioritize eco-friendly products and responsible marketing practices. Sales professionals may participate in sustainability-focused sales initiatives.

Economics industry

Estonia has experienced rapid economic growth and development since gaining independence in the early 1990s, positioning itself as one of Europe’s success stories. Estonia offers a dynamic landscape for economic professionals to excel, as it continues to surge ahead in various sectors.

Tech and Innovation Hub: Estonia’s economic industry boasts a thriving tech and innovation hub. The nation is home to numerous startups and tech companies working on cutting-edge solutions in fields such as fintech, e-commerce, and cybersecurity. Professionals in Estonia’s tech sector often collaborate on groundbreaking projects with global implications.

Sustainability Commitment: Sustainability is a central theme in Estonia’s economic strategy. The country actively invests in renewable energy sources, promotes sustainable business practices, and encourages eco-friendly initiatives. Professionals in Estonia have the opportunity to contribute to sustainable economic development.

International Trade: Estonia’s strategic location and business-friendly environment make it a hub for international trade. The nation’s ports and logistics infrastructure facilitate efficient trade, with a focus on trade relations within the European Union and beyond.

Business sector in Estonia

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As of 2023, the average monthly gross salary in Estonia is around 1800 EUR/Month (1890 USD/Month or 1550 GBP/Month).

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