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Czech Republic, a land where historical heritage blends seamlessly with modern innovation, offers a captivating setting for designers and architects. From the enchanting, ancient streets of Prague to the contemporary urban landscapes of Brno, the Czech Republic showcases a diverse architectural tapestry. Its cities boast an impressive mix of medieval, Art Nouveau, and Cubist architecture, alongside recent avant-garde developments that demonstrate a forward-looking perspective.

Piktalent is your gateway to a wide range of design and architecture internships throughout the Czech Republic. We are dedicated to nurturing your growth and refining your talents. Joining Piktalent means immersing yourself in the Czech Republic’s rich design legacy, contributing to a nation that cherishes its historical roots while eagerly exploring innovative design frontiers.

Begin your journey with Piktalent and be part of a movement that is shaping the future of design and architecture in the Czech Republic, a nation that honors its past and enthusiastically awaits its next chapter in the realm of design.

Product design Internships

work with companies to create and develop new products, from ideation to prototyping and testing. Gain experience in design thinking, CAD modelling, and product visualization.

Graphic design Internships

help companies create engaging visual content for branding, marketing, and communication. Develop your skills in typography, layout, colour theory, and design software.

Interior design Internships

work on projects that involve designing functional and aesthetic spaces for residential, commercial, and public environments. Develop your skills in space planning, furniture design, and 3D modelling software.

Web design Internships

design and develop responsive websites and applications for desktop and mobile devices. Build your skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web design software.

UX/UI design Internships

collaborate with teams to design and improve user experiences for digital products and services. Learn about user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

Architecture Internships

work on projects that involve designing and planning buildings and spaces. Develop your skills in architectural drawing, modelling, and visualization software.

The Czech Republic, with its profound historical roots and a keen eye for contemporary design, stands as an inspiring destination for designers and architects. From the gothic allure of Prague to the modernistic appeal of Brno, the Czech Republic is a testament to architectural diversity and ingenuity. The country’s cities exhibit an architectural spectrum ranging from medieval to Cubist and modernist styles, while recent developments showcase a nation confidently striding towards the future.

Piktalent is your doorway to an extensive array of design and architecture internships across the Czech Republic. We are dedicated to nurturing your skills and fostering your development.

Three related facts:

  1. The Czech Architecture Award, aimed at raising public awareness about architecture, showcases a range of remarkable projects from lookout towers to education centers and residential properties. This award highlights the country’s commitment to architectural excellence and social relevance​​.
  2. The Café Kontejner project in Prague exemplifies the contemporary spirit of Czech architecture, where a fusion of industrial and modern design trends is evident. This project represents the current architectural ethos of blending historical contexts with innovative design approaches​​.
  3. Notable projects include the Three Resistance Movements Memorial in Lošany, Central Bohemia, commemorating resistance movements against the Nazi occupation and communist government. This project reflects the nation’s dedication to preserving historical significance through architecture​​​​.

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UX/UI design industry

The Czech UX/UI design industry is constantly growing. It is driven by technological advancements, economic factors, and a deepening understanding of diverse user needs.

AI Integration in UX/UI Design: AI is becoming increasingly integrated into UX/UI design processes. Tools powered by AI are becoming mainstream in design, enhancing efficiency and creativity. This trend suggests a shift towards more AI-assisted design processes and a reconsideration of the roles and value of niche design roles​​.

Personalization in Design: Companies are focusing on creating more personalized user experiences. This includes designing interfaces and experiences that feel individually tailored to each user, a trend that is becoming a standard expectation in good design​​.

Growth of Niche Roles in UX Design: Despite economic challenges, the field of UX design is maturing, leading to the emergence of more specialized roles. Roles like UX Researchers, UX Writers, and Content Designers are becoming more prominent​​.

Graphic design industry

The Czech Republic’s graphic design industry is a dynamic blend of new and traditional styles. It is evolving rapidly, influenced by technological advancements and cultural trends.

AI Integration: AI is revolutionizing graphic design. Expect more AI-created or augmented designs, using generative and algorithmic tools​​.

Abstract 3D Design: Abstract 3D is a major trend. Designers are creating eye-catching, three-dimensional, experimental digital works​​.

Risograph Printing Resurgence: Risograph printing is making a comeback. Its unique aesthetic features vibrant colors and rough textures, adding individuality to designs​​.

Interior design industry

The interior design industry in the Czech Republic has evolved significantly by 2023, reflecting a unique blend of modern innovation and historical influences. Known for its rich architectural heritage, the Czech Republic provides a dynamic backdrop for contemporary interior design.

International Recognition: Czech interior designers have gained international acclaim, participating in global design fairs and exhibitions.

Educational Growth: The number of design schools and programs in the Czech Republic has increased, fostering new talent.

Tourism Influence: The booming tourism industry influences hospitality design, blending modern comforts with historic elements.

Web design industry

The web design industry in the Czech Republic is marked by innovation and a strong emphasis on user experience. Leveraging advanced technologies and creative approaches, the industry reflects the growing digital economy and the country’s robust IT sector.

Start-Up Culture Influence: Many web design trends are driven by the vibrant start-up scene in Prague and Brno.

Educational Expansion: There’s a surge in web design and UX/UI courses in Czech universities and online platforms.

International Collaborations: Czech web design agencies often collaborate with international clients, expanding their global footprint.

Product design industry

The Czech Republic’s product design industry is marked by a strong focus on sustainability and technological integration, mirroring global trends and local cultural influences.

Global Recognition: Czech product designers are increasingly recognized in international design awards. One of them being Dezeen Awards, which is a prestigious international design competition. In 2023 Czech designers were among the shortlisted studios in Dezeen Awards.

Educational Development: There’s a rise in specialized product design courses in Czech design schools.

Export Growth: The Czech Republic sees a growing export of locally designed products, especially in Europe.

Architecture industry

The architecture industry in the Czech Republic in 2023 is a vibrant mix of historic preservation and cutting-edge design. Reflecting the country’s rich architectural heritage, the industry adeptly balances modern needs with respect for historical contexts.

International Collaborations: Czech architects frequently collaborate on projects in Europe and globally.

Educational Advancements: Architecture schools in the Czech Republic are integrating more technology-based courses.

Cultural Impact: Czech architects are influential in shaping the cultural landscape through innovative public and cultural building designs.

Design sector in Czech Republic

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A single person estimated monthly costs are 36,000-54,000 CZK (1450-2200 EUR or 1550-2350 USD). 

As of 2023, the average monthly gross salary in Czech Republic is around 41,000 CZK/month (1650 EUR/month or 1750 USD/month).

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