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Discover the Charm of Limerick, Ireland: Internship Opportunities

Limerick, located in the heart of Ireland, is a city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Known as the “City of the Broken Treaty,” Limerick is filled with fascinating curiosities and hidden gems waiting to be explored. With its stunning medieval architecture, Limerick boasts iconic landmarks such as King John’s Castle and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Take a stroll along the picturesque River Shannon and immerse yourself in the city’s charming streets lined with colourful Georgian houses. Limerick is also a hub for arts and culture, with a thriving music and theatre scene. The city hosts various festivals throughout the year, including the renowned Limerick Literary Festival and the vibrant St. Patrick’s Festival.

For those seeking internships, Limerick provides a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience in a dynamic and welcoming city. With a growing economy and a range of industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and finance, Limerick offers internships in diverse fields.

Benefits of Interning in Limerick

Experience an extraordinary professional growth journey in the enchanting city of Limerick. Acquire invaluable field experience, unlock limitless opportunities, and shape a brilliant future through our exceptional internship program. Unleash your potential and embark on your extraordinary adventure in Limerick today!

  • Access to leading companies

Interning in Limerick offers the chance to work with renowned companies and gain exposure to their innovative projects and practices.

  • Industry-specific experience

Interns in Limerick can acquire valuable skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen field, enhancing their professional development and future career prospects.

  • Supportive community

Limerick is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that interns feel supported and included during their time in the city.

  • Affordable cost of living

Compared to other major cities in Ireland, Limerick offers a relatively lower cost of living, making it more accessible for interns and providing a comfortable lifestyle.


Places to visit in Limerick

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Limerick, Ireland

The availability of paid internships in Limerick can vary depending on the company, industry, and specific internship program. Some internships offer financial compensation or stipends to interns, while others may provide non-monetary benefits such as accommodation or transportation allowances. The payment structure and amount can differ based on factors such as the duration of the internship, the level of responsibility, and the industry norms. It is advisable to check with the company or internship program for details regarding the compensation package associated with the specific internship opportunity in Limerick.

Yes, it is possible to extend your internship in Limerick or transition to a full-time position, depending on various factors such as your performance, the company’s needs, and your eligibility to work in Ireland. If you excel during your internship and demonstrate value to the company, they may consider extending your internship or offering you a full-time position. It is essential to communicate your interest and career aspirations to your supervisor or the company’s HR department to explore potential opportunities for extension or permanent employment. Keep in mind that the availability of such opportunities may vary based on the company’s policies, budget, and current hiring needs.

Yes, there are specific visa requirements for international students who wish to participate in internships in Limerick, Ireland. The exact visa requirements depend on your nationality and the duration of your internship.

For non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) students, you typically need to apply for a specific type of visa known as the “Internship Visa” or “Work Experience Visa.” This visa allows you to undertake an internship or work placement in Ireland for a specific period.

The requirements for the Internship Visa may include the following:

  1. A valid passport with at least six months’ validity beyond the intended period of stay.
  2. An internship offer letter or acceptance from a recognized Irish host organization.
  3. Proof of enrollment in a recognized educational institution and confirmation that the internship is a mandatory part of your course of study.
  4. Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Ireland.
  5. Comprehensive medical insurance coverage for the duration of your internship.

It is important to note that visa requirements and processes can change, so it is recommended to consult the official website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) or contact the nearest Irish embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding visa requirements for internships in Limerick.

Limerick experiences a temperate maritime climate, characterized by mild winters and cool summers. The weather in Limerick is influenced by its coastal location and the prevailing westerly winds. Here are some key points about the weather in Limerick:

  1. Mild Winters: Winter temperatures in Limerick typically range from 4°C (39°F) to 9°C (48°F). 

  2. Cool Summers: Summer temperatures in Limerick usually range from 14°C (57°F) to 20°C (68°F). 

It is worth noting that weather patterns can vary from year to year, and it is always a good idea to check the local weather forecast before planning your activities in Limerick.

The cost of living in Limerick, as an intern, can vary depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Here is a general overview of the cost of living in Limerick:

Accomodation: 400€ – 800€ 
Utilities: 100€ – 150€
Groceries: 100€ – 150€ 
Eating out: 80€ – 150€
Transportation: 60€ – 80€

Average cost of living between 700€ – 1,500€

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