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Discover Norway: A Journey Through Nature and Tradition

Welcome to Norway, a land where spectacular natural landscapes fuse with a profound cultural heritage. Experience the beauty of Norway, from its rugged mountains and serene fjords to its rich coastal culture. This Nordic country’s culture is deeply connected to the outdoors, with traditions like ‘friluftsliv’ emphasizing a love for nature, evident in popular activities like hiking and skiing. Norwegians cherish their cabin culture, ‘hytte,’ a testament to their deep bond with the natural environment​​.

Piktalent is your companion in exploring Norway, offering opportunities for internships that immerse you in Norwegian life and work culture. Embrace the unique work-life balance and egalitarian ethos that define Norwegian workplaces. In a land where the collective good is valued, as seen in traditions like ‘dugnad,’ community volunteer efforts, and the celebrated national day, ‘syttende mai,’ you’ll find a society that balances respect for individual contributions with a strong sense of community​​.

Begin your Norwegian adventure with Piktalent, where you can grow professionally in a setting that blends respect for nature, a rich cultural tapestry, and a progressive approach to work and life.

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The Norwegian economy

The Norwegian economy is known for its robustness, driven largely by abundant natural resources, particularly oil and gas. These resources have played a significant role in shaping its economic landscape, making Norway one of the world’s largest petroleum exporters. The wealth generated from this sector has been strategically channeled into the country’s sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, ensuring long-term financial stability and investments for future generations.

Apart from its oil wealth, Norway has a well-diversified economy with strong sectors in maritime industries, seafood, and renewable energy. The country is a global leader in shipping and maritime technologies and is one of the world’s largest exporters of seafood. In recent years, there has been a significant push towards sustainability and green energy, with investments in hydropower and other renewable resources. This shift reflects Norway’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its role in combating climate change.

The Norwegian economy also benefits from a highly skilled workforce, a high standard of living, and a comprehensive welfare system. This has fostered an environment conducive to innovation and technological advancement. Despite its strong reliance on oil and gas, the economy is resilient, with a focus on sustainable growth and diversification. Norway’s economic model, combining natural resource management with social welfare and environmental responsibility, serves as a unique example of balanced and sustainable development.

Norwegian culture

Norwegian culture is deeply rooted in its historical ties to the sea, the land, and a strong sense of national identity. This is reflected in traditions such as the celebration of National Day on May 17, where parades and national costumes (bunads) are prominently displayed, showcasing regional diversity and pride. The country’s Viking heritage also plays a significant role in its cultural narrative, influencing everything from folklore to architectural styles.

In contemporary Norway, there is a strong emphasis on egalitarianism and social equality, which permeates all aspects of life. This is evident in the country’s social policies, education system, and even in everyday interactions. The concept of “Janteloven” or the Law of Jante, which emphasizes collective well-being over individual success, is a guiding principle in Norwegian society.

The natural environment is a pivotal element of Norwegian culture, with a deep appreciation for the outdoors manifesting in activities like hiking, skiing, and sailing. This connection to nature is also evident in Norwegian art, literature, and design, often characterized by simplicity, functionality, and harmony with the environment. From the literary works of Henrik Ibsen to the distinctive designs of Norwegian architecture and furniture, the culture is marked by a blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the nation’s history, landscape, and forward-thinking spirit.

Work environment in Norway

The work environment in Norway is characterized by a strong emphasis on equality, work-life balance, and well-being. Norwegian workplaces are known for their flat organizational structures, where teamwork and collaboration are highly valued over strict hierarchies. This approach fosters an open and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging employees to contribute ideas and participate in decision-making processes.

Work-life balance is a key aspect of the Norwegian work culture. There is a significant focus on ensuring employees have enough time for family and leisure activities, which is reflected in flexible working hours and generous parental leave policies. This balance is believed to enhance productivity and job satisfaction. Additionally, the work culture in Norway is underpinned by a high regard for employee welfare, with comprehensive labor laws and strong unions ensuring safe working conditions and fair treatment.

Innovation and sustainability are also integral to the Norwegian workplace. Businesses often emphasize environmentally friendly practices and innovative solutions to challenges. This forward-thinking approach, combined with a deep respect for nature and the environment, is a distinctive feature of working in Norway. Overall, the Norwegian work environment offers a unique blend of egalitarianism, quality of life, and a progressive outlook towards business and sustainability.

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A single person estimated monthly costs are 22 000-25 000 CHF (1880-2140 EUR or 2050-2330 USD). 

As of 2023, the average monthly gross salary in Norway is around 54 000 NOK/Month (4620 EUR/month or 5040 USD/month).

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