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From its rich heritage to its thriving arts scene, Belfast has something for everyone. Did you know that Belfast is home to the RMS Titanic, famously built in its shipyards? Dive into the city’s maritime history at the Titanic Belfast museum, an architectural marvel that tells the story of the ill-fated ship. Marvel at the Victorian architecture in the Cathedral Quarter or explore the vibrant street art scene in the city’s alleyways.

Belfast is also a hub for internships, providing a wealth of opportunities to gain valuable work experience in various industries. Whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, technology, or hospitality, Piktalent can connect you with internships that align with your career goals. Immerse yourself in the local business community, develop new skills, and build a global network while experiencing the unique charm of Belfast.

Benefits of Interning in Belfast

Embark on an extraordinary journey of professional development in the captivating city of Belfast. Acquire priceless hands-on experience, unlock endless possibilities, and shape a remarkable future with our exceptional internship program. Unleash your true potential and commence your extraordinary Belfast adventure today!

  • Vibrant business environment

Belfast boasts a thriving business ecosystem with opportunities in various industries, including technology, finance, creative arts, and healthcare. Interning here exposes you to dynamic workplaces and allows you to learn from industry leaders.

  • Valuable experience

Belfast internships provide practical, hands-on experience that enhances your skill set and strengthens your resume. Working alongside professionals in your field of interest equips you with real-world knowledge and boosts your employability.

  • International perspective

Interning in a different country broadens your global perspective and exposes you to diverse ideas and approaches. It helps you develop intercultural competence, which is highly valued in today’s interconnected world.

  • Lasting memories

Belfast offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and a lively social scene. Exploring the city and its surroundings during your internship creates lasting memories and enriches your overall experience.


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Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Belfast, Ireland

The typical durations of internships in Belfast can vary depending on several factors, including the industry, organization, and specific program requirements. However, internships in Belfast generally range from a few months to a year in duration. Some internships might be shorter, such as summer internships lasting a couple of months, while others can be more long-term, extending up to a year or even longer. The duration often aligns with academic calendars or specific project timelines. It’s important to research individual internship opportunities to determine the expected duration and whether it aligns with your availability and goals.

If you are a non-European Economic Area (EEA) national, you may need a work permit or visa to intern in Belfast, as is the case for most countries. The specific visa requirements and regulations can vary based on your nationality, the duration of your internship, and the specific circumstances of your visit. It’s crucial to consult the official website of the relevant immigration authorities, such as the UK Visas and Immigration website, to determine the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding work permits and visas for internships in Belfast. Additionally, your educational institution, internship program coordinator, or a qualified immigration lawyer can provide guidance on the application process and assist you in understanding the requirements for your specific situation.

Belfast offers internships across a diverse range of industries, providing opportunities for various career paths. Some of the industries that commonly offer internships in Belfast include:

  1. Technology and IT: Belfast has a thriving technology sector, offering internships in areas such as software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

  2. Finance and Banking: Belfast is home to numerous financial institutions, including banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. Internships in finance can encompass areas such as accounting, financial analysis, risk management, and investment banking.

  3. Creative Arts and Media: Belfast has a vibrant creative arts and media scene, providing internships in fields such as film and television production, graphic design, advertising, journalism, and event management.

  4. Healthcare and Life Sciences: Belfast is known for its world-class healthcare and life sciences sector. Internship opportunities can be found in hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms.

  5. Engineering and Manufacturing: Belfast has a strong engineering and manufacturing presence, with internships available in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing.

  6. Marketing and Public Relations: Internships in marketing and public relations are offered by companies across various industries in Belfast. These roles involve areas such as digital marketing, social media management, branding, and public relations campaigns.

  7. Hospitality and Tourism: Belfast’s thriving tourism industry creates internship opportunities in hotels, travel agencies, event management companies, and tourist attractions.

  8. Non-profit and NGO: There are internships available in non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Belfast, focusing on areas like community development, social services, environmental conservation, and human rights.

These are just a few examples of the industries that offer internships in Belfast. It’s worth researching specific organizations, internship programs, and job boards to explore the full range of opportunities available in your field of interest.

Yes, it is common for internships in Belfast to provide mentorship or guidance programs to support interns during their time in the organization. The level of mentorship or guidance can vary depending on the specific internship program and the host organization.

Mentorship programs often pair interns with experienced professionals who can provide guidance, support, and advice related to their field of work. Mentors can offer insights into the industry, share their own experiences, and help interns navigate challenges or questions that may arise during their internship.

In addition to formal mentorship programs, supervisors and colleagues within the organization typically provide guidance and support to interns. They can offer direction, clarify expectations, provide feedback on performance, and help interns develop their skills.

Internship coordinators or human resources departments may also be available to offer general guidance and support throughout the internship. They can assist with administrative matters, address any concerns, and ensure a positive internship experience.

It’s important to take advantage of the mentorship and guidance opportunities available to you during your internship in Belfast. Actively seek feedback, ask questions, and communicate your goals and aspirations to make the most of the support network provided.

The cost of living in Belfast, as an intern, can vary depending on your lifestyle, accommodation choices, and personal preferences. However, compared to other major cities in Ireland, Belfast generally offers a lower cost of living, making it relatively affordable for interns. Here are some factors to consider:

Accomodation: 300€ – 600€ 
Utilities: 100€ – 150€
Groceries: 150€ – 200€ 
Eating out: 80€ – 100€
Transportation: 50€ – 70€

Average cost of living between 700€ – 1,200€

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