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Finland, renowned for its top-tier engineering schools and a rich history in the engineering profession, is rapidly emerging as a leading engineering hub in Northern Europe. Notably, the Faculty of Information Technology at one of its universities traces its roots back to the first Finnish-speaking Teacher Training College, established in 1863, highlighting the nation’s longstanding commitment to technological education. Whether you’re passionate about electronics, civil engineering, or software development, Finland offers a multitude of opportunities. The country’s emphasis on sectors like fintech, e-governance, and software development, combined with its world-class educational institutions like the LAB University of Applied Sciences, positions it as a beacon for tech talents globally.

By choosing an internship in Finland, you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic engineering ecosystem. Here, tradition meets innovation, as historic universities and institutions collaborate with modern startups and tech giants. This synergy is set against the backdrop of Finland’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant city life. Opt for Piktalent for your engineering internship in Finland, and embark on a transformative journey in a nation that seamlessly blends its illustrious past with a pioneering vision.

Civil Engineering Internships

gain practical experience in construction projects, transportation systems and infrastructure planning.

Mechanical Engineering Internships

learn about manufacturing processes, machine design and automation.

Electrical Engineering Internships

develop your skills in energy generation and distribution, electronics and telecommunications.

Environmental Engineering Internships

work on projects related to water and air quality, waste management and renewable energy.

Robotics Engineering Internships

gain expertise in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Health and Safety Engineering Internships

work on projects related to occupational safety, health management and risk assessment.

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    Three related facts about Finland and Engineering:

    1. Finland has a storied history of mechanical engineering, with esteemed institutions like Aalto University contributing significantly to its legacy.
    2. The engineering prowess of Finland is undeniable, with a significant portion of its population, approximately 12%, actively involved in engineering endeavors.
    3. The Finnish spirit of innovation is evident in their groundbreaking inventions, including the electric sail and the heart rate monitor, showcasing the country’s commitment to engineering excellence.

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Civil engineering industry

Sustainability at the Forefront: Finland’s civil engineering sector has been leading the way in sustainable construction practices. With the global push towards eco-friendly solutions, Finland has been pioneering the use of renewable materials and energy-efficient construction techniques.

Infrastructure Development: As of 2022, Finland had embarked on several major infrastructure projects, including the expansion of its rail and road networks. These projects not only aim to improve transportation within the country but also strengthen its connections with neighboring countries.

Technological Advancements: The integration of technology into civil engineering practices has been a significant trend in Finland. From the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to the adoption of smart construction equipment, the industry is leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and precision.

Mechanical engineering industry

Growth and Development: The mechanical engineering industry in Finland has shown steady growth in 2023, with a significant increase in production value. This growth can be attributed to the country’s continuous investments in research and development, leading to innovative solutions and products.

Export Dynamics: Finland’s mechanical engineering products have found a substantial market outside its borders. The export value has surged, indicating the global demand for Finnish engineering expertise and high-quality products.

Employment Opportunities: The industry has been a significant employer in the Finnish economy. With the expansion of the sector, there has been a notable rise in employment opportunities, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

Electrical engineering industry

Diverse Generation Sources: Finland’s electricity sector is renowned for its diverse generation sources. While nuclear power dominates the electricity generation, the nation has seen a significant surge in renewable sources over the past decade.

High Consumption and Price Volatility: Finland is characterized by a high per capita electricity consumption rate, with a consumption of 15.33 MWh. However, the years 2021 and 2022 witnessed high price volatility due to the global energy crisis.

Renewable Energy on the Rise: In 2022, Finland’s renewable energy capacity stood at 12.1 GW. The nation also boasted a hydropower capacity of 3.2 GW and an onshore wind capacity of 5.5 GW.

Environmental engineering industry

Water Monitoring and Preparedness: Finland actively monitors water situations to anticipate risks such as floods, droughts, and blue-green algae presence. The nation has tools in place for snow load monitoring, ice, and soil frost situation assessment, and even allows citizens to share their observations via watering.fi service.

Nature and Recreation: Nature plays a pivotal role in the lives of Finns. A significant portion of the population engages in outdoor activities multiple times a week. The importance of green spaces, parks, and national parks has grown, especially among young adults. The recent pandemic led to a surge in outdoor recreation, evident from the increased footfall in national parks.

Sustainability Efforts: Finland emphasizes the importance of sustainable living. From addressing climate change and overconsumption of natural resources to promoting biodiversity, the country believes in collective efforts. There’s a strong push towards organic gardening, participation in nature management activities, and making observations about species to protect local nature. Additionally, Finland, being one of the most water-rich countries, encourages its citizens to adopt practices that reduce water eutrophication, chemical loads, and other impacts of water use.

Robotics engineering industry

Innovation Hub: Finland has emerged as a leading innovation hub in the field of robotics engineering. With its robust educational system and research institutions, the country has fostered numerous breakthroughs in automation and AI-driven robotics.

Economic Impact: The robotics sector has significantly bolstered Finland’s economy. By 2023, the industry has attracted substantial foreign investments, leading to the creation of thousands of jobs and positioning Finland as a global leader in robotics solutions.

Sustainable Robotics: Finland’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its robotics industry. Many Finnish robotics firms prioritize eco-friendly manufacturing processes and develop robots that support green initiatives, from waste management to renewable energy.

Health and safety engineering industry

Global Recognition: Finland has been consistently ranked among the top countries for health and safety at work. The nation’s commitment to maintaining high standards has garnered international acclaim, showcasing its dedication to ensuring a safe working environment for all.

Technological Integration: With the rapid evolution of technology, Finland has integrated advanced systems and tools into its health and safety protocols. From AI-driven monitoring systems to IoT-enabled safety gear, the country is at the forefront of leveraging technology for enhanced safety measures.

Continuous Training & Development: Finland places a strong emphasis on continuous training and development in the health and safety sector. Regular workshops, seminars, and training sessions are conducted to keep professionals updated with the latest safety standards and practices. 

Engineering sector in Finland

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