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Greece, celebrated for its rich cultural legacy in Southern Europe, continues to uphold its commitment to education and student welfare. The country’s educational framework is distinctive, with a strong focus on holistic development and a commendable secondary school graduation rate. Children in Greece commence formal education at 6, emphasizing the importance of early childhood development. The Greek education system minimizes standardized testing in the early years, creating a nurturing environment for knowledge exploration and a genuine love for learning. Additionally, Greece ensures accessibility to education for all, with primary and higher education predominantly being free of charge.

Piktalent offers a wide range of education internships in Greece, designed to suit your specific interests and skills. Opportunities abound, whether you aim to teach English as a Second Language, engage in university academia, facilitate cultural integration, or provide student counseling. Dive into the Greek education system, where the emphasis on student well-being perfectly complements academic achievement, and contribute to the global education landscape.

Teaching Internships

develop your teaching skills and gain experience in subject-specific instruction, student mentoring, and classroom management. Create engaging and effective learning environments for students of all ages.

Second language teacher internships

gain valuable experience in lesson planning, classroom management, and language instruction while immersing yourself in German culture.

Educational Management Internships

gain insight into the administrative side of education and learn about topics like budgeting, policy-making, and program evaluation.

Education Research Internships

conduct research and analysis on topics like learning outcomes, educational psychology, and instructional design, and help shape the future of education.

Curriculum Development Internships

get involved in designing, developing, and implementing curricula for a variety of educational settings, from primary schools to universities.

School Psychologist Internships

work with experienced professionals to assess student needs, develop interventions, and provide support to students and families. Gain experience in conducting assessments, and administering interventions.

Greece’s education system is well-regarded for its balanced approach, integrating traditional learning methods with modern pedagogical practices. The country places a strong emphasis on early childhood education, recognizing its importance in laying the foundation for future academic success. Primary and secondary education in Greece is compulsory and free for all, ensuring accessibility and equal opportunities for students across the country.

Related Facts about the Greek Education System:

  1. Greece is home to a number of prestigious universities and higher education institutions, many of which have a strong international presence. These institutions offer a variety of programs and degrees, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of students. The government has invested in enhancing research and innovation within higher education, fostering a vibrant academic community.

  2. The Greek education system follows a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses a wide range of subjects. There is a strong focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, encouraging students to develop a well-rounded skill set. The pedagogical approach is student-centered, aiming to cater to the individual needs of each learner.

  3. There is a growing emphasis on lifelong learning in Greece, with various programs and initiatives aimed at promoting continuous education and skill development throughout an individual’s life.

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Whether you are passionate about classical education philosophies, innovative learning technologies, or exploring the multilingual teaching landscape, Greece’s education system provides a rich tapestry of opportunities that are as historic as they are forward-thinking. Did you know that Greece has one of the highest rates of tertiary education graduates in the fields of humanities and arts in Europe? With Piktalent, you can dive into a world where education intersects with a cultural heritage unlike any other. Embark on a Grecian educational odyssey and allow Piktalent to navigate your path to an enriching internship experience!
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Teaching industry

The country has a diverse educational landscape, ranging from public and private schools to international institutions, providing a variety of teaching opportunities.

Diverse Teaching Opportunities: Greece offers a wide range of teaching opportunities, from traditional public schools to private institutions. This diversity allows educators to find positions that best match their skills and preferences.

Commitment to Language Education: Given the country’s popularity as a tourist destination, there is a high demand for language education in Greece. This has led to numerous opportunities for educators specializing in language instruction, particularly in English, French, and German.

Supportive Community: The teaching community in Greece is known for its support and camaraderie. Educators often collaborate and share resources, creating a positive and encouraging environment for professional growth.

Second language teacher industry

Greece has a high demand for second language teachers, particularly for English, but also for other European and Asian languages. This is mainly driven by the country’s tourism industry.

Diverse Teaching Opportunities: The second language teaching industry in Greece offers a variety of opportunities. Teachers can work in private language schools, which are popular for after-school and adult education programs. There are also positions available in public schools and universities, as well as in corporate settings for business language instruction.

Qualifications and Training: To teach a second language in Greece, educators typically need to have a relevant degree and teaching certification. There is a growing emphasis on continuous professional development. That’s why many institutions provide access to training programs to help teachers stay updated on the latest teaching methods.

Emerging Markets for Other Languages: In addition to English, there is a growing interest in learning other European languages such as German, French, and Spanish. And on the other hand, Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese. This diversification provides additional opportunities for language teachers.

Educational management industry

Educational management in Greece encompasses a wide range of activities, including the planning, organizing, and overseeing of schools. Professionals in this field work to ensure that educational programs are implemented effectively, resources are utilized efficiently, and educational objectives are met.

Increasing Use of Technology: The educational management industry in Greece has embraced technology to streamline administrative processes and enhance the learning experience. There is a growing use of digital tools in educational institutions.

Focus on Quality Assurance: There is a heightened focus on quality assurance in education. Educational managers are playing a key role in ensuring that educational institutions meet the required standards. This includes regular evaluations, assessments, and accreditation processes.

Policy and Reform: Educational managers in Greece are actively involved in the implementation of educational policies and reforms. They work closely with government bodies, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to ensure that educational practices align with national and international standards.

Education research industry


This industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in Greece, conducting rigorous research to inform policy, enhance teaching methodologies, and improve student outcomes.

Investment in Research Infrastructure: The Greek government and private sector have invested in developing research infrastructure to support the education research industry. This includes funding for research projects, establishment of research centers, and provision of resources and training for researchers.

Collaborative Research: The education research industry in Greece is characterized by a strong emphasis on collaboration. Researchers often work in partnership with educational institutions, government bodies, and international organizations to conduct studies and implement research findings.

Focus on Inclusive Education: There is a significant focus on research related to inclusive education in Greece. Researchers are investigating strategies to support learners with diverse needs, promote equity in education, and create inclusive learning environments.

Curriculum development industry


In Greece, curriculum development is a continuous process, aiming to align educational content with contemporary societal needs, technological advancements, and global trends. This industry is crucial in shaping the educational content and methodologies employed across various levels of education.

Cultural and Historical Integration: Given Greece’s rich cultural heritage and history, the curriculum development industry ensures that these elements are intricately woven into the educational content. This fosters a sense of national identity and pride among students, while also promoting cultural awareness and appreciation.

Inclusive Education: The curriculum development industry is committed to promoting inclusive education, ensuring that educational content and methodologies are accessible. Greece focus on accommodating possibilities to all students, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.

International Collaboration: Greece actively engages in international collaborations in the field of curriculum development, learning from global best practices and contributing to international discussions on education.

School psychologist industry


The school psychologist industry in Greece has seen significant growth, reflecting the country’s increasing recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being in educational settings.

Preventive Programs: There is a growing emphasis on implementing preventive programs in schools. These programs focus on promoting mental well-being, resilience, and positive behavior among students. School psychologists are actively involved in designing and delivering these programs.

Legislative Support: The Greek government has taken steps to strengthen the role of school psychologists with legislation. This  ensures that schools have access to psychological services and that the rights of students with special needs are protected.

Professional Development: The industry has seen a surge in opportunities for professional development for school psychologists, with numerous training programs and workshops available to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Education sector in Greece

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