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Hire Top Young Talent in Germany with Piktalent's Custom Recruitment Solutions

Looking to hire top young talent for your team in Germany? Discover Germany’s most promising young talent with Piktalent’s tailored recruitment services. Our solutions are designed to meet your unique needs and ensure a seamless hiring process.

We have a seasoned team to help you discover the best young talent in Germany. With a deep understanding of various industries and personalized attention to your needs.

Choose Piktalent for your recruitment needs in Germany and discover why we’re the go-to choice for companies seeking skilled and motivated young professionals. Contact us today to learn more and get started on finding your next star employee.

Recruit Native Interns and Graduates for Teaching Jobs in Germany

Connect with universities that offer native german teaching assistants 

Make your educational institution soar by hiring the talented and passionate interns and graduates from Piktalent! Our specialized recruitment services ensure you find individuals who understand the unique needs of your school, as well as have a keen interest in pursuing teaching roles. Don’t settle for anything less: tap into our network today to secure top talent that will help take your learning environment to new heights!

Our recruitment process begins with a thorough analysis of your specific needs and requirements. From there, we source and screen qualified candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to excel in your institution in Germany. We prioritize native speakers of the target language, as they bring a level of fluency and cultural understanding that can greatly enhance the learning experience for students. Our recruitment experts specialize in finding talented native interns and graduates for teaching jobs across a wide range of subjects and levels, including German language and culture.

Additionally, our interns and graduates are carefully selected for their ability to communicate effectively, engage with students, and adapt to new environments in Germany.

We also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the recruitment process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you and your young talent. Our services are designed to make your recruitment process stress-free and efficient, allowing you to focus on providing the best education possible for your interns and graduates in Germany.

Let us help you find your next teaching intern and take your institution’s education to the next level in Germany!

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With our help, you can find the perfect intern or graduate to meet your teaching needs in Germany.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to attract top business and marketing talent to your German team! 

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Germany's Top Marketing and Business Interns and Graduates

Discover Piktalent’s recruitment program for business and marketing interns and graduates in Germany. You’ll get access to a unique talent pool that grants you an edge over competition in today’s market while having personalized support throughout the process. Also, Germany is known for its strong education system and producing some of the best graduates in business and marketing worldwide.

As a business owner, you know that your team is the driving force behind your success. At Piktalent, we help you find the right marketing and business talent to take your company to the next level. We source our candidates from the best universities and training schools worldwide and use a highly selective recruitment process to ensure that we present you with the most qualified and competent candidates. With us you can trust that you’ll find the perfect fit for your company’s needs.

Hiring marketing interns and graduates in Germany can provide your company with a range of advantages, including:

    • Obtain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from motivated young talent
    • Outpace your competitors with a marketing team at the cutting edge of industry trends and strategies
    • Maximize your budget without compromising quality
In a competitive market like Germany, having the right talent can make all the difference. Let us help you find the best marketing and business interns and graduates for your team!

Find Top IT and Graphic Design Talent in Germany

Boost Your Business with Creative and Technical Expertise: Hire Our Top Interns and Graduates

Are you a German company looking to find the best IT or graphic design intern or graduate for your team? Look no further than our program. Our IT and graphic design program specializes in pairing companies with highly motivated interns and graduates who are passionate about learning and making a difference. With access to a diverse pool of candidates, you’ll be able to reduce recruitment costs and increase workplace diversity. Our program provides valuable work experience, industry-specific training, and networking opportunities for candidates while offering a range of benefits for companies.

Our program targets two types of profiles:

  • 2nd and 3rd year IT or Graphic Design students
  • Final year or Masters IT or Graphic Design students
  • Graduate in IT or Graphic Design

This three groups of candidates are well-qualified and possess the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their fields. However, 2nd and 3rd-year students are best suited for companies seeking support with basic tasks, while final-year or Masters students, and graduates are ideal for companies seeking candidates capable of developing projects independently and starting a professional career in the company. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to recruit top talent in Germany!

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Discover the Perfect IT or Graphic Design Intern and Graduate to Help Your Business Thrive.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to attract top business and marketing talent to your team! 

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Recruit the best Hospitality and Tourism Young Talent in Germany

In the competitive hospitality and tourism industry in Germany, it can be a challenge to find and recruit top talent. That’s where Piktalent comes in.

Our recruitment program specializes in connecting businesses like yours with talented students and graduates from around the world. From skilled chefs and waitstaff to experienced bar staff and customer service representatives, we can help you find the ideal candidates for your open positions. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing the hospitality and tourism industry in Germany and will work tirelessly to find the best candidates for your business.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Partner with us today and elevate your hospitality or tourism business to the next level.

Unlock the potential of your hospitality or tourism business with top talent. Partnering with us today could make all the difference – don’t settle for second-best!

General Asked Questions

The duration and requirements for internship programs in Germany can vary depending on the specific program and the company offering the internship. However, in general, internships in Germany can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months or even a year. Requirements may vary based on the industry and position, but common requirements may include fluency in German or English, relevant academic coursework or experience, and strong communication and teamwork skills.

German law requires companies to provide interns with education and training during their placement, and internships cannot replace regular employment. Non-work placements must be closely related to the field of study and provide students with practical experience relevant to their degree programme.

Important: Piktalent neither offers or signs internship agreements.

Internship hours and study plans in Germany can vary depending on the company and type of internship. Typically, internships are part-time, ranging from 20 to 40 hours per week, and students are expected to balance their internship hours with their studies.

Piktalent recruits young candidates for Germany who have completed their degree or are in the process of completing it, and have relevant skills and experience in the specific job or industry. We focus on identifying and recruiting candidates who have a strong work ethic, are eager to learn and grow, and are passionate about their field of work. We also ensure that candidates have the necessary language skills to work in Germany.

We use a variety of methods to source candidates for job and internship positions in Germany, including targeted job postings, referrals, networking events, and our extensive database of young talent. We also partner with universities and educational institutions around Europe to identify top talent and provide them with opportunities to gain work experience through internships and job positions.

The duration of the recruitment process can vary depending on the specific needs of the company and the position being filled. However, on average, the process can take up to several weeks from initial screening to final interviews. We also ensure that the recruitment process complies with German labor laws and regulations.

Piktalent has years of experience in helping companies in Germany across a range of industries find and recruit the best young talent available. We have a strong network of young candidates in Europe and a deep understanding of the German job market and the needs of both companies and candidates. We provide customised recruitment services tailored to the specific needs of each company, and ensure that the recruitment process is seamless, efficient, and complies with German labor laws and regulations.

The average cost of hiring an intern or entry-level employee in Germany can vary depending on several factors, such as the industry, location, and specific job requirements.

According to recent data, the average gross monthly salary for an entry-level employee is around €3,400, while the average monthly salary for an intern ranges from €1,000 to €1,500. However, it’s essential to note that these figures can vary significantly based on the industry and job position. Additionally, employers should consider other costs, such as taxes, social security contributions, and potential benefits, when calculating the overall cost of hiring an intern or entry-level employee.

You can find this information on various online resources. The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the German Statistics Office (Statistisches Bundesamt) also provide data and statistics on employment and salaries in Germany.

Other Services

We can provide a range of services to make your internship/job experience unforgettable.