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Remote presents a multitude of opportunities for educators at every level, boasting exceptional educational standards and an extensive range of programs. Step into a realm brimming with possibilities and shape the future of education with Remote as your platform.

Piktalent offers a wide array of remote education internships, catering to various aspirations such as ESL teaching, preschool instruction, tutoring, and school psychology. Embark on an exciting journey and explore the diverse opportunities available to ignite your educational career.

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Teaching Internships

enhance teaching skills while gaining valuable experience in subject-specific instruction, student mentoring, and classroom management. Cultivate dynamic and impactful learning environments for students of all ages.

Second language teacher internships

acquire valuable expertise in lesson planning, classroom management, and language instruction, enhancing your skillset and knowledge.

Educational Management Internships

acquire knowledge in education administration: budgeting, policy-making, and program evaluation. Gain valuable insights into the administrative side of education.

Education Research Internships

engage in research and analysis on learning outcomes, educational psychology, and instructional design to shape the future of education.

Curriculum Development Internships

engage in designing, developing, and executing curricula across diverse educational settings, ranging from primary schools to universities.

School Psychologist Internships

collaborate with seasoned professionals to evaluate student needs, design interventions, and deliver comprehensive support to students and families.

With a plethora of choices, remote education internships present an incredible chance to acquire hands-on experience and enhance your skills. The aforementioned fields showcase only a glimpse of our offerings. Explore our online vacancies to unveil the complete spectrum of opportunities awaiting you.

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Teaching industry

The second language teaching industry has experienced significant growth and transformation in remote settings. With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand for language learning, remote teaching has become a popular and effective method for language educators.

Remote teaching platforms and online learning management systems enable teachers to connect with students from around the world, breaking down geographical barriers.

These remote teaching platforms also offer a wide range of resources and tools to enhance language learning, including multimedia materials, interactive exercises, and automated assessments.

Second language teacher industry

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union, with over 100 million speakers worldwide. And it is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

With the rise of globalization, the demand for second-language teachers is on the rise. Germany is a great place to learn and teach languages, with many excellent language schools and institutions. 

The German government offers many programs to promote language learning, including grants and scholarships for language teachers.

Educational management industry

Remote work has enabled educational managers to oversee administrative tasks, such as scheduling, budgeting, and communication, from a distance.

Digital tools and online platforms facilitate collaboration among team members, making it easier to coordinate and manage educational programs remotely.

Educational managers have embraced digital learning platforms, video conferencing tools, and online communication channels to facilitate remote teaching and learning.

Education research industry

Remote technology and online platforms have facilitated data collection, analysis, and collaboration in the education research industry. Researchers can conduct surveys, interviews, and observations remotely, leveraging digital tools for data collection and analysis.

Virtual meetings, webinars, and online conferences have become common, allowing professionals in the education research industry to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects remotely.

Remote work has brought greater flexibility, efficiency, and global connectivity to the education research industry, facilitating the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the field.

Curriculum development industry

With remote work, curriculum developers can collaborate with educators, subject matter experts, and instructional designers from different locations, allowing for a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.

Professionals can work remotely to develop and revise curriculum materials, create online courses, and design digital learning resources. This approach enables asynchronous collaboration, where team members can work at their own pace while maintaining effective communication.

Online learning platforms, multimedia tools, and interactive resources can be effectively incorporated into remote curriculum design, enhancing engagement and interactivity for learners.

School psychologist industry

Remote work can be utilized for tasks such as data analysis, report writing, and conducting virtual consultations with students, parents, and educators. Telehealth platforms have also emerged as a means of providing remote counseling and support services to students who may require psychological assistance.

The relationship-building aspect of the job and the ability to observe students in their school environment are crucial for comprehensive assessments and tailored interventions.

Remote work can offer some flexibility and enable certain aspects of the School Psychologist’s responsibilities to be performed remotely.

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