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Brno's Rich Historical Tapestry: Exploring Centuries-Old Castles and Architecture

Brno offers a unique blend of rich history and modern vitality. This city, the second largest in the Czech Republic, stands as a beacon of cultural and technological progress. Brno’s cityscape is a testament to its historical significance. Especially with landmarks like the imposing Špilberk Castle and the picturesque Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. At the same time, the city is a modern hub, especially renowned for its contributions to science, technology, and education.

Piktalent proudly presents exceptional internship opportunities in Brno. Each position is carefully selected to match your career goals and aspirations. Leveraging our network with top-tier businesses and academic institutions in Brno, we ensure your internship is not just a role, but a step towards meaningful professional development.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of Brno, where historical charm meets a dynamic, innovative spirit. Choosing an internship in Brno not only propels your career forward but also integrates you into the fabric of a city that perfectly marries its illustrious past with a forward-looking, innovative approach.

Benefits of Interning in Brno, Czech Republic

Chart your professional journey through the vibrant and historic cityscape of Brno. As the educational and judicial center of the Czech Republic, Brno stands as a fusion of historic significance, cultural richness, and dynamic city life. Choosing Brno for your internship offers both professional growth and personal exploration in the heart of Moravian culture.

  • Brno’s Historical and Cultural Fabric

Brno’s history is rich and vibrant, merging medieval roots with modern vibrancy. The welcoming locals make it perfect for global engagement. Interning in Brno allows immersion in Czech culture, marked by historical richness, culinary excellence, and deep European traditions.

  • Educational Significance of Brno

Brno’s commitment to science and education is exemplified by its numerous research institutions and universities. The city is home to Masaryk University, one of the largest and most prestigious in the Czech Republic, along with several other higher education institutions specializing in various disciplines. This academic atmosphere provides a fertile ground for interns, offering access to cutting-edge research, academic collaborations, and a vibrant student community. The city’s focus on innovation is also evident in its technology parks and startup incubators, making it an ideal place for interns interested in tech, research, and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Economy of Brno

Brno’s diverse economy is marked by strengths in the tech sector, research and development, and manufacturing. Its strategic location in Europe and its skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for foreign investment and new business ventures. Brno’s economic environment is characterized by technological advancement and development, offering a thriving scene for both established companies and start-ups.

  • Delve into Brno’s Cultural Diversity

Brno flourishes with a blend of Moravian traditions and modern trends. Experience the city’s cultural vibrancy, including various events, festivals, and historical sites that tell the story of this illustrious city. Brno stands as a haven for those seeking an authentic Czech cultural experience. Especially with the iconic Špilberk Castle, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, contemporary art galleries and theaters.

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Exploring Brno: The Czech Republic's Hidden Cultural Jewel

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Brno, Czech Republic

While speaking Czech is not always a strict requirement for interning in Brno, it can significantly enhance your experience. Many companies in Brno, especially those with an international focus in industries like technology, business, and academia, often use English as a working language. This means that English-speaking interns can find opportunities without being fluent in Czech.

However, knowledge of Czech can be advantageous, particularly in sectors that require more interaction with the local community, such as hospitality, healthcare, or public services. Even basic Czech skills can facilitate daily life, help in building stronger connections with colleagues and locals, and show respect for the local culture.

Many internships aimed at international candidates may offer Czech language courses or encourage language learning as part of the internship experience. Taking advantage of these opportunities can not only help in daily interactions but also deepen your understanding of Czech culture and society. In summary, while not always necessary, learning at least some Czech can enrich your internship and overall experience in Brno.

Brno offers a diverse range of accommodation options suitable for interns, including student dormitories, shared apartments, and private studios. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the ideal living arrangement that suits your needs.

For finding accommodations, websites like Sreality.cz and Bezrealitky.cz are popular choices. Additionally, exploring Facebook Groups and FB Marketplace can yield more personal and direct rental opportunities. Engaging with local real estate agents who specialize in rental properties can also provide a more customized approach to finding the right place.

When selecting your accommodation, consider its proximity to your internship location and necessary amenities. Brno’s public transportation system is robust and reliable, easing the commute around the city. Opting for a place near tram stops or key bus routes can significantly reduce travel time and enhance your daily convenience in navigating the city.

Brno, the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, boasts an efficient and comprehensive public transportation system catering to both locals and visitors. As an intern in Brno, you’ll find navigating the city’s public transportation network straightforward and convenient. Here are some key aspects of the public transportation system in Brno:

Modes of Transportation: Operated by the Brno Public Transport Authority (DPMB), the city’s network includes trams, buses, and trolleybuses. Trams are a popular choice as they cover the central parts of the city extensively, while buses and trolleybuses provide wider coverage, reaching even the outer districts.

Night Services: Brno offers night bus services, ensuring transportation is available during late hours after regular service times.

Tickets: Travelers can purchase electronic tickets through apps like IDOS and Sejf, with tickets also available at vending machines, kiosks, and some local shops. DPMB offers a range of ticket options, including short-term (15 and 60 minutes, as well as 24h) and long-term (monthly, 90-days, and annual passes) tickets, valid across all city public transportation. Tickets must be validated at the start of your journey.

Airport Connectivity: Brno-Tuřany Airport is connected to the city center via bus services, making it easy for travelers to reach the heart of Brno.

Bike Sharing: For shorter distances, Brno has a bike-sharing program called Rekola, offering a convenient and environmentally friendly option for getting around the city.

For the latest and most detailed information, the website of Brno’s Public Transport System is a valuable resource, offering updates and essential information on the city’s transportation system.

In Brno, located in the Czech Republic, you’ll encounter a continental climate with noticeable seasonal variations, influencing your attire and daily plans as an intern.

Summers in Brno are pleasant, with average temperatures hovering between 18 to 26°C (64 to 79°F). The city experiences occasional hotter days, sometimes exceeding 30°C (86°F). This season is perfect for exploring Brno’s outdoor attractions and vibrant street life.

Winters in Brno are typically cold, with temperatures frequently falling below freezing. Expect averages from -3°C to 3°C (27 to 37°F). Snowfall is common, making warm clothing and sturdy footwear necessary.

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons with variable temperatures. Spring begins cool in March, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 10°C (34 to 50°F), gradually warming by May. Autumn, spanning September to November, starts with gentle weather that slowly becomes cooler, with temperatures typically between 6 to 14°C (43 to 57°F).

The length of daylight varies greatly across the year. Summer offers long days, ideal for enjoying the city after work, whereas winter brings shorter days, impacting outdoor activities post-work hours.

For current weather forecasts in Brno, resources like AccuWeather provide reliable and up-to-date information.

Interns in Brno will notice that living expenses can fluctuate significantly based on individual lifestyle choices and housing options. With careful budgeting and taking advantage of available discounts, interns can manage a cost-effective living while still enjoying what the city has to offer. On average, interns might anticipate spending between 25,000 – 40,000 CZK (approximately 1000-1600 EUR) per month to cover essential expenses such as accommodation, groceries, local transportation, and leisure activities. Opting for shared living arrangements and choosing budget-friendly options can enable interns to fully experience Brno without overspending.

Brno, the vibrant and culturally rich second city of the Czech Republic, offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern dynamism, perfect for interns looking to immerse themselves in Czech culture:

Cultural Events and Festivals: Brno’s cultural calendar is packed with events celebrating its diverse artistic scene. Key highlights include the Brno International Music Festival, showcasing a range of musical genres, and the Brno Theater World Festival, which attracts theater groups from around the globe. The city also hosts various seasonal and folk festivals throughout the year.

Theater and Performing Arts: The performing arts scene in Brno is dynamic, featuring renowned venues like the National Theatre Brno and the Janáček Theatre. These venues, along with smaller stages across the city, offer a rich mix of opera, ballet, and drama, presenting both traditional and contemporary works.

Museums and Galleries: Brno is a haven for history enthusiasts and art lovers. The Moravian Gallery, one of the largest art museums in the Czech Republic, and the Technical Museum in Brno provide insights into art and science. Additionally, the Museum of Romani Culture offers a unique perspective on Czech history.

Historical Landmarks: Brno’s history is encapsulated in landmarks like the Špilberk Castle and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. These sites, alongside the historic city center, reflect the city’s past and its dedication to preserving its cultural heritage.

Music: Brno has a rich musical tradition, highlighted by the Leoš Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts and frequent classical music concerts, particularly at the Besední dům, home of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. The city’s musical tastes also extend to jazz, rock, and experimental music, with venues hosting performances throughout the year.

For the latest cultural event listings and happenings, interns in Brno should check local event guides, cultural centers, and the Official Tourism Website of Brno. Engaging with Brno’s rich cultural offerings ensures that interns enjoy a professionally rewarding and personally enriching experience.

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