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Start your engineering career with an international experience in Germany. Germany is renowned for its world-class engineering industry, providing endless opportunities for aspiring engineers. By choosing Germany for your internship, you’ll gain access to a vibrant engineering community and be exposed to cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

At Piktalent we offer internships in a wide range of engineering fields, from Civil Engineering to Robotics Engineering. Choose us for your engineering internship in Germany, and start your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Civil Engineering Internships

gain practical experience in construction projects, transportation systems and infrastructure planning.

Mechanical Engineering Internships

learn about manufacturing processes, machine design and automation.

Electrical Engineering Internships

develop your skills in energy generation and distribution, electronics and telecommunications.

Environmental Engineering Internships

work on projects related to water and air quality, waste management and renewable energy.

Robotics Engineering Internships

gain expertise in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Health and Safety Engineering Internships

work on projects related to occupational safety, health management and risk assessment.

Our program offers a wide range of opportunities in various engineering disciplines. Above are some of the fields of the many internship fields we offer. Take a look at the current vacancies on our website to discover the full range of opportunities available.

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Civil engineering industry

Germany has some of the most well-designed bridges and highways in the world, including the famous Autobahn.

The country has a strong focus on renewable energy, which is reflected in the design and construction of many buildings and infrastructure projects.

The tallest structure in Germany is the Fernsehturm Berlin TV tower, which stands at 368 meters and was built in 1969.

Mechanical engineering industry

Germany is known for producing some of the best luxury cars in the world, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi.

The country is also a leader in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment.

The largest engineering trade fair in the world, Hannover Messe, takes place annually in Germany.

Electrical engineering industry

Germany is home to some of the largest and most innovative companies in the electrical engineering industry, including Siemens, ABB, and Bosch.

The country has a strong focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, which is driving innovation in the electrical engineering field.

Germany is one of the largest consumers of wind energy in the world, with many wind turbines located throughout the country.

Environmental engineering industry

Germany is a global leader in environmental engineering, with a focus on sustainable development and green technology.

The country is known for its extensive recycling programs and use of renewable energy sources.

The Berlin Wall, which was torn down in 1989, has been repurposed into an eco-friendly park called the Berlin Wall Park, featuring sustainable design and green spaces.

Robotics engineering industry

Germany has a strong focus on robotics and automation, with many companies specializing in the development of robotics technology.

The country is home to the largest robotics trade fair in the world, the Automatica, which takes place biennially in Munich.

Germany is also a leader in the development of industrial robots, which are used in manufacturing and other industries.

Health and safety engineering industry

Germany has some of the highest standards for workplace safety in the world, with strict regulations in place to protect workers.

The country is known for its innovative approaches to health and safety, including the development of ergonomic workstations and safety equipment.

The first ever ambulance service in the world was established in Germany in 1892.

Engineering sector in Germany

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In the dance of currency, the cost of living in Germany pirouettes between 1,200 to 3,000 euros monthly for an individual

The average annual salary is reaching approximately 53,118 EUR gross per year as of 2023

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