Custom Mobility Programs / Internships for Groups in Slovenia

Enhance your students' global outlooks with Piktalent's bespoke mobility programs for groups in Slovenia

Enhance your students’ global awareness and educational excellence with Piktalent’s programs in Slovenia! Known for balancing educational innovation with rich cultural experiences, Slovenia offers a unique environment for learning and professional development.

ūüáłūüáģ Did You Know?

  • Educational Equity: Slovenia’s educational system reflects a strong commitment to equity. Private sources account for a significant portion of funding in early childhood and tertiary education, ensuring diverse educational opportuniti‚Äč‚Äčes.
  • Earnings and Education: Educational attainment in Slovenia plays a critical role in earnings, with all adults having at least below upper secondary attainment earning more than half the median inco‚Äč‚Äčme.
  • Public Education Investment: Before the pandemic, Slovenia allocated 3.1% of its GDP to education, with further increases in the budget for primary and lower secondary general education during the pandemic. This investment demonstrates the country’s dedication to maintaining high educational standard.
  • Expenditure Per Student: The annual expenditure per student on educational institutions in Slovenia is slightly lower than the OECD average, reflecting efficient resource allocation across various educational leve‚Äč‚Äčls.

Piktalent’s programs in Slovenia are ideal for students and young professionals seeking a comprehensive educational experience. They offer a harmonious blend of Slovenia’s historical and cultural richness with contemporary educational practices. Engaging with Piktalent in Slovenia means immersing in an environment that values educational equity, innovative digital learning strategies, and sustained investment in education.

Advantages of Mobility Programs in Slovenia

Slovenia is emerging as an appealing destination for international education and professional development, offering diverse mobility programs tailored to the specific needs of universities, training institutions, and businesses. Here’s why Slovenia is an excellent choice:

    • Super Mobility Destination: Slovenia provides a dynamic setting for learning and professional growth with its rich cultural and historical landscape. From its vibrant cities to picturesque rural areas, Slovenia’s diversity is ideal for broadening horizons and perspectives, increasing skills, and contributing to personal and professional growth of students on a life-changing journey.
    • Erasmus+ and International Collaborations: Slovenia actively participates in the Erasmus+ program, the largest European program in the field of education and training. It offers opportunities for international students to study in Slovenia for 3 to 12 months with financial support, enhancing student and staff exchanges between European and international universities. This fosters broadened educational and cultural exposure while promoting international networking and collaboration.
    • Bilateral Agreements and CEEPUS Program:

      Slovenia also engages in short-term mobility through bilateral agreements with numerous countries, supporting student exchanges for up to 10 months. Additionally, the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS) is an academic exchange program for students and university teachers from Central Europe, based on multilateral cooperation agreements in education and research, further extending Slovenia’s reach in international education.

Mobility programs in Slovenia not only enhance language and professional skills but also offer deep cultural immersion. With its commitment to international education, Slovenia stands as a top destination for global learning and development.

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Adapting Piktalent's Mobility Programs for Slovenia

Piktalent’s expansion into Slovenia brings its specialized services to a dynamic educational and corporate landscape, aligning with the country’s distinctive environment in the following ways:

    • Understanding of the Slovenian Educational System: Slovenia’s education system is rapidly adapting to digitalization. Digital skills are integrated into school education, and young Slovenians demonstrate better digital skills than the EU average. However, the share of ICT graduates is relatively low. Informatics is a compulsory subject in general secondary and technical vocational schools, highlighting Slovenia’s focus on digital competencies.
    • Insight into the Corporate Environment: Slovenia is embracing digital transformation in various sectors, including education. The ‚ÄėDigital Slovenia 2020‚Äô strategy aims for more inclusive digital skill development, with initiatives like the Slovenian educational network SIO2020, which focuses on installing wireless networks in schools and developing e-services like e-classrooms and MOOCs.
    • Customized Educational and Training Programs: Slovenia invests more in education and training than the EU average, with a significant portion of its GDP dedicated to education. This investment includes increasing budget allocations for digital infrastructure in education, reflecting a commitment to enhancing digital tools and ensuring workforce readiness for the digital economy.
    • Expertise and Quality: Slovenian universities have successfully shifted to distance education during the COVID-19 lockdown. This showed the country’s adaptability and commitment to maintaining educational quality under challenging circumstances. Moreover, an open call for the development of innovative learning environments has led to projects in three Slovenian universities. These focus on the integration of ICT into teaching processes and strengthening digital competencies.

By integrating these insights into its approach, Piktalent is well-positioned to offer comprehensive mobility solutions in Slovenia, tailored to the unique educational and corporate dynamics of the country.

Our Services for Groups in Slovenia

At Piktalent, we are thrilled to expand our global mobility program expertise to the Slovenia. We are dedicated to providing customized services that cater to the specific requirements of Slovenia’s academic and corporate communities. Allow us to assist your groups in their pursuit of growth and international exposure with our specialized support!
Program design
    • Our team of experienced professionals is with you every step of the way as we craft a tailored program just for you. We take into consideration all your priorities, from budget and location to academic criteria, ensuring that our custom solution will provide maximum benefit.
    • Navigating the paperwork for international travel can be daunting. Our team is here to simplify this process, providing comprehensive support to ensure your experience in Austria is seamless and compliant with local regulations.¬†
    • Allow us to handle the nitty-gritty of your program‚Äôs logistics, from arranging travel and accommodation details down to providing onsite support. We guarantee a smooth operation for you so that all you have left is what matters most ‚Äď fostering growth and knowledge among your group.
Discover our range of mobility programs, specially designed for Slovenia’s educational environment. Committed to supporting your educational and professional goals, we recognize Slovenia’s emphasis on knowledge and advancement. Our programs enhance skill development, employability, and foster international collaboration. In partnership with CMEPIUS and the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability, and Maintenance Fund, we offer diverse opportunities for both local and international students and professionals.
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General Asked Questions

A Custom Mobility Program in Slovenia is a specialized initiative designed to offer groups a unique opportunity to engage in mobility experiences within the Slovene context. We provide assistance in creating customized internship programs specifically designed for each group. This program aim to foster international collaboration, enhance cultural understanding, and provide practical experience in the Slovene work environment.

The duration of the programs may vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the group. Some programs may last for a few weeks, while others may extend up to 12 months.

Participants are likely to receive comprehensive support, including assistance in creating a customized internship program, guidance, and mentorship throughout the duration of the program. Support may also include help with accommodations, local integration, and other logistical aspects.

The number of participants may vary depending on the program. Some programs may have specific requirements regarding the minimum or maximum number of participants, while others may be more flexible.

It is advisable to apply well in advance to ensure availability and adequate time for preparations. The specific time frame may depend on the program‘s requirements and the group’s needs.

Costs can vary based on the program’s length, services provided, and other factors.¬†

Program providers usually assist with visa applications and other legal requirements to facilitate the participation of international groups. It is crucial to communicate with the program organizers regarding any legal assistance needed.

To apply for a Custom Mobility Program book a call with us here and have your questions answered, give us all the details about your group and the program you would like to create.

Other Services

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