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Slovenia, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and burgeoning hospitality sector, offers a unique setting for those aspiring to excel in the hospitality industry. Experience a setting where the pristine beauty of places like Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps meets the contemporary flair of hospitality. From charming mountain resorts and boutique hotels to progressive culinary experiences and sustainable tourism practices, Slovenia’s hospitality sector offers a wide range of internship opportunities.

Piktalent connects you with leading hospitality destinations across Slovenia, providing internships that promote extensive skill development and career progression. Whether it’s the historical richness of Ljubljana, the serene beauty of coastal Piran, or the vibrant tourist hubs in alpine regions, your Slovenian hospitality journey is bound to be enriching. Embrace the opportunity to combine Slovenia’s natural splendor with the innovation of its growing hospitality industry through Piktalent’s specialized internships.

Hotel Management Internships

from luxury hotels to boutique establishments, you'll gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of the industry. Learn about guest services, marketing, human resources, and more.

Food & Beverage Internships

work in a range of establishments, from high-end restaurants to casual cafes. You'll gain valuable experience in areas such as food preparation, menu planning, customer service, and restaurant management.

Tourism and Travel Internships

gain experience working with travel agencies, airlines, and other organizations in the tourism industry. You'll learn about customer service, tour planning, and more.

Event Management Internships

work with top event companies and organizations. From corporate events to weddings and concerts, you'll gain valuable experience in areas such as budgeting, logistics, marketing, and client relations.

Accommodation Internships

get hands-on experience working in hotels, resorts, and other types of accommodations. You'll learn about guest services, housekeeping, front desk operations, and more.

Entertainment and Recreation Internships

explore the world of theme parks, casinos, and other leisure attractions, learning how to create memorable experiences for guests.

Slovenia, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for global travelers. The country’s hospitality industry is a vital component of Slovenia’s economy, marked by its growth, innovation, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Three Relevant Facts:

  1. Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: Slovenia is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices. With its pristine natural environments, many hotels and resorts are adopting eco-friendly measures. This includes energy-efficient operations, waste reduction strategies, and the use of locally-sourced, organic produce in their kitchens. Sustainable tourism in Slovenia is not just a trend, but a commitment to preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage for future generations.

  2. Rich Cultural Events and Festivals: Slovenia’s hospitality industry is deeply intertwined with the country’s rich array of cultural events and festivals. From the lively atmosphere of Ljubljana’s summer festivals to traditional events in the rural areas, the hospitality sector often collaborates with cultural organizations to offer unique experiences to tourists, enhancing Slovenia’s cultural vibrancy and appeal.

  3. Growth in Wellness and Eco-Tourism: Slovenia is carving out a niche in wellness and eco-tourism. With areas like Lake Bled and the Soča Valley, the country offers serene retreats for health and well-being. The hospitality industry caters to this trend with wellness-focused services such as spa treatments, outdoor activities, and health-conscious dining options, meeting the needs of tourists seeking holistic wellness experiences.

These elements underscore Slovenia’s hospitality sector as dynamic and essential to its economic landscape, skillfully blending traditional hospitality with modern, sustainable practices.

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Hotel management industry

Slovenia’s hotel management industry is a key component of the country’s burgeoning tourism sector. With its diverse landscapes, from the majestic Alps to the charming Adriatic coast, Slovenia offers a wide range of accommodation options, managed with a focus on quality service and guest satisfaction.

Rise in International Hotel Investments: Slovenia is witnessing increased investments from international hotel chains, reflecting the country’s growing appeal as a tourist destination. These investments are contributing to the diversification and global standards in Slovenia’s hospitality offerings.

Growth in Wellness and Health Tourism: The hotel management industry in Slovenia is capitalizing on the growth of wellness and health tourism. Hotels, especially in areas like Rogaška Slatina and Portorož, are offering specialized wellness programs and spa treatments, attracting health-conscious travelers.

Training and Development in Hotel Management: There is an increasing focus on training and professional development in hotel management. Slovene educational institutions and hotel associations are offering specialized courses and training programs, aiming to equip professionals with the latest skills and knowledge in hospitality management.

Food & beverage industry

Embracing both tradition and innovation, this industry reflects Slovenia’s rich gastronomic heritage and its dynamic approach to food and hospitality. The industry in Slovenia is characterized by a strong emphasis on local produce, traditional recipes, and a growing interest in contemporary culinary trends.

Emphasis on Local and Seasonal Ingredients: There’s a growing trend in Slovenia’s hospitality industry towards using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. This approach not only supports local farmers and producers but also ensures freshness and authenticity in the culinary offerings.

Rise of Gourmet and Fine Dining Experiences: Slovenia is experiencing a rise in gourmet and fine dining establishments, with several restaurants gaining international recognition. These establishments are led by innovative chefs who are reinterpreting traditional Slovene dishes with a modern twist.

Focus on Wine and Craft Beverage Culture: Slovenia’s rich wine heritage is a significant part of its food and beverage industry. Alongside traditional wines, there’s an increasing interest in craft beers, artisan spirits, and other locally-produced beverages, reflecting the country’s diverse beverage culture.

Tourism and travel industry

Slovenia offers a diverse range of travel experiences, attracting tourists seeking nature, adventure, culture, and relaxation. Slovene tourism professionals are focusing on creating unique, eco-friendly, and authentic experiences that align with global trends in responsible and experiential travel.

Increased International Recognition as a Travel Destination: Slovenia is gaining increased recognition as a must-visit travel destination, featured in various international travel guides and lists. This recognition is driving growth in international tourist arrivals.

Investment in Tourism Infrastructure: Significant investments are being made in Slovenia’s tourism infrastructure. This includes the development of new hotels, enhancement of tourist attractions, and improvement of transport links to cater to the growing number of visitors.

Rise in Digital Tourism Services: Digitalization in the tourism sector is on the rise, with an increasing number of digital platforms offering travel services. This includes online booking systems, virtual tours, and digital guides that enhance the tourist experience.

Event management industry

The industry is characterized by its creative approach to event planning, blending Slovenia’s unique cultural and natural elements with modern event management techniques.

Rise in International Events and Conferences: Slovenia is hosting an increasing number of international events and conferences, positioning itself as a competitive destination in the European event market. This includes tech conferences, business summits, and cultural festivals.

Growth in Wedding and Special Event Tourism: The country is experiencing growth in wedding and special event tourism, with couples and organizers choosing Slovenia for its romantic and picturesque settings, from alpine resorts to vineyard estates.

Expansion of Professional Event Management Services: The range of professional event management services in Slovenia is expanding, with companies offering comprehensive solutions that include event design, logistics, catering, and post-event analysis.

Accommodation industry

Slovenia’s accommodation industry is characterized by its commitment to sustainability, the popularity of boutique and themed hotels, and the integration of technology in enhancing guest experiences.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Accommodations: There’s a growing trend in Slovenia towards eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation options. This includes eco-resorts, green hotels, and accommodations that use renewable energy sources, organic materials, and implement waste reduction strategies.

Rise of Boutique and Themed Hotels: Boutique and themed hotels are gaining popularity in Slovenia, offering personalized experiences and unique themes that reflect Slovene culture, history, and natural beauty.

Integration of Technology in Guest Services: The use of technology in guest services is becoming increasingly prevalent. This includes online booking systems, digital check-ins, and smart room technologies, enhancing guest convenience and operational efficiency.

Entertainment and recreation industry

In 2023, Slovenia’s entertainment and recreation industry is thriving, reflecting the country’s diverse cultural offerings and stunning natural landscapes. This sector plays a pivotal role in Slovenia’s economy, catering to both locals and tourists seeking leisure and entertainment.

Cultural and Historical Attractions: Slovenia’s rich history and cultural diversity are reflected in its entertainment offerings. This includes museums, historical tours, music festivals, and traditional cultural events that celebrate Slovenia’s heritage.

Expansion of Winter Sports Facilities: Slovenia, with its alpine regions, has expanded its winter sports facilities. This includes modern ski resorts, improved skiing infrastructure, and various winter events, making Slovenia a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Increase in International Cultural Events: Slovenia is hosting an increasing number of international cultural events and festivals. These events, ranging from film festivals to music concerts, not only boost tourism but also place Slovenia on the international cultural map.

Hospitality sector in Slovenia

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As of 2023, the average monthly gross salary in Slovenia is around 2202 EUR/Month (2336 USD/Month). 

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