Internships in Kalamaria

Exploring Kalamaria’s Vibrant Community and Lifestyle

Unlock your potential with an internship in Kalamaria, Greece! This place combines a rich cultural tapestry with modern vibrancy, providing a unique setting for ambitious individuals aiming to broaden their horizons and advance their careers.

Kalamaria is renowned for its beautiful seafront, diverse community, and thriving local economy. With opportunities spanning across sectors such as commerce, education, healthcare, and hospitality, Kalamaria cultivates a dynamic environment for both practical work experience and personal development.

At Piktalent, we are dedicated to guiding you through your professional journey. Kalamaria presents a distinctive blend of career growth, cultural engagement, and community participation. Choosing an internship in Kalamaria means embarking on a journey filled with growth and memorable experiences. Dive deep into the vibrant life of this Greek gem and pave your way towards a brighter future in Kalamaria!

Benefits of Interning in Kalamaria

Launch your professional journey with an internship in Kalamaria. With its stunning seafront and rich cultural heritage, Kalamaria offers a unique blend of professional opportunities and quality of life, making it a prime destination for interns seeking to advance their careers in a dynamic and beautiful setting.

  • Kalamaria’s Maritime Heritage and Urban Development

Kalamaria, once a small fishing village, has transformed into a bustling urban area, while still retaining its maritime charm. Interns can take advantage of the district’s proximity to the Thermaic Gulf and explore its scenic waterfront. The district’s growth has also led to an increase in businesses and services, providing ample professional opportunities across various sectors.

  • Diverse Professional Opportunities in a Thriving Community

The economy in Kalamaria is diverse, with sectors ranging from commerce and services to education and healthcare. The presence of numerous companies and institutions ensures a wide array of internship opportunities, allowing interns to find a perfect match for their skills and ambitions. Kalamaria’s community is welcoming and vibrant, ensuring a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

  • Engaging with Kalamaria’s Rich Culture and Social Scene

Kalamaria is not just about work; it’s a place brimming with life and cultural activities. Interns can immerse themselves in local traditions, enjoy the district’s bustling cafes and restaurants, and participate in various cultural and social events. Kalamaria’s parks and recreational areas provide additional venues for relaxation and socializing, contributing to a well-rounded internship experience.


Kalamaria's Must-Visit Spots: A Blend of Nature and Culture

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Kalamaria , Greece

Kalamaria, as the suburb of Thessaloniki, offers a diverse range of internship opportunities, catering to various professional interests. The commercial and retail sector is particularly robust, providing internships in sales, customer service, and management. Additionally, the presence of educational institutions and healthcare facilities opens doors for roles in teaching, administrative support, and healthcare services. The hospitality and tourism sector also thrives here, offering positions in event planning, tourism services, and hotel management. The coastal location of Kalamaria offers unique prospects in maritime industries, while the local cultural scene presents opportunities in arts, media, and communication. 

The cost of living in Kalamaria can vary based on individual preferences, lifestyle, accommodation choices, and personal spending habits.

Interns in Kalamaria can expect to spend approximately €750 to €1200 per month, depending on their lifestyle and spending habits. It’s important to plan and budget accordingly to ensure a comfortable living experience during the internship.

Kalamaria provides a variety of accommodation choices tailored for interns. You have the option to look into shared apartments, student dormitories, or one-bedroom apartments. Utilize Facebook groups and real estate websites such as Spitogatos, Xo.gr, and Tospitimou.gr to discover places that are both economical and well-located. When conducting your search, focus on areas close to your internship location or with efficient public transport links to ensure a smooth daily commute. This approach will help you find a convenient and affordable living arrangement during your internship in Kalamaria, Greece.

The climate in Kalamaria features the classic Mediterranean climate with a touch of the Aegean’s moderation.

Summer in Kalamaria is warm and slightly humid, with temperatures generally fluctuating between 22°C to 32°C (72°F to 90°F). The sea breeze from the Thermaic Gulf brings relief from the heat, making it an ideal time for beach activities and exploring the vibrant city life. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat for protection against the strong Greek sun.

Winter is relatively more humid compared to other Greek regions, with temperatures ranging from 2°C to 12°C (36°F to 54°F). Rain is more frequent, but snow is a rare sight. A light jacket and umbrella should suffice for this season.

Spring and autumn are arguably the best times to visit, with temperatures ranging from 8°C to 25°C (46°F to 77°F), depending on month. The weather is comfortably warm, allowing for pleasant walks along the coastline and exploration of the local culture and cuisine.

To stay updated on the weather in Kalamaria, you can refer to reliable weather websites like AccuWeather.

Kalamaria is a part of the Thessaloniki urban area and its public transportation is integrated with the Thessaloniki public transportation system. This integration allows for seamless travel between Kalamaria and Thessaloniki, as well as other suburbs. The same tickets and travel cards can be used across the entire network, providing convenience for residents and visitors alike.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Thessaloniki’s public transportation system, refer to the official OASTH website or local tourism information centers.

Explore Kalamaria, where local charm meets seaside serenity. This coastal gem provides a unique blend of cultural experiences, leisure activities, and scenic beauty.

Theater and Performing Arts: While Kalamaria may not have the grand theaters of a larger city, its community centers often host local performances and cultural events. Theatro Sofouli​ hosts various local events. For more extensive options, Thessaloniki’s vibrant arts scene is just a short drive away.

Museums and Galleries: Kalamaria itself boasts several cultural spaces. You can visit interesting Hellenic Pharmaceutical Museum​ and learn many interesting facts.

Outdoor Activities: Kalamaria offers a plethora of outdoor activities, thanks to its stunning coastal location. Enjoy leisurely walks along the waterfront, indulge in water sports, or explore the local parks and green spaces. 

Stay connected with Kalamaria’s vibrant community through social media and local news channels.

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