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Marketing Internships

work with top companies and develop and execute marketing strategies, and conduct market research! Enhance your digital marketing skills.

Finance Internships

gain hands-on experience in financial analysis, accounting, and investment analysis, while working with leading companies in the finance industry.

HR Internships

develop your people skills and learn about HR management, employee engagement, and recruitment strategies, while working with companies of all sizes.

Accounting Internships

work with leading accounting firms, where you'll be able to develop your skills in financial reporting, budgeting, and auditing.

Sales Internships

develop your sales techniques, learn about customer relationship management, and gain practical experience in lead generation and sales forecasting.

Economics Internships

work with leading companies, where you'll be able to apply your knowledge of micro and macroeconomics to real-world problems.

Embark on a transformative journey with our diverse range of business internships in Latvia. Unlock your potential and experience growth across various fields. Explore our vacancies and seize the opportunity to make your mark. Start your internship adventure today!

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Marketing industry

The marketing industry in Latvia has witnessed significant growth in digital marketing strategies, with businesses embracing online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization to reach their target audiences effectively.

Latvian marketers are known for their creativity and innovative approaches. They often develop unique and visually appealing campaigns that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Latvia has a strong design heritage, and this influence is often reflected in marketing campaigns. Many Latvian marketers prioritize visually stunning and well-crafted designs to communicate messages effectively and engage consumers.

Finance industry

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is a significant financial hub in the Baltic region. It hosts numerous banks, financial institutions, and international companies operating in the finance sector.

Latvia adopted the euro as its official currency in 2014, further solidifying its integration into the European Union and facilitating international financial transactions.

Latvia actively participates in the Baltic-Nordic financial cooperation, fostering collaboration among countries in the region to strengthen financial stability and promote economic growth.

HR industry

The HR industry in Latvia has gained significant importance in recent years, with organizations recognizing the value of strategic human resource management in achieving business objectives.

HR professionals in Latvia focus on talent development and employee training to enhance skills and competencies, ensuring a strong workforce that can adapt to changing business needs.

Latvia’s HR industry benefits from a multilingual workforce, with many professionals being fluent in Latvian, English, and Russian. This linguistic diversity allows for effective communication and collaboration with employees from various backgrounds.

Accounting industry

Latvia has a reputation for its high-quality accounting and auditing standards. The country’s accounting practices adhere to international standards, providing a solid foundation for financial reporting and business transparency.

The accounting industry in Latvia is embracing technological advancements. Automation, cloud-based accounting software, and digital solutions are being implemented to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve data accuracy.

Due to Latvia’s history and geographical location, there is a multilingual aspect to the accounting industry. 

Sales industry

The sales industry in Latvia has experienced significant growth in e-commerce. Online shopping has become increasingly popular among Latvian consumers, leading to the expansion of online retailers and marketplaces.

Latvia has a high rate of mobile phone penetration, and mobile shopping is on the rise. Many consumers prefer using their smartphones for browsing and purchasing products, making mobile optimization crucial for businesses in the sales industry.

The sales industry in Latvia often emphasizes local and regional products. Locally produced goods, such as Latvian-made foods, beverages, crafts, and cosmetics, hold a special place in the market and are favored by consumers seeking unique and authentic products.

Economics industry

Latvia joined the Eurozone and adopted the euro as its currency in 2014, further integrating its economy with the European Union.

The country experienced one of the highest economic growth rates in the European Union prior to the global financial crisis, with double-digit growth rates in the mid-2000s.

Latvia has a strong focus on exports, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, wood and furniture production, machinery, and information technology. Key export partners include Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, and Russia.

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Winter -6°C (21°F) to 0°C (32°F) Summer 17°C (63°F) to 25°C (77°F)

915 EUR per month ($1027 US dollars)

According to data from 2021, the average annual salary in Latvia is around €14,400 to €15,600 per year

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Latvia is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe and a member of the European Union.

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