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Debrecen, often referred to as the “Calvinist Rome,” is the second-largest city in Hungary and holds a significant place in the nation’s history. With its rich cultural heritage and the prominence of the Great Reformed Church, Debrecen stands as a testament to Hungary’s deep-rooted traditions and values. The city’s esteemed educational institutions offer a plethora of programs for students and professionals alike, making Debrecen a focal point for academic and vocational advancement.

At Piktalent,  our dedication remains steadfast in connecting you with unique internship opportunities in Debrecen, tailored to align with your career goals. Our proficient team partners with premier companies across diverse industries, ensuring you secure internships that provide invaluable experience, setting the foundation for your future endeavors. Beyond its professional sphere, Debrecen is renowned for its scholarship opportunities and comprehensive degree programs at Hungarian higher education institutions, specifically designed for international students. This enhances Debrecen’s appeal as a preferred destination for internships and academic ventures.

Benefits of Interning in Debrecen

Interning in Debrecen offers a distinctive chance to explore one of Hungary’s major cities while acquiring vital skills for your career path. Here are some of the advantages of our internship program in this dynamic city:

  • Unlocking Opportunities in a Key Hungarian City

Interning in Debrecen presents a prime opportunity for emerging professionals to gain practical experience in a city known for its educational and cultural significance. Debrecen, being home to the renowned University of Debrecen, boasts a diverse academic and business environment. This city offers a blend of traditional sectors and innovative ventures, ensuring a plethora of internship opportunities across various domains.

  • Immersing in Hungarian Culture and History

Debrecen, while not as internationally famed as Budapest, holds its own charm and historical significance. As an intern, you’ll dive deep into the rich Hungarian traditions, experiencing its distinct customs, art, and local events. From the grandeur of the University of Debrecen to savoring regional dishes, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Hungary’s unique cultural and educational landscape.

  • Benefitting from a Competitive Stipend Structure

In Debrecen, internships often come with competitive salaries, ensuring that interns are adequately compensated for their efforts. This financial support, combined with Debrecen’s relatively affordable living costs, allows you to concentrate on refining your skills and extracting the utmost value from the internship.


Discovering Debrecen: Hungary's Cultural Gem of the East

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Debrecen, Hungary

Yes, there are several English-speaking internship opportunities in Debrecen. Companies such as LVMH, Vodafone, Airbus, and Bertelsmann offer positions for English speakers. Additionally, platforms like iAgora and LinkedIn list numerous English language job opportunities in the city.

Debrecen experiences a temperate climate. The warm season lasts for about 3.8 months, from May to September, with an average daily high temperature above 71°F. For detailed weather forecasts, websites like AccuWeather and Time and Date provide comprehensive information.

The cost of living in Debrecen is relatively affordable. A single person’s estimated monthly costs are around 572.8$ (213,515.1Ft) without rent. Rent in Debrecen is considerably less expensive compared to major cities like New York.

The University of Debrecen provides information about living expenses and can assist with finding accommodation. Websites like Numbeo also offer insights into the cost of living and housing in Debrecen.

Debrecen has an efficient public transportation system managed by DKV. The city boasts 2 tram lines, 5 trolleybus lines, and 51 bus routes. The local public transport company, DKV Zrt, provides these services, ensuring connectivity throughout the city.

Absolutely! Debrecen offers a rich cultural experience. The city is home to the Great Reformed Church, MODEM Centre Of Modern And Contemporary Art, and St Anne’s Cathedral. Additionally, events like the Flower Parade, Carnival Dalido, and the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition are held annually, showcasing the vibrant culture of the city.

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