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Discover the Charms of Jurmala, Latvia

Known for its stunning sandy beaches, Jurmala offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and relaxation. As Latvia’s largest resort destination, Jurmala attracts visitors with its charming wooden architecture, lush pine forests, and healing mineral springs. Explore the bustling Jomas Street, lined with shops, cafes, and vibrant cultural events. Immerse yourself in the town’s rich history and culture at the Jurmala City Museum, or unwind amidst the tranquility of the Dzintari Forest Park. With Piktalent as your guide, you can uncover the hidden gems of Jurmala and make unforgettable memories in this enchanting Latvian gem.

Curiosities about Jurmala abound! Did you know that the town’s name “Jurmala” translates to “seaside” in Latvian? Its 33 kilometers of pristine coastline make it a paradise for beach lovers. Jurmala’s wooden architecture, with charming Art Nouveau buildings and traditional wooden houses, is a testimony to its unique cultural heritage. Are you looking to enhance your career with international experience? Piktalent offers exciting internship opportunities in Jurmala, giving you the chance to gain practical skills and valuable insights in your chosen field. 

Benefits of Interning in Jurmala

Discover priceless opportunities for students and young professionals in Jurmala! Embrace practical experience, skill development, and valuable networking during transformative internships.

  • Coastal charm

Experience the picturesque beauty of the Baltic Sea and pristine sandy beaches, providing a serene and inspiring environment.

  • Resume enhancement

An internship in Jurmala adds significant value to your resume, impressing future employers with international experience.

  • Beach activities

Enjoy leisure time with beach activities, water sports, or simply relaxing by the sea, promoting work-life balance.

  • Future job prospects

Successful internships may lead to potential job offers or references, providing a head start in your career.

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Must to go in Jurmala

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Jurmala, Latvia

Historically, Jurmala has been known to offer internship opportunities across various industries, especially in tourism, hospitality, education, and the arts due to its coastal charm and cultural attractions.

To find internship opportunities in Jurmala, consider checking online job portals, company websites, university career services, and professional networking platforms. Additionally, directly contacting companies or organizations in Jurmala that align with your field of interest can be a proactive approach to inquire about potential internship openings.

Keep in mind that the availability of internships can vary over time, and new opportunities may have emerged since my last update. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and utilize up-to-date resources to find current internship opportunities in Jurmala or any other city you are considering for your internship experience.

If you are currently searching for internships in Jurmala, I recommend exploring the aforementioned channels and staying proactive in reaching out to potential internship providers. Networking with professionals in your field and seeking advice from university career services can also be helpful in finding relevant opportunities.

The availability of mentorship during an internship can vary depending on the company or organization hosting the internship program. Some internships may offer structured mentorship programs, while others may not have a formal mentoring system in place.

Here are some scenarios to consider:

1. Companies with Established Programs: Larger companies or organizations with well-developed internship programs may have dedicated mentors assigned to interns. These mentors can provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the internship.

2. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Smaller companies might not have a formal mentoring program, but interns may still receive guidance and support from experienced colleagues or supervisors.

3. Academic Internships: If the internship is part of an academic program or university initiative, there may be academic advisors or faculty members who provide mentorship to the interns.

4. Informal Mentorship: Even if there is no formal mentorship program, interns can still seek guidance from experienced team members, ask questions, and actively engage with colleagues to learn from their expertise.

It’s essential to inquire about the mentorship or support structure during the internship application or interview process. Asking questions about the level of mentorship and professional development opportunities can help you understand what to expect during your internship.

Regardless of the formal structure, internships are valuable learning experiences. Being proactive, taking initiative, and seeking feedback can contribute to a more enriching and rewarding internship journey. Remember that learning from your colleagues, observing their work, and engaging in meaningful conversations can also provide valuable insights and learning opportunities throughout the internship.

Yes, Jurmala offers a range of cultural and social activities for interns to enjoy during their stay. The city’s vibrant arts scene, coastal charm, and various events provide interns with ample opportunities to explore and immerse themselves in the local culture. Some cultural and social activities available for interns in Jurmala include:

  1. Concerts and Festivals: Jurmala hosts a variety of concerts, music festivals, and cultural events throughout the year. These events showcase both local and international artists and provide a chance to experience the city’s lively atmosphere.

  2. Beach Activities: The beautiful beaches of Jurmala offer interns the perfect setting to relax, sunbathe, swim, or engage in beach sports and activities.

  3. Cultural Exhibitions and Museums: Visit museums, galleries, and cultural centers in Jurmala to learn about the region’s history, art, and traditions.

  4. Local Markets: Explore local markets to experience the flavors of Latvian cuisine and discover unique handcrafted items.

  5. Outdoor Recreation: Jurmala offers various outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and nature walks in parks and forests.

  6. Spa and Wellness: Relax and rejuvenate at one of Jurmala’s renowned spa centers and wellness facilities.

  7. Local Cuisine: Sample traditional Latvian dishes at restaurants and cafes, experiencing the local gastronomy.

  8. Language and Dance Workshops: Engage in language classes or traditional Latvian dance workshops to connect with the local culture.

  9. Community Events: Participate in local community events and gatherings to meet locals and fellow interns.

  10. City Sightseeing: Explore Jurmala’s charming architecture, historical landmarks, and scenic spots.

Jurmala’s social scene offers a mix of cultural, recreational, and leisure activities, providing interns with numerous ways to relax, make new friends, and fully experience the city’s unique lifestyle. Engaging in these activities not only enhances the internship journey but also fosters a deeper appreciation of Jurmala’s rich cultural heritage and coastal beauty.

The payment for internships in Jurmala, or anywhere else, can vary depending on several factors, including the industry, the company’s policies, the duration of the internship, and the intern’s qualifications and responsibilities.

Some internships in Jurmala may offer compensation or stipends to cover living expenses and other costs, while others may be unpaid. Generally, internships that require more specialized skills or involve longer-term commitments are more likely to be paid.

If you are considering an internship in Jurmala, it’s essential to inquire about the payment structure and any additional benefits or allowances offered by the company or organization. Some internships may also provide other perks, such as transportation assistance or meal vouchers, even if they are unpaid.

When evaluating internship opportunities, weigh the overall benefits, learning experience, and potential career growth against the compensation offered. Keep in mind that internships are valuable for gaining experience and building your professional network, and some unpaid internships can offer excellent learning opportunities and potential future career prospects.

Always clarify payment details and terms before accepting any internship offer to ensure that it aligns with your financial needs and expectations.

The actual cost of living in Jurmala, can vary depending on individual preferences, lifestyle choices, and accommodation arrangements. Here are some factors to consider regarding the cost of living as an intern in Jurmala:

Accomodation: 400€ – 600€ 
Utilities: 200€ – 300€
Groceries: 100€ – 200€ 
Eating out: 100€ – 200€
Transportation: 20€ – 40€

Average cost of living between 800€ – 1,400€

For more informations, check this source.

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