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Searching for exceptional young talent to join your team in Ireland? Explore Piktalent’s customized recruitment services to discover and attract the finest emerging talent. Our tailored solutions are meticulously designed to align with your specific requirements, ensuring a streamlined and impactful hiring process.

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Recruit Native Interns and Graduates for Teaching Jobs in Ireland

Nurture impactful collaborations with universities offering native Irish teaching assistants to enrich student learning and foster intercultural exchange. Cultivate valuable connections for an enhanced educational journey.

Transform your educational institution with outstanding interns and graduates curated by Piktalent! Our customized recruitment solutions seamlessly connect you with candidates who perfectly align with your school’s requirements and showcase genuine passion for teaching. Tap into our vast network to access top-tier talent and cultivate a thriving learning environment that surpasses expectations. Say no to mediocrity and embrace limitless possibilities for growth and success!

Our recruitment process in Ireland starts by conducting a thorough analysis of your unique requirements. We carefully evaluate and assess highly skilled candidates who are aligned with your organizational goals. We prioritize native speakers of the target language to enhance the students’ learning experience. Leveraging our expertise in talent sourcing, we connect you with outstanding interns and graduates, offering a diverse array of subject expertise, including Irish language and culture.

Moreover, our meticulous selection process guarantees the presence of interns and graduates with exceptional communication skills, a remarkable aptitude for student engagement, and the adaptability to thrive in Ireland’s diverse setting. We meticulously handpick candidates who embody these qualities, ensuring an unparalleled internship experience.

Piktalent understands the importance of continuous support and guidance during the recruitment journey. Our services ensure a seamless and efficient experience, enabling you to concentrate on delivering outstanding educational opportunities to interns and graduates in Ireland. Trust us to manage the recruitment process with expertise and effectiveness, empowering your organization’s success.

Elevate the excellence of your educational institution in Ireland with our support in finding exceptional teaching interns. Enhance teaching standards and foster the development of future educators with our dedicated assistance.

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With our help, you can find the perfect intern or graduate to meet your teaching needs in Ireland.

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Ireland's Top Marketing and Business Interns and Graduates

Unveil Piktalent’s customized recruitment program designed for ambitious business and marketing interns and graduates in Ireland. Tap into a diverse talent pool of exceptional individuals, securing a distinct advantage in the market. Experience personalized support every step of the way, ensuring a fruitful hiring process and a successful outcome.

As a business owner, you understand the vital impact your team has on driving your success. At Piktalent, we specialize in connecting you with exceptional marketing and business professionals who can propel your company to new heights. Our extensive network sources talent from prestigious universities and training institutions globally. With our rigorous recruitment process, we meticulously select highly qualified candidates equipped with the precise skills and expertise to meet your unique business demands. Join forces with us to find the ideal match for your company, establishing a solid foundation for growth and accomplishment.

By bringing marketing interns and graduates on board in Ireland, your company can reap a multitude of benefits, including:

    • Gain valuable insights and innovative ideas from a motivated and driven pool of young talent, infusing your organization with a fresh and dynamic perspective that revitalizes and invigorates its growth.
    • Stay one step ahead of the competition by harnessing a marketing team that thrives on industry trends and leverages innovative strategies to secure a competitive edge.
    • Achieve optimal cost-effectiveness without compromising on exceptional quality standards.
In Ireland’s dynamic market, the acquisition of top talent can make a profound difference. Allow us to assist you in discovering exceptional marketing and business interns and graduates who will excel within your team, propelling your success to unprecedented heights!

Find Top IT and Graphic Design Talent in Ireland

Ignite the potential of your business through a powerful blend of creative brilliance and technical prowess. Discover exceptional interns and graduates to recruit, empowering your organization to soar to unprecedented heights of achievement.

Are you an Irish company in search of exceptional IT or graphic design interns or graduates to join your team? Your search ends here with our specialized program. We specialize in connecting companies with highly motivated interns and graduates who are eager to learn and make a meaningful impact. By partnering with us, you gain access to a diverse talent pool, reducing recruitment costs and enriching workplace diversity. Our program offers candidates valuable work experience, industry-specific training, and networking opportunities, while providing numerous benefits to companies. Join forces with us and unleash the potential of talented professionals in the IT and graphic design fields.

Our program is designed to cater to two distinct profiles:

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their second and third year of study

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their final year or pursuing a Masters degree.

  • IT or Graphic Design graduate


These three groups of candidates demonstrate exceptional qualifications, equipped with the skills and expertise essential for excelling in their respective fields. 2nd and 3rd-year students offer valuable assistance to companies requiring support with foundational tasks, while final-year students, Masters students, and graduates are well-suited for organizations seeking self-motivated individuals capable of spearheading projects and embarking on their professional journeys.

Seize the opportunity to attract exceptional talent in Ireland and unlock boundless possibilities!

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Recruit the best Hospitality and Tourism Young Talent in Ireland

In Ireland’s fiercely competitive hospitality and tourism industry, talent acquisition is crucial. Piktalent specializes in guiding you through this landscape, linking you with exceptional candidates who precisely align with your needs. Allow us to assist you in securing top talent for the success of your business.

Discover our bespoke recruitment program designed to effortlessly connect your business with exceptional international students and graduates. From skilled chefs and waitstaff to bar staff and customer service representatives, we have the ideal candidates to meet your specific needs. With our profound knowledge of Ireland’s dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, our expert team is committed to tirelessly finding the perfect match for your business.

Strive for unparalleled excellence. Join forces with us today and propel your hospitality or tourism business to extraordinary heights.

Unleash the untapped potential of your hospitality or tourism business with exceptional talent. Join forces with us today for a transformative partnership, where excellence is the only outcome we settle for!

General Asked Questions

Young talent recruitment in Ireland refers to the process of identifying, attracting, and hiring individuals who are in the early stages of their careers, typically recent graduates or students seeking internships. It involves finding and selecting promising young professionals who have the potential to contribute to an organization’s growth and success.

Young talent recruitment focuses on sourcing candidates who possess relevant skills, education, and potential for future development. It may include activities such as attending career fairs, partnering with educational institutions, utilizing online platforms, and implementing internship programs to attract and engage young talent. The goal of young talent recruitment in Ireland is to secure talented individuals who can bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong work ethic to contribute to the organization’s objectives and enhance its talent pipeline.

There are several compelling reasons to consider hiring young talent in Ireland. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Fresh Perspectives and Innovation: Young talent often brings a fresh perspective to the table. They are more likely to challenge the status quo and offer innovative ideas that can drive positive change within your organization. 

  2. Enthusiasm and Energy: Young professionals are often known for their high levels of enthusiasm, motivation, and energy. They are eager to prove themselves, take on new challenges, and make a meaningful impact. 

  3. Technological Savviness: Growing up in a digital era, young talent tends to be comfortable and adept at using technology. They often possess strong digital literacy skills and can quickly adapt to new tools and platforms. 

  4. Continuous Learning and Development: By providing opportunities for growth, mentorship, and professional development, you can attract and retain top young talent who value ongoing learning and are eager to advance their careers.

  5. Cost-Effective Workforce: Hiring young talent, such as interns or recent graduates, can be cost-effective for your organization. They often have lower salary expectations compared to experienced professionals. 

  6. Succession Planning: By hiring and nurturing young professionals, you can groom them for leadership positions and ensure a smooth transition as experienced employees retire or move on to other roles.

  7. Diversity and Inclusion: Hiring young talent promotes diversity and inclusion within your organization. Young professionals come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, which can contribute to a more inclusive and innovative work environment. 

Overall, hiring young talent in Ireland can bring fresh perspectives, technological prowess, and a culture of continuous learning to your organization. It can contribute to a dynamic and vibrant workforce that drives innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Yes, there are specific regulations and requirements for hiring interns in Ireland. The primary consideration is to ensure that internships provide a genuine learning experience and are not merely a substitute for paid employment. Here are some key points to be aware of:

  1. Definition of an Internship: In Ireland, an intern is typically defined as a person engaged in a structured work experience program for a limited period, primarily for the purpose of gaining relevant work experience and not entitled to any remuneration.

  2. Genuine Learning Experience: Internships must primarily focus on providing a valuable learning experience for the intern. The tasks assigned should be related to the intern’s area of study or career aspirations, enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge.

  3. Supervision and Mentorship: It is important to provide adequate supervision and mentorship to interns.

  4. Duration and Timing: Internships in Ireland can vary in duration, but they should have a clear start and end date. Typically, internships last for a few weeks to several months.

  5. Employment Rights: Interns in Ireland are entitled to certain employment rights, even if they are not receiving payment. These rights include protection against discrimination, health and safety regulations, and protection from harassment or unfair treatment.

  6. Payment: There is no legal requirement to pay interns in Ireland. However, it is worth noting that if an intern is performing work that would typically be done by an employee and the internship is not primarily a learning experience, they may be entitled to payment.

  7. Compliance with Employment Legislation: Employers must ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation, including taxation, social insurance, and employment permits if applicable.

It’s important to consult with legal professionals or employment experts to ensure compliance with the specific regulations and requirements governing internships in Ireland. They can provide guidance based on the most up-to-date laws and regulations to ensure a legally compliant internship program within your organization.

In Ireland, there is no legal requirement to pay interns. However, it is important to note that the payment of interns can vary depending on the circumstances and the nature of the internship. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Learning Experience: If the internship is primarily focused on providing a genuine learning experience and the intern is not performing work that would typically be done by an employee, payment may not be required. 

  2. Substitute for Paid Employment: If the intern is performing tasks and responsibilities that would typically be carried out by paid employees, the internship may be considered a substitute for paid employment. In such cases, the intern may be entitled to payment in line with employment laws and regulations. 

  3. Stipend or Expenses: While payment is not legally required, it is generally advisable to offer some form of compensation to interns. This can be in the form of a stipend, reimbursement of expenses, or other non-monetary benefits such as transportation or meal allowances. 

  4. Compliance with Employment Legislation: Employers must ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation, including taxation, social insurance, and employment permits if applicable. Even if an intern is not paid, there may still be legal obligations and reporting requirements.

It is important to consider the ethical implications of unpaid internships and the potential impact on access to opportunities for individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Providing fair compensation or considering alternative forms of remuneration can contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable internship program.

The duration of internships in Ireland can vary depending on various factors, including the organization’s needs, the nature of the internship, and any relevant educational requirements. Here are some common timeframes for internships in Ireland:

  1. Summer Internships: Many internships in Ireland are structured as summer internships, typically lasting for a period of 8 to 12 weeks. These internships often take place during the summer months when students have a break from their academic studies.

  2. Academic Year Internships: Some internships align with the academic year, allowing students to balance their studies with work experience. These internships may be part-time, allowing students to work a certain number of hours per week while attending classes. 

  3. Short-term Internships: There are also short-term internships in Ireland that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. These internships are often project-based or focused on specific tasks or assignments. 

  4. Longer-term Internships: In some cases, internships in Ireland can extend beyond the typical summer or academic year duration. This may occur when an organization has ongoing projects or seeks to provide interns with more extensive learning opportunities. 

It’s important to note that the specific duration of internships can vary widely depending on the industry, organization, and specific arrangements made between the intern and the employer. It is advisable to clearly define the start and end dates of the internship, outlining expectations and goals to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for both the intern and the organization.

In Ireland, educational and non-work placements for students are governed by guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being and educational development of students. The main regulatory framework for these placements includes the following:

  1. Education and Training Boards (ETBs): ETBs in Ireland oversee work experience and other placements as part of their role in managing and supporting educational programs.

  2. Health and Safety: The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) sets regulations to ensure the health and safety of students during their placements. 

  3. Child Protection: Child protection guidelines and legislation, such as the Children First Act 2015, ensure the welfare and protection of students during placements. 

  4. Educational Institutions’ Policies: Schools, colleges, and educational institutions often have their own policies and procedures regarding placements. 

  5. Insurance and Liability: Educational institutions and placement providers typically have insurance coverage to protect students during their placements.

It is crucial for educational institutions, employers, and placement providers to adhere to these guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety, well-being, and educational value of placements for students in Ireland.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in assisting companies across various industries in Ireland, Piktalent distinguishes itself through an outstanding history of sourcing and recruiting exceptional young talent. With a wide-reaching network of candidates spanning Europe and a comprehensive understanding of the Irish job market, we excel in meeting the unique requirements of both companies and candidates. Our customized recruitment services streamline the process, guaranteeing efficiency and adherence to Irish labor laws and regulations.

The typical duration of internship programs in Ireland can vary depending on various factors, including the organization, the nature of the internship, and any relevant educational requirements. Here are some general insights:

  1. Duration: Internship programs in Ireland can range from a few weeks to several months. The most common durations include summer internships lasting around 8 to 12 weeks and shorter-term internships lasting a few weeks to a couple of months. However, there are also longer-term internships that can extend beyond the typical durations, lasting several months or even up to a year.

  2. Prerequisites: The prerequisites or requirements for internship programs in Ireland can vary depending on the organization and the specific internship position. Generally, internships are open to recent graduates or students who are currently enrolled in a relevant educational program. 

It is important to note that the prerequisites and requirements can differ from one internship program to another. It is advisable to review the internship listings or contact the organization offering the internship for detailed information on the specific prerequisites, such as academic qualifications, skills, or any prior experience that may be required.

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