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Discover Iceland: A Harmony of Natural Wonders and Cultural Richness

Welcome to Iceland, a country where the awe-inspiring beauty of nature intertwines seamlessly with a rich cultural heritage. From the architectural splendour of Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik to the natural majesty of the Golden Circle route, Iceland is a land of diverse and breathtaking sights. Each part of the country tells a unique story, whether it’s through the modern design of Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik or the historical significance of the settlement exhibition.

Iceland’s narrative is distinct and compelling. The dramatic landscapes, including the striking cliffs of Dyrholaey and the serene beauty of the Sun Voyager sculpture, bear witness to the country’s vibrant natural and cultural history. The bustling Laugavegur street in Reykjavik and the unique farming experience at Fridheimar illustrate the diverse influences that have shaped Iceland over time. As you embark on your professional journey in Iceland, Piktalent is here to guide you, connecting students and recent graduates with valuable opportunities throughout this naturally stunning and culturally rich country.

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The Icelandic economy

The Icelandic economy is characterized by its resilience and diversity. It has undergone significant transformations, shifting from a primarily fishing-based economy to one that includes a range of sectors. Tourism plays a vital role, attracting visitors drawn to the country’s natural beauty. Renewable energy, particularly geothermal and hydroelectric power, is another cornerstone, thanks to Iceland’s unique geographical features. The fishing industry, though less dominant than before, remains significant. Additionally, Iceland has a growing technology sector, including software development and biotechnology.

This economic diversification has helped Iceland recover from financial challenges, such as the 2008 financial crisis, demonstrating its adaptability and potential for growth.

Icelandic culture

Icelandic culture is a rich tapestry of ancient traditions and contemporary innovation. Rooted in Norse heritage, it is famous for its sagas – epic tales from the Viking era. Literature remains a cornerstone of Icelandic identity, with a high literacy rate and a strong tradition of storytelling. Music is another vital aspect, ranging from traditional folk to the vibrant modern music scene. Icelanders also have a deep connection with their natural environment, which influences their lifestyle and artistic expressions. The country is known for its unique festivals, such as the National Day and the ancient midwinter festival Þorrablót. The blend of history, literature, music, and a strong sense of community makes Icelandic culture distinct and captivating.

Work environment in Iceland

The work environment in Iceland is known for its emphasis on balance, equality, and innovation. Characterized by a high standard of living and a strong work-life balance, Icelandic workplaces often promote flexible working hours and value the well-being of employees. The country has a relatively flat organizational structure, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and open communication. Iceland also leads in gender equality in the workplace, with policies aimed at closing the gender pay gap. Additionally, there’s a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. This progressive work culture, combined with the nation’s unique landscape and strong community values, makes working in Iceland a unique and rewarding experience.

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Winter -10/2°C (14/36°F), Summer 6/16°C (43/61°F)

A single person estimated monthly costs are 240 000-350 000 ISK (1590-2330 EUR or 1750-2560 USD). 

As of 2023, the average monthly gross salary in Iceland is around 770 000 ISK/Month (5 050 EUR/month or 5 600 USD/month).

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