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Embark on an one-of-a-kind internship experience in the heart of Pernik, Bulgaria, a city teeming with opportunities. Immerse yourself in the city’s captivating history and vibrant culture. Meander through its enchanting streets, engage with locals who epitomize Bulgarian warmth, and relish the authentic flavors of Bulgarian cuisine.

At Piktalent, we understand that an internship is more than a job; it’s about the environment that fosters your growth. Your future, your canvas, your internship in Pernik is a blank page waiting for a remarkable story – let’s create it together, brushstroke by brushstroke.

Benefits of Interning in Pernik

Choosing an internship in Pernik, Bulgaria, opens the door to a transformative experience in the heart of this captivating country. Pernik invites interns to explore a diverse range of industries while being immersed in the region’s natural beauty and rich culture.

  • Surva – one of the biggest masquerade of the Balkans and Europe

The Surva International Festival of the Masquerade Games in Pernik is a vibrant and culturally rich celebration that captivates both locals and visitors. Held annually in Pernik, this festival stands as one of Bulgaria’s most cherished traditions, honoring the country’s vivid folklore and heritage. During Surva, the city comes alive with colorful masquerade costumes, lively music, and captivating performances. Participants from across Bulgaria and the world gather to showcase their elaborate masks and costumes, each telling a unique story. It is held in the last three days of January each year. This festival is a mesmerizing journey into Bulgaria’s rich cultural tapestry, providing a captivating experience that blends history, artistry, and the sheer joy of celebration. It’s a must-see event for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Bulgarian folklore and masquerade traditions.

  • Economic Dynamism of Pernik

Pernik, Bulgaria, is primarily an industrial town, and its economy revolves around various industrial sectors. The city holds significant importance in the region’s economic landscape, serving as a major manufacturing center in the country. At its core lies the Stomana steel complex, a prominent contributor to Bulgaria’s industrial prowess. Pernik’s industrial sector also encompasses the production of heavy machinery, including mining and industrial equipment, as well as the extraction of brown coals, the manufacturing of building materials, and the textile industry. Notably, in the vicinity of Pernik, the town of Radomir houses a substantial plant dedicated to heavy machinery production, specializing in excavators and industrial equipment, although it currently operates below full capacity.

  • The Warmth of Pernik’s Community 

Pernik’s welcoming community reflects its rich history and warm-hearted spirit. The city’s residents, renowned for their hospitality, make interns feel like part of the family. As you navigate Pernik, you’ll encounter a diverse population, each contributing to the city’s vibrant cultural tapestry.  Pernik’s residents take great pride in their heritage, fostering cultural exchange and enriching the intern experience. In Pernik, you’ll not only grow professionally but also forge enduring connections with the remarkable individuals who call this city home.


The diverse city of Pernik

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Pernik, Bulgaria

Pernik enjoys a pleasant continental climate, which is ideal for interns seeking comfortable weather. Summers (June to August) are warm and pleasant, offering average temperatures between 18°C to 29°C (64°F to 84°F). Winters (December to February) can be cold, with average temperatures ranging from -1°C to 5°C (30°F to 41°F). Snowfall is common during this season, creating a picturesque winter landscape. Spring and autumn are mild with temperatures between 5°C to 19°C (41°F to 66°F).

For precise packing details and the most up-to-date weather information during your internship in Pernik, it’s recommended to check the local weather forecast. Stay informed about the weather conditions by referring to websites like AccuWeather for current updates.

The cost of living in Pernik is relatively affordable compared to many Western European cities. It depends on your lifestyle, but interns can budget around 800-1,300 BGN per month (400-670 EUR/month) for basic expenses, including food, transport, and leisure activities.

Interns in Pernik can find accommodation through various means, including rental agencies, online platforms, and local listings. Facebook groups, websites and apps like OLX or bazar.bg can help you find affordable and convenient places to stay. Consider staying in centrally located apartments or dormitories close to your workplace. This ensures convenience and accessibility for daily commuting. Research and compare rental prices, lease terms, and amenities to find accommodation that suits your budget and preferences.

The public transportation system in Pernik provides excellent connectivity within the city, linking both the city center with the suburban areas. 

Buses: Public passenger transport within the municipality’s center consists of several bus lines. These services operate diligently from the early hours of the morning until late at night, ensuring frequent and convenient transportation options for daily commuters.

Ticketing: Travelers can conveniently purchase tickets either directly from the driver or at authorized ticket kiosks. 

For more information about the schedules etc., try installing apps like Moovit.

Although Bulgarian is the official language, English enjoys widespread usage, particularly in tourist areas and among younger generations. While having a grasp of basic Bulgarian can facilitate day-to-day interactions, it’s worth noting that many professionals and students in Bulgaria are proficient in English.

While embarking on your internship journey in Pernik, it’s highly recommended to explore a plethora of engaging cultural and recreational activities. Explore local event listings, community websites, or travel guides to uncover a wealth of attractions, events, and experiences within Pernik. Additionally, contemplate becoming a part of local clubs or groups aligned with your interests for an enriched experience.

For the latest information on cultural events and activities in Pernik, we recommend checking Pernik’s official tourism website.

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