Internships in Turku

Discover Turku: Finland's Time-Honored Gem with a Blend of Ancient and Modern Allure

Situated on the southwest coast of Finland, the historic city of Turku invites a perfect fusion of Finland’s deep-rooted history, captivating architecture, and lively cultural atmosphere. Did you know? Turku is the oldest city in Finland, having been established in 1229. The city is beautifully positioned by the River Aura, where restaurants line its banks, offering both locals and visitors a scenic dining experience. Turku’s significance is not just rooted in its age; it was Finland’s most populous city until the late 1840s and continues to be a pivotal business and cultural hub. 

At Piktalent, we’re thrilled to connect you with unparalleled internship opportunities in Turku. Each role we showcase is carefully chosen to resonate with your unique career goals. Owing to our broad connections with leading companies across diverse sectors in the city, be confident that you’re not just securing an internship – you’re embarking on a transformative journey tailored for your professional triumph.

Benefits of Interning in Turku, Finland

Steer your ambitions towards the captivating landscapes of Turku, Finland. Located on the southwestern coast, Turku is a harmonious blend of historical attractions, contemporary art, and breathtaking nature. Choosing Turku as your internship destination lets you undergo professional growth and personal enhancement by the sea, surrounded by Finnish charm and innovation.

  • Turku’s Historical Significance

Turku, a city with deep historical roots, offers a plethora of historical attractions that tell tales of its rich past. As a prominent student city, Turku is a melting pot of cultures, allowing you to meet people from different parts of the world. The city’s design is bike-friendly, making it easy for interns to navigate and explore its many wonders. Interning in Turku provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the historical narratives and architectural marvels of Finland.

  • Journey Through a Cultural Haven

Turku stands as a testament to Finland’s cultural evolution, presenting a delightful fusion of Finnish traditions and modern vibes. Dive deep into the cultural richness of the city, with an array of museums, galleries, festivals, and cultural events that narrate the stories of this Finnish gem. The city center of Turku, with its unique blend of ancient relics and modern establishments, stands as a cultural sanctuary for those eager to experience the genuine Finnish way of life.

  • Exploring the Cultural and Historical Tapestry

Turku, with its rich history and cultural diversity, offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and contemporary Finnish lifestyle. Engage with the city’s numerous museums, galleries, and cultural events, and explore the historical narratives that have shaped this Finnish treasure. Your internship in Turku is not just a professional endeavor but also an exploration through a Finnish tapestry, woven with stories of education, history, and culture.

  • Endless Opportunities for Holistic Development

In Turku, your journey will be adorned with endless opportunities for comprehensive growth, where professional development is harmoniously blended with cultural immersion and educational enrichment. Navigate through this Finnish city, uncover its secrets, and let your internship be a chapter where you not only grow professionally but also enrich your understanding of the world.


Exploring Turku: Finland's Historic Heartbeat

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Turku, Finland

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In Turku, the public transport system is known as Föli. Föli is a joint initiative by six municipalities, including Turku, and offers an extensive network of buses, e-buses, and waterbuses. As a student or intern, you can take advantage of discounted prices on public transport if you come from or live in one of the Föli municipalities. More info

Turku experiences a temperate maritime climate. The warm season lasts for about three months, from June to September, with average daily high temperatures above 63°F. It’s advisable to check the local weather forecast regularly to plan your activities and dress accordingly. More info

The average living expenses in Turku range from €600–900 per month, excluding rent. While housing is relatively affordable, especially in student accommodations, other expenses like food, transportation, and leisure activities can add up. However, as a student or intern, you can benefit from various discounts, including on student lunches, public transport, and cultural activities. More info

Absolutely! Turku is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. Music, theatre, art, sports, food, and film festivals are organized nearly every weekend. The city offers a plethora of cultural activities, from visiting the majestic Turku Castle to exploring the local art scene. Additionally, Turku boasts 3,658 associations, ensuring a variety of hobbies and activities catering to all tastes. More info

Turku offers a mix of historical sites, modern attractions, and natural beauty. Explore the Turku Culture Trail, which takes you past ten cultural gems along the River Aura. Dive into the city’s deep-rooted cultural heritage, visit galleries, museums, and boutiques, or simply relax by the riverbanks, enjoying the serene atmosphere. With its diverse offerings, Turku ensures a fulfilling experience for every intern.

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