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Discover Ptuj: Slovenia's Hidden Gem Fostering Tech Talents

Ptuj, a city renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage, is now emerging as a hub for technological innovation. This picturesque city, steeped in tradition, is an ideal place for aspiring tech professionals to grow.

Piktalent offers unique internship opportunities in Ptuj. Each position is meticulously tailored to align with your professional aspirations. Leveraging our vast network of connections to leading businesses across diverse sectors. An internship in Ptuj, Slovenia is more than a job. It’s an avenue for growth in a city balancing its historical roots with a modern outlook.

Embark on your career journey in Ptuj, where historical charm meets cutting-edge technology, offering a unique blend of professional growth and cultural exploration​.

Benefits of Interning in Ptuj, Slovenia

Interning in Ptuj, Slovenia, offers a blend of historical richness and modern educational and economic development.

  • Ptuj’s Historical Significance

As Slovenia’s oldest recorded town, Ptuj has a rich history dating back to the Stone Age and was an important Roman military fort. Its strategic location along the Drava River made it a vital trade route between the Baltic and Adriatic seas. Throughout the centuries, Ptuj has seen various influences, from Celts and Romans to Frankish and Habsburg rule, contributing to its diverse cultural heritage​​​​​​​​​​.

  • Cultural and Educational Hub

Ptuj was inducted into UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities in 2022, reflecting its commitment to quality education at all levels. The city works towards reducing dropout rates and increasing vocational and tertiary education levels. It also focuses on lifelong learning programs and caters to the needs of vulnerable groups. These include training for blind and visually impaired citizens and language programs for immigrants.

  • Economic Landscape

Ptuj’s economy emphasizes knowledge and innovation, particularly in research and development (R&D). SRC Bistra Ptuj plays a crucial role in transferring knowledge from universities to the economy, fostering an environment supportive of entrepreneurship and innovation. There’s a strong emphasis on collaboration between educational institutions and the economic sector. This collaboration ensures practical training for students and promoting sustainable development.

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Explore Ptuj: Must-Visit Places in the Area

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


Piktalent is an online platform where students, educational institutions and companies can find each other with ease. It’s free to register, apply for vacancies and use our system. What’s more, all our basic services are completely free for students and educational institutions to use.

For students or educational institutions who require extra help and personal support in organizing mobility placements, we have custom solutions- that may require the payment of a service fee.

FAQ for Internships in Ptuj, Slovenia

Internship opportunities in Ptuj cater to a variety of interests and professional aspirations. This is thanks to the Ptuj’s rich cultural heritage and its growing focus on sustainable development and innovation. As a historic town, Ptuj offers unique opportunities in fields related to history, archaeology, and cultural management, particularly through its museums and cultural institutions.

In the realm of education and research, Ptuj’s status as a UNESCO learning city and the presence of institutions like the Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj create prospects for internships in educational technology, sustainable development, and scientific research. These institutions often collaborate closely with the economic sector, offering practical experiences that bridge academic learning and real-world applications.

Overall, Ptuj’s blend of historical charm and forward-looking initiatives makes it an attractive location for interns seeking experiences in cultural management, education, sustainability, and the arts.

Ptuj offers a variety of accommodation options suitable for interns, ranging from student dormitories to private accommodations. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the ideal living arrangement that suits your needs.

For finding accommodations, websites like Indomio.si and Central.si are popular choices. Additionally, exploring Facebook Groups and FB Marketplace can yield more personal and direct rental opportunities. Engaging with local real estate agents who specialize in rental properties can also provide a more customized approach to finding the right place.

When selecting your accommodation, consider its proximity to your internship location and essential amenities.

Public transportation in Ptuj is characterized by its commitment to sustainable mobility and convenience for both residents and tourists.

Public Transportation: Ptuj offers a free city bus service, provided by Arriva Slovenia. This service is aimed at promoting sustainable mobility and providing an efficient transportation alternative to personal cars. The initiative supports those without personal transportation means and aims to reduce the number of trips made by personal cars in the city. The buses are designed to offer a comfortable and eco-friendly travel experience within the municipality and surrounding areas​​.

Bike Sharing – Pecikl: Ptuj introduces the Pecikl bike-sharing system, available during the warmer months. The bikes, adorned in the city’s coat of arms colors, are an eco-friendly and convenient option for urban mobility. There are four bike rental stations across the city, including Zadružni trg – P&R parking, Mestni trg – town hall, Kraigherjeva ulica – Rimska peč, and Potrčeva cesta – next to the Ptuj general hospital. Registration for the Pecikl system can be completed at the TIC Ptuj​​.

Additional Mobility Options: Apart from buses and bikes, Ptuj offers unique transport experiences. The Čigra tourist boat provides an opportunity to enjoy views of the city and its surrounding hills from the Drava River. Moreover, the city had introduced an environmentally friendly and free electric vehicle service named Zapeljivec (Seducer), although it is currently not operational due to technical difficulties​​​​.

For interns and visitors in Ptuj, these public transport and bike-sharing services offer an efficient, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable way to explore and commute in the city. The convenience and accessibility of these systems significantly contribute to a positive living and working experience in Ptuj.

In Ptuj, you’ll experience a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, influencing everything from your wardrobe to your daily activities as an intern.

Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures fluctuating between 17 to 27°C (63 to 81°F). The city experiences occasional hotter days.

Winters are cold, often dropping below freezing. Temperatures typically range from about -4°C to 4°C (25 to 39°F). Snowfall is common, making it important to have warm clothing and sturdy, waterproof footwear.

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons with variable weather. Spring begins cold in March and gradually warms up by May. Temperatures range from about 5 to 20°C (41 to 68°F). Autumn starts with warm temperatures that gradually cool down, with temperatures generally between 3 to 22°C (37 to 72°F).

For current weather forecasts, websites like AccuWeather provide reliable and up-to-date information.

Interns in Ptuj will find that living expenses can vary based on individual lifestyle choices and housing options. By carefully budgeting and utilizing cost-effective options, interns can manage a comfortable living without overspending. On average, interns might expect to spend around 1000 to 1350 EUR per month to cover essential expenses such as accommodation, groceries, local transportation, and leisure activities.

With prudent financial planning, interns in Ptuj can enjoy the city’s rich cultural scene, historical legacy, and high quality of life, making their stay both professionally rewarding and personally enriching.

Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest recorded town, offers a unique blend of historical heritage and contemporary artistic endeavors, making it a captivating destination for culture enthusiasts.

Festivals and Cultural Events: Ptuj’s cultural calendar is vibrant throughout the year. The city is home to the world-renowned Kurentovanje, one of the top 10 carnivals globally, celebrated in spring. Other notable events include the Salon Sauvignon, Specialties of Slovene Farms, the contemporary art festival Art Stays, the Arsana music festival, Days of Poetry and Wine, Roman games, medieval reenactments, and traditional fairs. Wine-related events dominate autumn, while December brings festive celebrations​​.

Theatre and Performing Arts: The Ptuj City Theatre, a prominent cultural institution, is renowned for its diverse performances, embracing both traditional and contemporary themes. Alongside the theatre, Ptuj’s cultural scene is enriched by its 120-year-old cinema, the oldest in Slovenia, offering a mix of classic and contemporary films​​.

Museums and Galleries: Ptuj’s rich history is showcased in its museums and galleries. The Ptuj Castle houses collections of national significance, while the Mihelič Gallery, named after the renowned Slovenian artist France Mihelič, displays his works. The Florjan Gallery features works by local artists Albin and Boris Florman, and the Luna Art Gallery offers a selection of world-renowned artists. The Ptuj City Gallery is a must-visit for contemporary art lovers, and the Dominican Monastery, established in 1230, adds historical depth to the city’s art scene​​.

In conclusion, Ptuj’s cultural landscape is as rich and diverse as its history, offering a blend of historical insights and contemporary artistic expressions. From its bustling festivals and traditional theatres to extensive museum collections and art galleries, Ptuj stands as a unique cultural hub in Slovenia.

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