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Looking for internship opportunities in Munich, Germany? Munich is not only a hub for business, technology, and  innovation, but also a city rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. With its world-famous beer gardens, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene, Munich offers an unforgettable adventure for interns seeking to immerse themselves in German culture.

As a global leader, Munich provides exceptional opportunities for investment, research, and academic advancement. Don’t miss out on the chance to gain valuable international work experience and explore one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Benefits of Interning in Munich

An internship in Munich is highly beneficial for your career as the city is a prominent economic and cultural centre in Germany. With exceptional quality of living, your internship experience in Munich will be nothing short of luxurious. 

  • Get practical experience in your industry

Our program offers internship opportunities in several fields, such as Engineering, Marketing, IT, and other related areas. By interning here, you’ll gain exposure to a variety of industries and gain valuable skills that can help advance your career.

  • Gain an edge on your resume with international work experience

Interning in Munich offers valuable multicultural experience. With a thriving international community, the city is ideal for immersing yourself in a diverse environment, gaining invaluable skills that can help you succeed in a global workforce.

  • High Quality of Life

Munich has consistently been ranked among the top cities in the world for quality of life, offering excellent healthcare, public transport, and recreational opportunities.

  • City’s rich cultural heritage

Interning in Munich means access to world-class museums, galleries, landmarks, and the world-famous Oktoberfest celebration. After work, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, shops, restaurants, and sports facilities. Munich offers something for everyone! Experience the local traditions, festivals, and cuisine to make your stay unforgettable.


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Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Munich, Germany

Munich is a hub for various industries, including technology, finance, engineering, automotive, and biotech. These industries offer a wide range of internship opportunities for students and graduates to gain valuable experience and enhance their skills in their field. Some of the most popular industries for internships in Munich include software development, marketing, consulting, finance, and research and development.

The job market in Munich for interns is quite competitive and diverse, with opportunities available in a wide range of industries.

Some of the most popular fields for internships in Munich include technology, engineering, finance, and marketing. Many global companies have offices in Munich, which can provide valuable networking opportunities and exposure to international business practices.

However, the competition for internships can be fierce, so it’s important to have relevant skills and experience, as well as a strong application and interview process. Overall, Munich offers a dynamic and exciting environment for interns who are looking to gain valuable work experience and build their careers.

While knowing German can be an advantage, especially for some industries, many companies in Munich conduct business in English. However, learning German can help you better immerse yourself in the local culture and can be a valuable asset for your future career.


Munich is known for being one of the most expensive cities in Germany. As an intern, you should expect to spend a significant portion of your income on housing, food, and transportation. However, there are many affordable options available, such as shared apartments and public transportation. The cost of living can vary depending on factors like housing, food, transportation, and entertainment.

Room in shared apartment: 350€-900€
Internet: 20€-60€ 
Mobile phone contract: 20€-30€
Health insurance: 105€-200€ 
Groceries: 200€-400€ 
Eating out: 80€-100€ 
Drinks/Party: 40€-60€ 
Transportation: 40€-70€

Average cost of living between 900€-2000€

If you’re interested in learning more about this particular information, please check this source.

Yes, interns in Munich are typically paid a stipend or salary, although the amount may vary depending on the company, industry, and position.

In Germany, internships are subject to minimum wage laws, which means that companies are required to pay interns a minimum wage if the internship is longer than three months or if the intern is performing work that is similar to that of a regular employee. As of 2023, the minimum wage for internships in Germany is €9.60 per hour.

That being said, some companies may offer unpaid internships or internships with lower compensation, particularly in certain fields like media or the arts. It’s important to research the compensation for internships in your field and to consider the cost of living in Munich when evaluating a potential internship opportunity.

In addition to monetary compensation, some companies may also offer other benefits to their interns, such as housing, transportation, or language courses. Be sure to discuss compensation and benefits with your potential employer before accepting an internship offer

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