Internships in Antwerp

Immerse yourself in Antwerp's vibrant atmosphere and embark on a journey of professional growth like no other.

Embark on a transformative journey of professional development and cultural immersion with our Antwerp internship program. Discover a harmonious blend of skill-building opportunities and vibrant cultural experiences.

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Benefits of Interning in Antwerp

Experience an extraordinary journey of professional growth and cultural immersion with our internship program in Antwerp. 

  • Vibrant professional environment

Antwerp is a bustling city with a thriving business scene, offering internships in diverse industries and access to renowned companies and organizations.

  • Cultural immersion

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Antwerp, known for its art, fashion, architecture, and culinary delights.

  • Skill development

Gain practical, hands-on experience and develop essential skills relevant to your chosen industry, enhancing your employability and future career prospects.

  • Discover Antwerp´s charm

Explore the city’s beautiful architecture, historic sites, vibrant markets, trendy shops, and lively nightlife, making the most of your time outside of work.


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Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Antwerp, Belgium

In Antwerp, some industries that are popular for internships include:

  1. Fashion and Design: Antwerp is renowned for its fashion scene, with opportunities to intern at fashion houses, design studios, and fashion events.

  2. Diamond and Jewelry: Antwerp is a global hub for diamond trade and offers internships in diamond cutting, jewelry design, and diamond-related businesses.

  3. Logistics and Transportation: Antwerp is home to one of the largest ports in Europe, offering internships in logistics, supply chain management, and international trade.

  4. Tourism and Hospitality: With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant tourism industry, internships in Antwerp can be found in hotels, travel agencies, event management, and cultural institutions.

  5. Finance and Banking: Antwerp has a strong financial sector, providing internship opportunities in banking, finance, investment firms, and financial consultancy.

  6. Technology and Innovation: Antwerp has a thriving startup ecosystem and internships in tech companies, digital marketing, software development, and innovation-driven industries.

  7. Arts and Culture: Antwerp is known for its artistic and cultural heritage, offering internships in museums, galleries, art organizations, and cultural events.

  8. Marketing and Communications: Antwerp offers internships in marketing agencies, PR firms, advertising companies, and media organizations.

These are just a few examples, and there are internships available in other industries as well. The specific opportunities may vary based on the current market and individual company requirements.

Internships in Antwerp are open to a wide range of individuals. The eligibility criteria for internships in Antwerp may vary depending on the specific company, industry, and the type of internship. In general, the following groups of people are allowed to do internships in Antwerp:

  1. Students: Internships are commonly pursued by students as part of their educational programs. This includes students enrolled in universities, colleges, vocational schools, or other educational institutions.

  2. Recent Graduates: Individuals who have recently completed their studies and are seeking practical experience in their field of study may also be eligible for internships in Antwerp.

  3. Young Professionals: Internships can be open to young professionals who are looking to gain experience in a specific industry or field, even if they are not currently enrolled in an educational program.

  4. Foreigners: Internships in Antwerp are often available to foreigners, including EU and non-EU citizens. However, certain visa requirements and work permit regulations may apply, depending on the individual’s nationality and the duration of the internship.

It’s important to note that specific companies or internship programs may have additional eligibility requirements, such as language proficiency or specific skills. It’s advisable to research and consult with relevant sources, such as internship coordinators, career services, or immigration authorities, to determine the eligibility criteria for a particular internship opportunity in Antwerp.

The duration of an internship in Antwerp can vary depending on several factors, including the company, industry, and the agreement. Generally, internships in Antwerp can range from a few weeks to several months.

Some common durations for internships in Antwerp include:

  1. Short-term internships: These internships typically last for a few weeks to a couple of months. They provide a brief but intensive learning experience and are often suitable for gaining exposure to a specific project or task.

  2. Medium-term internships: These internships usually last for a few months, typically spanning a semester or a summer break. They allow interns to delve deeper into their field of interest, gain practical skills, and contribute to ongoing projects within the organization.

  3. Long-term internships: These internships can extend from several months to a year or more. They are often part of structured programs or collaborations between educational institutions and companies, providing interns with an extended period to develop their skills, work on substantial projects, and gain valuable professional experience.

It’s important to note that the specific duration of an internship in Antwerp is typically determined through discussions and agreements between the intern, the host company, and any educational institutions involved. 

Yes, language requirements for internships in Antwerp can vary depending on the specific internship position and the host organization. Some internships may require proficiency in Dutch, while others may prefer English or other languages. It’s important to carefully review the language requirements specified in the internship listings or inquire with the host organization to determine the language skills necessary for the internship.

The cost of living in Antwerp can vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle. Here is an approximate breakdown of monthly expenses for an intern in Antwerp:

Accommodation: 400€-800€ 
Utilities: 100€-150€ 
Groceries: 100€-200€ 
Eating out: 100€-200€  
Transportation: 50€-80€ 

Average cost of living between 700€-1500€.

To get more comprehensive and precise information about the cost of living in Antwerp as an intern, we suggest consulting the following source for detailed insights.

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