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Unleash the potential of remarkable young talent for your Latvia-based team! Experience Piktalent’s personalized recruitment services that uncover and attract the most promising emerging professionals. Our bespoke solutions are meticulously tailored to match your unique needs, guaranteeing a seamless and impactful hiring journey

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Recruit Native Interns and Graduates for Teaching Jobs in Latvia

Foster meaningful partnerships with universities providing native Latvian teaching assistants to enrich student learning and promote intercultural exchange. Cultivate valuable connections to elevate your educational journey.

Revamp your educational institution using handpicked interns and graduates from Piktalent! Our tailor-made recruitment solutions effortlessly link you with candidates who precisely match your school’s needs and exhibit a true passion for teaching. Leverage our extensive network to access top-notch talent and foster an exceptional learning environment that exceeds expectations. Embrace boundless potential for growth and success, leaving mediocrity behind!

In Lavia, our recruitment process begins with an in-depth analysis of your specific needs. We meticulously evaluate and select highly skilled candidates who align with your organizational objectives. Native speakers of the target language are given priority to enrich the students’ learning journey. With our talent sourcing expertise, we connect you with exceptional interns and graduates, offering diverse subject expertise, including Latvian language and culture.

Furthermore, our rigorous selection process ensures the presence of interns and graduates boasting exceptional communication skills, an impressive aptitude for student engagement, and the adaptability to flourish in Latvia’s diverse environment. Through meticulous candidate selection, we curate a truly unparalleled internship experience.

At Piktalent, we recognize the significance of unwavering support and guidance throughout the recruitment journey. Our solutions guarantee a smooth and effective experience, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional educational opportunities to interns and graduates in Latvia. Trust our expertise to manage the recruitment process, empowering your organization’s success.

Elevate the excellence of your educational institution in Latvia with our support in finding exceptional teaching interns. Enhance teaching standards and foster the development of future educators with our dedicated assistance.

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Latvia's Top Marketing and Business Interns and Graduates

Discover Piktalent’s tailored recruitment program, curated for ambitious business and marketing interns and graduates in Latvia. Access a diverse talent pool of exceptional individuals, gaining a competitive edge in the market. Enjoy personalized support throughout the hiring process, ensuring success at every stage.

As a business owner, you recognize the crucial role your team plays in achieving success. At Piktalent, we excel in linking you with extraordinary marketing and business experts who will elevate your company to unparalleled heights. Our vast network scouts talent from esteemed universities and training centers worldwide. Through our meticulous recruitment process, we handpick highly skilled candidates, tailor-made to meet your specific business needs. Partner with us to discover the perfect match, building a strong foundation for growth and triumph.

Hiring marketing interns and graduates in Latvia opens up a myriad of advantages for your company, such as:

    • Experience a transformative influx of fresh ideas and boundless motivation from a pool of ambitious young talents. Embrace their dynamic perspective to invigorate and propel your organization’s growth with newfound vitality.
    • Gain a competitive advantage by empowering a marketing team that embraces industry trends and employs innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
    • Attain the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and uncompromising quality standards.
In Latvia’s thriving market, acquiring top talent can be a game-changer. Let us help you find outstanding marketing and business interns and graduates who will thrive in your team, propelling your success to new heights!

Find Top IT and Graphic Design Talent in Latvia

Unleash your business’s full potential with a dynamic fusion of creative brilliance and technical expertise. Explore a pool of outstanding interns and graduates, fueling your organization’s ascent to remarkable achievements like never before.

Attention Latvian companies seeking outstanding IT or graphic design interns or graduates! Discover your perfect match through our specialized program. Benefit from a diverse talent pool, cost-effective recruitment, and enhanced workplace diversity. Unlock a wealth of talent, industry-specific training, and networking opportunities while empowering young professionals to thrive in IT and graphic design. Partner with us and unleash potential!

We’ve carefully crafted our program to accommodate two distinct profiles:

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their second and third year of study

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their final year or pursuing a Masters degree.

  • IT or Graphic Design graduate


These three candidate groups showcase outstanding qualifications, equipped with essential skills for excelling in their fields. 2nd and 3rd-year students provide valuable support for foundational tasks, while final-year students, Masters students, and graduates excel in leading projects and starting their professional journeys.

Embrace the chance to draw exceptional talent from Latvia and open the door to limitless possibilities!

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Recruit the best Hospitality and Tourism Young Talent in Latvia

In Latvia’s highly competitive hospitality and tourism industry, talent acquisition is paramount. At Piktalent, we excel in navigating this landscape, connecting you with exceptional candidates who perfectly match your requirements. Let us help you secure top talent for your business’s triumph.

Experience our tailored recruitment program, expertly linking your business with exceptional international students and graduates. Whether you seek skilled chefs, waitstaff, bar staff, or customer service representatives, we have the perfect candidates to suit your unique requirements. With a deep understanding of Latvia’s dynamic hospitality and tourism sector, our dedicated team is unwavering in finding your ideal match.

Aspire to unmatched excellence. Partner with us now to elevate your hospitality or tourism business to exceptional heights. Join forces for extraordinary success.

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General Asked Questions

Young recruitment in Latvia entails various initiatives and strategies aimed at attracting and hiring young professionals and students. Here are some key aspects of young talent recruitment in Latvia:

  1. Internships, Student Placements, and Entry Jobs: Companies in Latvia offer internships, student placements, and entry-level job opportunities to young talents. These positions provide valuable work experience and serve as a stepping stone for career growth.

  2. Talent Acquisition Specialist Jobs: Talent acquisition specialists play a crucial role in identifying and recruiting young talents for organizations in Latvia. These professionals leverage their networks and expertise to source and select suitable candidates.

  3. Recruiting from University of Latvia: Many companies target the University of Latvia to recruit young talents. They identify student profiles and majors that align with their requirements and actively reach out to potential applicants.

  4. Selling Company Promise: Employers in Latvia understand that young talents evaluate them based on certain priorities. To attract and retain top talents, employers focus on selling their company values, culture, growth opportunities, and work-life balance.

  5. Collaboration with Recruitment Agencies: Some companies partner with recruitment agencies specializing in young talent recruitment. These agencies help organizations streamline their recruitment processes and find suitable candidates.

It’s important to note that the cited sources provide insights into the topic of young talent recruitment in Latvia. For more specific and detailed information, it is recommended to refer to these sources directly.

Hiring young talent in Latvia can bring several benefits to your organization. Here are some reasons to consider hiring young talent in Latvia:

  1. Fresh Perspective and Innovation: Young professionals often bring fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the table. They have a different perspective and can offer new insights that can contribute to the growth and development of your organization.

  2. Adaptability and Agility: Young talent tends to be adaptable and quick to embrace change. They are often tech-savvy and open to learning new skills and technologies, which can help your organization stay agile in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

  3. Enthusiasm and Energy: Young professionals are typically enthusiastic and full of energy. They bring a high level of motivation and drive to their work, which can positively impact team dynamics and overall productivity.

  4. Digital Skills: The younger generation has grown up in the digital age and is often well-versed in various digital tools and platforms. Hiring young talent can bring valuable digital skills to your organization, helping you leverage technology for improved efficiency and innovation.

  5. Long-Term Investment: By hiring young talent, you are making a long-term investment in the future of your organization. As these individuals grow and develop within your company, they can become valuable assets and leaders who contribute to your long-term success.

  6. Diversity and Inclusion: Hiring young talent promotes diversity and inclusion within your organization. It brings in a fresh mix of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic work environment.

It’s important to note that these benefits may vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific skills and qualities of the young talent you hire.

The specific regulations and requirements for hiring interns in Latvia might have changed. Therefore, it is essential to verify with official sources or legal experts for the most current information. However, I can provide some general information about internships in Latvia up to my knowledge cutoff:

  1. Work Contracts: Interns in Latvia typically have work contracts, which might be either fixed-term or for a specific project duration. The contract should outline the terms and conditions of the internship, including responsibilities, working hours, compensation (if any), and duration.

  2. Minimum Wage: Interns might be entitled to a minimum wage in Latvia, depending on the nature of the internship and whether it falls under the scope of a regular employment relationship. Minimum wage regulations can vary based on the industry and other factors.

  3. Employment Laws: Interns might be covered by certain employment laws and protections in Latvia. These laws could cover aspects such as working hours, rest periods, and safety regulations.

  4. Social Security Contributions: Employers in Latvia may have to make social security contributions on behalf of their interns, depending on the terms of the internship and the nature of the work.

  5. Visa and Work Permits: If the internship involves foreign interns working in Latvia, there may be specific visa and work permit requirements to comply with immigration regulations.

To ensure compliance with the latest regulations, it is essential for employers and interns to consult Latvian labor law, government authorities, or legal experts who specialize in employment and internship regulations in Latvia. Laws can change over time, and specific circumstances may affect the application of these regulations.

There is no specific legal requirement in Latvia that mandates employers to pay interns. However, this doesn’t mean that all internships are unpaid. The issue of compensation for interns in Latvia can vary depending on several factors, including the industry, the nature of the internship, and the policies of the individual employer.

In some cases, companies in Latvia may choose to provide compensation to their interns as a way to attract and retain talented individuals, while others may offer unpaid internships to provide valuable work experience to students or individuals seeking to gain practical skills.

It’s essential for employers and interns to clarify the terms of the internship, including whether it is a paid or unpaid position, before starting the internship. If the internship is a paid one, the employer and intern should also agree upon the compensation amount and any other relevant details in the internship contract.

As labor laws and regulations can change over time, I recommend checking with the Latvian government’s official labor department or seeking legal advice to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date regulations regarding internships and compensation in Latvia.

The typical duration of internships in Latvia can vary depending on the specific industry, company, and the nature of the internship itself. Internships may last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Some internships might be part-time, while others could be full-time engagements. The duration might also be influenced by any academic requirements or the need to complete a certain number of working hours to meet educational or training objectives. As such, there is no fixed standard for the duration of internships in Latvia, and it is best to inquire directly with the company or organization offering the internship for more precise information.

Specific guidelines and regulations for educational and non-work placements for students in Latvia might have changed. Therefore, I can only provide general information based on the knowledge available up to that time.

In Latvia, educational and non-work placements for students, such as internships and apprenticeships, are typically subject to certain guidelines and regulations to ensure the protection of students’ rights and a conducive learning environment. Some of the key points that might be considered are as follows:

  1. Educational Institutions’ Involvement: Educational placements are often coordinated and supervised by educational institutions, such as universities or vocational schools. These institutions play a significant role in ensuring the placements align with the students’ educational objectives and provide valuable learning experiences.

  2. Duration and Purpose: Guidelines may define the duration and purpose of the educational placements to ensure they serve a legitimate educational purpose and do not merely function as a regular form of employment.

  3. Learning Agreement: There might be a learning agreement or contract between the educational institution, the host organization, and the student. This agreement outlines the objectives, tasks, and responsibilities of the student during the placement.

  4. Student Protection: Regulations may emphasize the need to protect students during placements, ensuring their safety, well-being, and fair treatment. This could involve adherence to workplace health and safety standards and measures to prevent exploitation.

  5. Academic Credits: In some cases, educational placements might contribute to students’ academic credits, and specific guidelines could govern how these credits are awarded based on the quality and outcomes of the placement.

  6. Non-Discrimination: Regulations often require that students are not discriminated against during placements based on factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, or disability.

  7. Volunteer and Non-Remunerated Placements: For non-work placements where students are not remunerated, specific guidelines might address the conditions and benefits provided to ensure a fair and enriching experience for the students.

It’s essential to keep in mind that regulations can change over time, and it is advisable to consult official sources, educational institutions, or legal experts for the most current guidelines governing educational and non-work placements for students in Latvia.

Drawing on our vast experience in aiding companies across diverse industries in Latvia, Piktalent stands out with a remarkable track record of sourcing and recruiting exceptional young talent. Our expansive candidate network covering Europe, coupled with a deep understanding of the Latvian job market, enables us to meet the distinctive needs of both companies and candidates. Through our tailored recruitment services, we streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and compliance with Latvian labor laws and regulations.

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