Hospitality Internships and Placements in Latvia

Dive into the dynamic world of hospitality in Latvia, where you'll gain invaluable practical experience and essential skills across diverse sectors.

Immerse yourself in Latvia’s thriving and diverse hospitality industry, where hotels, restaurants, tourism, and event management converge. Discover abundant opportunities for growth and success in hotel management, culinary arts, and customer service. Begin your journey in the vibrant world of Latvian hospitality today!

Discover your perfect tailored hospitality internship in Latvia with Piktalent. Unlock a world of customized opportunities aligned with your passions in hotel management, event coordination, culinary arts, and more. Elevate your career in the thriving hospitality industry with us today!

Hotel Management Internships

from luxury hotels to boutique establishments, you'll gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of the industry. Learn about guest services, marketing, human resources, and more.

Food & Beverage Internships

work in a range of establishments, from high-end restaurants to casual cafes. You'll gain valuable experience in areas such as food preparation, menu planning, customer service, and restaurant management.

Tourism and Travel Internships

gain experience working with travel agencies, airlines, and other organizations in the tourism industry. You'll learn about customer service, tour planning, and more.

Event Management Internships

work with top event companies and organizations. From corporate events to weddings and concerts, you'll gain valuable experience in areas such as budgeting, logistics, marketing, and client relations.

Accommodation Internships

get hands-on experience working in hotels, resorts, and other types of accommodations. You'll learn about guest services, housekeeping, front desk operations, and more.

Entertainment and Recreation Internships

explore the world of theme parks, casinos, and other leisure attractions, learning how to create memorable experiences for guests.

Dive into the realm of hospitality with Piktalent’s enriching internships in Latvia. Discover a wide range of opportunities in hotel management, event planning, and culinary arts, gaining valuable work experience that opens doors to limitless possibilities. Start your journey today and shape a successful career in Latvia’s vibrant hospitality industry!

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Start your rewarding hospitality internship in Latvia with Piktalent, where we make your journey seamless and effortless. Our streamlined application process guarantees a hassle-free experience, helping you find the perfect opportunity to embark on your adventure today.

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Are you having difficulty finding the ideal hospitality internship opportunity in Latvia? Don’t worry, we have everything you need right here! We offer a personalized internship service, that is tailored to meet your unique requirements, from identifying the perfect placement to handling all essential documentation.

Transform your aspirations into reality with a hospitality internship in Latvia through Piktalent. Embrace the golden chance to acquire invaluable experience and ignite your career in this flourishing industry. Unleash limitless possibilities and embark on a transformative journey today!

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Hotel management industry

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is home to a remarkable collection of Art Nouveau architecture. Some hotels in Riga feature stunning Art Nouveau design elements, immersing guests in the beauty of this artistic style.

Latvia embraces a diverse range of hotel themes, offering unique and themed accommodations. From eco-friendly and nature-inspired hotels to boutique and design-focused establishments, there’s something for every traveler’s taste.The hotel management industry in Latvia takes pride in its culinary offerings. Hotels feature exceptional restaurants that showcase traditional Latvian cuisine, as well as international gastronomic delights, creating memorable dining experiences for guests.

Food & beverage industry

Latvia takes pride in its rich culinary heritage, featuring a unique blend of traditional Baltic, Nordic, and Eastern European flavors. The country’s cuisine emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients, hearty dishes, and a love for local produce.

Latvian Black Balsam is a traditional herbal liqueur famous for its unique taste and medicinal properties. It is made from a secret recipe that includes various herbs, roots, and spices, and it is a beloved national drink in Latvia.

Birch sap, known as “bērzu sula” in Latvian, is a popular traditional beverage in Latvia. It is harvested in spring and has a refreshing, slightly sweet taste. Birch sap is enjoyed both as a standalone drink and used as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts.

Tourism and travel industry

Latvia hosts a renowned Song and Dance Festival, a grand cultural event that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

Riga Central Market, located in the heart of the city, is one of the largest and oldest markets in Europe. Housed in repurposed Zeppelin hangars, this vibrant market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, local delicacies, handicrafts, and more.

Jurmala, a popular resort town in Latvia, is famous for its stunning sandy beaches, charming wooden architecture, and therapeutic mineral waters.

Event management industry

Latvia’s event management industry thrives on the country’s rich cultural heritage. The industry showcases a wide range of events that celebrate traditional festivals, music, dance, folklore, and culinary delights unique to Latvia.

Latvia hosts a variety of vibrant festivals throughout the year. From the Summer Sound Festival in Liepaja to the Riga Opera Festival, the country offers a diverse range of cultural, music, and art events that attract both locals and international visitors.

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, has emerged as a prime destination for hosting international events. Its world-class venues, excellent infrastructure, and rich cultural offerings make it an ideal choice for conferences, trade shows, concerts, and more.

Accommodation industry

Latvia offers a wide range of unique and eclectic accommodation options. From boutique hotels and design hostels to countryside guesthouses and charming bed and breakfasts, there’s something to suit every traveler’s taste.

Many accommodations in Latvia are housed in beautifully restored historic buildings. These architectural gems allow guests to experience the country’s rich heritage while enjoying modern comforts and amenities.

Latvia is known for its stunning natural landscapes, and the accommodation industry takes full advantage of this. Visitors can find cozy cabins, eco-friendly lodges, and treehouses nestled in the picturesque forests and countryside, providing an immersive nature retreat experience.

Entertainment and recreation industry

Latvia hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, catering to diverse interests. From music festivals like Positivus Festival to cultural celebrations like Latvian Song and Dance Festival, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Latvia has a thriving arts and music scene, with numerous theaters, galleries, and concert venues. The Latvian National Opera and Ballet is a notable institution that showcases world-class performances, including opera, ballet, and classical music.

The country has a growing film industry, with numerous international productions choosing the country as a filming location. The annual Riga International Film Festival and Latvian National Film Awards celebrate the local and international cinematic achievements.

Hospitality sector in Latvia

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Winter -6°C (21°F) to 0°C (32°F) Summer 17°C (63°F) to 25°C (77°F)

915 EUR per month ($1027 US dollars)

According to data from 2021, the average annual salary in Latvia is around €14,400 to €15,600 per year

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Latvia is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe and a member of the European Union.

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