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Discover Ljubljana: Slovenia's Heart and a Blend of Historical Charm and Contemporary Dynamism

Ljubljana, the enchanting capital of Slovenia, presents a unique blend of historical heritage and modern innovation. This city offers a rich experience, defined by its residents’ deep appreciation for the arts, culture, and intellectual pursuits. Ljubljana’s landscape is adorned with stunning architecture that spans centuries, including the iconic Ljubljana Castle, and its city center, which combines Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modernist styles.

Piktalent is thrilled to extend excellent internship opportunities in Ljubljana. Each position is meticulously tailored to align with your professional aspirations. Leveraging our vast network of connections to leading businesses across diverse sectors in Ljubljana, your internship is more than just a job; it’s a step towards personal and professional growth in a city that’s both historically rich and forward-looking.

Experience the allure of Ljubljana’s streets, where the legacy of history harmoniously coexists with a vibrant contemporary lifestyle. The city is celebrated for its cafe culture, burgeoning arts scene, and a blend of architectural marvels. Opting for Ljubljana for your internship not only propels your career forward but also lets you dive into the life of a city that’s as charming as it is dynamic.

Benefits of Interning in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s captivating capital, offers a blend of rich history, diverse cultural influences, and a vibrant urban lifestyle. Interning in Ljubljana presents an opportunity for professional growth and personal discovery in the heart of Slovenian culture.

  • Ljubljana’s Historical and Cultural Mosaic

Ljubljana’s history and culture are deeply intertwined. The city is known for its dynamic student atmosphere, with the prestigious University of Ljubljana drawing students globally​​. Cultural richness abounds in museums, art galleries, and theatres, with events like the Ljubljana Summer Festival showcasing a variety of performances​​.

  • Economic and Entrepreneurial Spirit of Ljubljana

While smaller than other European capitals, Ljubljana’s economy is dynamic, with a growing emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. This environment provides a unique setting for interns, offering exposure to emerging markets and innovative business practices.

  • Comprehensive Development Opportunities

Ranked as one of the safest cities in Europe, Ljubljana offers a secure and welcoming environment for interns. The city’s infrastructure, including efficient public transport and green spaces, enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors alike​​.

  • Living and Interning in Ljubljana

Interning in Ljubljana is not just about career development; it’s about immersing yourself in a lifestyle that is safe, affordable, and culturally enriching. The city’s compact size and the hospitality of its residents make it an ideal location for an international internship experience​​.

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Exploring Ljubljana's Enchanting Landscape

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


Piktalent is an online platform where students, educational institutions and companies can find each other with ease. It’s free to register, apply for vacancies and use our system. What’s more, all our basic services are completely free for students and educational institutions to use.

For students or educational institutions who require extra help and personal support in organizing mobility placements, we have custom solutions- that may require the payment of a service fee.

FAQ for Internships in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Internship opportunities in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, are diverse, spanning various fields such as business, technology, the arts, and more. As a vibrant and culturally rich city, Ljubljana offers a unique environment for interns looking to gain experience in a European setting.

Regarding the language requirement, it largely depends on the industry and the specific company. Many international firms and organizations in Ljubljana operate in English, especially in sectors like IT, finance, and global business. In these cases, proficiency in Slovene may not be required. However, for internships in local companies, government organizations, or roles that involve interaction with the local population, a working knowledge of Slovene could be highly beneficial, if not essential.

Additionally, there are language courses available for those interested in learning Slovene, which could enhance your experience and opportunities in Ljubljana. Overall, while knowledge of Slovene is advantageous, it’s not a strict requirement for all internships, especially in international or English-speaking environments.

Ljubljana offers a variety of accommodation options suitable for interns, ranging from student dormitories to private accommodations. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the ideal living arrangement that suits your needs.

For finding accommodations, websites like Indomio.si and Central.si are popular choices. Additionally, exploring Facebook Groups and FB Marketplace can yield more personal and direct rental opportunities. Engaging with local real estate agents who specialize in rental properties can also provide a more customized approach to finding the right place.

When selecting your accommodation, consider its proximity to your internship location and essential amenities. Ljubljana’s public transportation system is efficient and well-connected, but opting for a place near public transport stops can significantly reduce travel time and enhance your daily convenience in navigating the city.

As an intern navigating through Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, you will find the city’s public transport system to be compact, efficient, and easy to use. Here are some key aspects:

Bus System: Operated by Ljubljana city buses, there are 61 bus lines that connect all parts of the city and suburbs. The buses run mostly until midnight or 1 am and start operating again at 4-5 am​​.


In Ljubljana, you can’t pay the bus driver in cash. Instead, you’ll need an Urbana Card. The Urbana Card can also be used to pay for parking and rent bikes from the public bike share system​​. This card can be purchased for a one-time fee of 2€ from various outlets in the city. A digital version, the Urbana App, is also available​​.

Bike Sharing: Ljubljana offers a bike-sharing system, complementing its bike-friendly environment. This is a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore the city, especially during the warmer months.

For the most current and comprehensive information, check the official website of Ljubljana’s Public Transport. 

In Ljubljana, you’ll experience a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, influencing everything from your wardrobe to your daily activities as an intern.

Summers in Ljubljana are generally warm, with average temperatures fluctuating between 16 to 26°C (61 to 79°F). The city experiences occasional hotter days, with temperatures sometimes soaring above 30°C (86°F). 

Winters are cold, often dropping below freezing. Temperatures typically range from about -4°C to 4°C (25 to 39°F). Snowfall is common, making it important to have warm clothing and sturdy, waterproof footwear.

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons with variable weather. Spring begins cool in March and gradually warms up by May. Temperatures range from about 3 to 21°C (37 to 70°F). Autumn starts with mild weather that gradually cools down, with temperatures generally between 4 to 22°C (39 to 72°F).

For current weather forecasts, websites like AccuWeather provide reliable and up-to-date information.

Interns in Ljubljana will find that living expenses can vary based on individual lifestyle choices and housing options. By carefully budgeting and utilizing cost-effective options, interns can manage a comfortable living without overspending. On average, interns might expect to spend around 1100 to 1500 EUR per month to cover essential expenses such as accommodation, groceries, local transportation, and leisure activities.

With prudent financial planning, interns in Ljubljana can enjoy the city’s rich cultural scene, historical legacy, and high quality of life, making their stay both professionally rewarding and personally enriching.

As the lively capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana vibrates with cultural richness, offering a plethora of opportunities for interns to immerse themselves in Slovene heritage:

Cultural Events and Festivals: Ljubljana’s cultural calendar is bustling with over 14,000 events annually, including international festivals like the Ljubljana Festival and the unique Ana Desetnica street theatre festival. Seasonal markets and music festivals, such as Nights in Ljubljana Old Town, add to the city’s vibrant atmosphere​​​​.

Theater and Performing Arts: The city is home to various performance arts events. Festivals like June in Ljubljana attract both local and international talents​​​​.

Museums and Galleries: For those interested in history and art, Ljubljana offers many museums and galleries, including prestigious events like the BIO – Biennial of Industrial Design, showcasing cutting-edge design concepts and products​​.

Historical Landmarks and Events: Traditional events like the Dragon Carnival and the Graduation Parade highlight Ljubljana’s rich history and cultural traditions, offering a glimpse into the city’s past and present​​​​.

Music and Film Festivals: Ljubljana’s musical heritage is celebrated at events like the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Europe’s oldest of its kind. The city also hosts several film festivals, including the LIFFe – Ljubljana International Film Festival and the Animateka Animated Film Festival, showcasing diverse cinematic works​​​​​​.

Culinary Events: The city’s culinary scene is highlighted in events like the European Food Summit and November Gourmet Ljubljana, where renowned chefs and winemakers gather to celebrate Slovenian gastronomy​​​​.

Piktalent Services for Slovenia

We can provide a range of services to make the internship experience unforgettable.

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