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Exploring Liberec: A Hidden Gem in the Czech Republic

Liberec, known as the “Bohemian Manchester,” stands as a testament to the fusion of historical richness and contemporary evolution, much like Ostrava. As a city with deep roots in the textile industry since the 16th century, Liberec’s landscape reflects a heritage of craftsmanship and innovation. Today, it’s transforming into a hub for culture, education, and modern industry, offering a unique blend of history and forward-thinking dynamism.

Piktalent is thrilled to extend exceptional internship opportunities in Liberec. Each position is thoughtfully designed to align with your career goals and personal growth. Our partnerships with leading companies and educational institutions in Liberec, such as the Technical University of Liberec, ensure your internship is a gateway to substantial professional progress. The University, renowned for its research and interdisciplinary collaboration, especially in technology transfer, promises excellent placements to graduates, emphasizing the city’s commitment to innovation and industry-academia synergy​​​​.

Interning in Liberec offers more than career advancement. It immerses you in the essence of a city that beautifully melds its rich industrial heritage with an innovative and dynamic present.

Benefits of Interning in Liberec, Czech Republic

Embark on a career journey in the picturesque and dynamic city of Liberec, Czech Republic. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Liberec is a city of culture, innovation, and historical significance. Interning in Liberec offers a unique blend of professional growth and cultural immersion, making it an ideal destination for those seeking both career advancement and personal enrichment.

  • Liberec: A City of Culture and History

Rich in Slavic and Germanic cultural influences, Liberec is adorned with Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture, reflecting its complex historical tapestry. This cultural diversity is evident in the city’s literature, music, and visual arts. Traditional Czech celebrations and holidays, such as the Day of Slavonic Apostles Cyril and Methodius, Jan Hus Day, and the Day of Czech Statehood, add to the city’s vibrant cultural life​​.

  • Economic Landscape in Liberec

The Czech economy, with Liberec as a significant contributor, is marked by resilience and innovation. Despite global challenges, the Czech Republic maintains a robust manufacturing sector, especially in automotive and high-tech engineering. The service sector, focusing on ICT, R&D, and finance, complements its industrial base, making Liberec an appealing city for interns interested in these fields​​.

  • Liberec’s Natural and Recreational Allure

Liberec, located in a basin surrounded by mountains, is ideal for nature enthusiasts. The city offers a range of outdoor activities, from hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter, making it a perfect place for interns who appreciate natural beauty and outdoor recreation​​​​​​.

  • A City Adapting to Modern Work Trends

The Czech Republic, including Liberec, is adapting to contemporary work trends and challenges. The increasing demand for practical work experience over formal education qualifications, the drive for better work-life balance, and a commitment to more flexible work arrangements reflect a modern approach to the workforce. This evolution makes Liberec an attractive destination for young professionals seeking a progressive and adaptable work environment​​.

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Navigating Liberec and its Landmarks: A Journey Through Time

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Liberec, Czech Republic

Speaking Czech is not necessarily a requirement for internships in Liberec, as there are opportunities specifically for English speakers. This means you can find internships in Liberec even if you are not proficient in the Czech language​​.

Regarding internship opportunities in Liberec, the Czech Republic presents a fertile landscape for professional growth, especially in sectors like IT, law, and economics. Liberec, with its rich industrial heritage and educational institutions like the Technical University of Liberec, offers internships in various fields. These include business, design, engineering, IT, hospitality, and education. These internships, ranging from 3 to 12 months, provide valuable work experience and are aligned with the city’s dynamic economic sectors, such as the robust manufacturing sector led by automotive and high-tech engineering​​.

The focus on work experience over formal education in the Czech job market can be advantageous for interns, reflecting a pragmatic approach to talent acquisition in a competitive market. This environment, coupled with the city’s unique cultural and historical background, makes Liberec an enriching place for internships​​.

Liberec offers a diverse range of accommodation options suitable for interns, including student dormitories, shared apartments, and private studios. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the ideal living arrangement that suits your needs.

For finding accommodations, websites like Sreality.cz and Bezrealitky.cz are popular choices. Additionally, exploring Facebook Groups and FB Marketplace can yield more personal and direct rental opportunities. Engaging with local real estate agents who specialize in rental properties can also provide a more customized approach to finding the right place.

When selecting your accommodation, consider its proximity to your internship location and necessary amenities. Opting for a place near key bus routes can significantly reduce travel time and enhance your daily convenience in navigating the city.

Liberec offers an efficient and diverse public transportation system. This system caters to the needs of both residents and visitors, including interns navigating through the city. Below are updated key points about the public transportation in Liberec:

Trams and Buses: Liberec boasts a tram system that includes an interurban tramway branch to Jablonec nad Nisou. The tram network is complemented by bus services, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the city and its surrounding areas. This combination provides a seamless connection within the city and to neighboring regions.

Inter-City Travel: For journeys beyond Liberec, the Euro-Nisa network ticket is a practical option. It’s valid for one day across most trains and buses in the Liberec region, Upper Lusatia, and the Zgorzelec region, as well as the cableway to Ještěd. 

Tickets: Regular public transport tariffs apply to both Liberec and Jablonec services. Tramcars in Liberec are equipped with ticket vending machines, making it convenient to purchase tickets. A single ticket valid for 40 minutes, but one-day passes are also available. These offer unlimited travel within the specified duration.

User-Friendly Transportation: Liberec’s public transportation is designed to be accessible and convenient, catering to the diverse needs of its users, from daily commuters to international interns and tourists. The integration of trams and buses ensures that all districts within the city are well connected.

For the most current and detailed information on Liberec’s public transportation system, including routes, schedules, and ticketing options, it is recommended to refer to the official website of Liberec city transport or local tourist information centers. This will provide valuable resources and updates on the city’s transportation system.

In Liberec, located in the northern part of the Czech Republic, you’ll experience a moderately continental climate with distinct seasonal changes. Here are some updated key points about Liberec’s climate:

The summers in Liberec are mild to pleasantly warm, with temperatures often cooler and more rain than in other Czech cities due to its altitude. Occasionally, there can be short hot periods with temperatures exceeding 30°C (86°F). The average high in July, the warmest month, is around 23°C (74°F)​​.

Liberec experiences cold and gray winters, with frequent snowfalls that are more abundant compared to other Czech cities. Temperatures often drop below freezing, and cold waves from Siberia can bring temperatures down to -15°C (5°F) or lower. The average low in January, the coldest month, is -4°C (24°F)​​.

Transitional seasons see fluctuating temperatures. Spring gradually warms up from cold March temperatures, averaging between -1 to 7°C (31 to 45°F), while autumn begins mild and turns cooler, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 12°C (41 to 54°F) in October​​.

For current weather updates in Liberec, websites like AccuWeather can provide the latest forecasts and conditions. As an intern in Liberec, understanding the climate will help you better plan your daily activities and attire throughout the year.

Interns in Liberec will notice that living expenses can fluctuate significantly based on individual lifestyle choices and housing options. With careful budgeting and taking advantage of available discounts, interns can manage a cost-effective living while still enjoying what the city has to offer. On average, interns might anticipate spending between 25,000 – 37,000 CZK (approximately 1000-1500 EUR) per month to cover essential expenses such as accommodation, groceries, local transportation, and leisure activities. Opting for shared living arrangements and choosing budget-friendly options can enable interns to fully experience Liberec without overspending.

In the culturally rich city of Liberec, Czech Republic, interns can immerse themselves in a diverse array of cultural experiences:

Cultural Events and Festivals: The summer buzzes with festivals like the Benátská Noc, showcasing contemporary music and the Bambiriáda, a children-focused event highlighting various professions. Historical festivals and carnivals also punctuate the city’s calendar, often intertwined with gastronomic delights featuring regional products.

Theater and Performing Arts: Liberec boasts a vibrant theater scene, with the Naive Theater being a prominent venue. Here, you can expect a variety of performances, likely encompassing drama, music, and possibly puppetry, given the theater’s name​​.

Museums and Galleries: The North Bohemian Museum, a repository of European and Asian applied arts since 1873, offers insightful thematic exhibitions.

Historical Landmarks: The architectural splendor of the Liberec Town Hall, the panoramic views from Jested, and the educational iQLANDIA are just a few of the historical and natural landmarks that pepper the city.

Music: Liberec’s musical landscape is vibrant and diverse, with numerous concerts and live music events throughout the year.

For the most current listings of cultural events and happenings, it’s advisable to consult local event guides, official tourism websites, and cultural information centers. Engaging with Liberec’s cultural offerings ensures a rich and rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.

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