Young Talent Recruitment in Belgium: Recruit, find, hire interns

Discover Piktalent's bespoke Recruitment Solutions to Attract and Hire Exceptional Young Talent in Belgium

Are you seeking exceptional young talent for your team in Belgium? Uncover Belgium’s most promising candidates with Piktalent’s specialized recruitment services. Our tailored solutions cater to your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Our experienced team specializes in uncovering top young talent in Belgium. With a profound understanding of diverse industries and a personalized approach tailored to your specific requirements, we ensure you discover the perfect match for your organization.

Elevate your recruitment in Belgium with Piktalent, the trusted destination for companies seeking skilled and driven young professionals. Connect with us today to unlock the potential of your next star employee.

Recruit Native Interns and Graduates for Teaching Jobs in Belgium

Establish connections with universities providing native Belgian teaching assistants, enabling enhanced educational experiences through local expertise and support.

Elevate your educational institution by recruiting skilled and enthusiastic interns and graduates through Piktalent! Our tailored recruitment services connect you with individuals who grasp your school’s distinct requirements and are driven to pursue teaching positions. Settle for nothing less, and seize the opportunity to tap into our network and secure exceptional talent, propelling your learning environment to unprecedented heights!

Our recruitment process begins with a thorough analysis of your specific needs and requirements. From there, we source and screen qualified candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to excel in your institution in Belgium. We prioritize native speakers of the target language, as they bring a level of fluency and cultural understanding that can greatly enhance the learning experience for students. Our recruitment experts specialize in finding talented native interns and graduates for teaching jobs across a wide range of subjects and levels, including the Belgian language and culture.

Moreover, our interns and graduates undergo a meticulous selection process based on their exceptional communication skills, aptitude for student engagement, and adaptability to thrive in diverse environments within Belgium.

Count on us for comprehensive support and guidance throughout the recruitment process, guaranteeing a seamless and streamlined experience for both you and your talented young individuals. Our services are tailored to simplify your recruitment, enabling you to prioritize delivering exceptional education to interns and graduates in Belgium.

Elevate your institution’s education in Belgium by finding your ideal teaching intern with our expert assistance.

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With our help, you can find the perfect intern or graduate to meet your teaching needs in Belgium.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to attract top business and marketing talent to your Belgian team! 

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Belgium's Top Marketing and Business Interns and Graduates

Unveil Piktalent’s specialized recruitment program is tailored for aspiring business and marketing interns and graduates in Belgium. Gain an advantageous edge in today’s competitive market with access to an exclusive talent pool, complemented by personalized support at every step. Harness Belgium’s renowned education system, renowned for cultivating top-tier business and marketing graduates on a global scale.

At Piktalent, we specialize in connecting you with top-tier marketing and business professionals who can elevate your company to new heights. Our talent pool consists of carefully sourced candidates from leading global universities and training schools. Through our rigorous selection process, we ensure that you are presented with the most skilled and capable individuals. Trust us to find the ideal match that perfectly aligns with your company’s unique requirements.

By recruiting marketing interns and graduates in Belgium, your company can unlock numerous benefits, such as:

    • Gain valuable insights and cutting-edge ideas from a dynamic and driven pool of young talent.
    • Surpass your competitors with a marketing team that stays ahead of industry trends and employs cutting-edge strategies.
    • Achieve optimal cost-effectiveness while maintaining exceptional quality standards.
In a fiercely competitive market such as Belgium, acquiring the perfect talent can be a game-changer. Allow us to assist you in discovering exceptional marketing and business interns and graduates who will elevate your team to new heights of success!

Find Top IT and Graphic Design Talent in Belgium

Boost Your Business with Creative and Technical Expertise: Hire Our Top Interns and Graduates

Are you a Belgian company in search of top-notch IT or graphic design interns or graduates for your team? Look no further than our specialized program. We connect companies with driven interns and graduates eager to learn and make a meaningful impact. With access to a diverse talent pool, you can streamline recruitment costs and enhance workplace diversity. Our program offers invaluable work experience, industry-specific training, and networking opportunities for candidates while delivering a multitude of benefits for companies.

Our program focuses on two distinct profiles:

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their 2nd or 3rd year of study

  • IT or Graphic Design students in their final year or pursuing a Master’s degree.

  • IT or Graphic Design graduates


Our candidate pool consists of three highly qualified groups, each equipped with the skills and knowledge required for success in their respective fields. While 2nd and 3rd-year students excel in supporting basic tasks, final-year/Masters students and graduates are adept at independently developing projects and launching their professional careers within your company.

Seize the opportunity to attract exceptional talent in Belgium. Don’t let this chance slip away to recruit the best of the best!

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Discover the Perfect IT or Graphic Design Intern and Graduate to Help Your Business Thrive.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to attract top business and marketing talent to your team! 

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Recruit the best Hospitality and Tourism Young Talent in Belgium


Navigating the competitive landscape of Belgium’s hospitality and tourism industry can be daunting when it comes to sourcing and hiring top talent. This is where Piktalent steps in, providing the expertise and solutions you need.

Our recruitment program specializes in linking businesses, such as yours, with skilled students and graduates worldwide. Whether you require talented chefs, waitstaff, experienced bar staff, or customer service representatives, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect candidates. Our team of experts comprehends the distinct challenges and opportunities within Belgium’s hospitality and tourism sector, ensuring relentless efforts to connect you with the finest talent for your business.

Refuse to accept anything less than excellence. Collaborate with us today and propel your hospitality or tourism business to new heights.

Unleash the potential of your hospitality or tourism business with exceptional talent. Join forces with us today to make a significant impact – refuse to settle for anything less than the best!

General Asked Questions

At Piktalent, we employ a diverse range of strategies to discover candidates for job and internship positions in Belgium. Our approach encompasses targeted job postings, referrals, networking events, and leveraging our comprehensive database of young talent. Additionally, we forge partnerships with universities and educational institutions across Europe, enabling us to identify exceptional individuals and offer them valuable work experience through internships and job placements.

Piktalent specializes in recruiting motivated young candidates in Belgium who have either completed their degree or are in the final stages of their education. We prioritize individuals with relevant skills and experience in their specific job or industry, while also emphasizing a strong work ethic, a thirst for knowledge and personal development, and a genuine passion for their chosen field. Additionally, we ensure that candidates possess the required language skills to thrive in the Belgian work environment.

Internship programs in Belgium exhibit variations in duration and requirements, contingent upon the specific program and host company. Generally, internships in Belgium span from a few weeks to several months, or even a year. Prerequisites differ based on the industry and role, but often include proficiency in Dutch, French, or English, relevant academic background or experience, and excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

The average hiring cost for interns or entry-level employees in Belgium can fluctuate based on various factors, including industry, location, and specific job demands.

Based on recent data, entry-level employees in Belgium typically receive an average gross monthly salary of approximately €3,558, whereas interns usually earn between €1,000 and €1,500 per month. However, it is crucial to consider that these figures can vary considerably depending on the industry and job role. Employers should also account for additional expenses such as taxes, social security contributions, and potential benefits when assessing the overall cost of hiring an intern or entry-level employee.

In compliance with Belgian law, companies are obligated to offer interns educational and training opportunities throughout their placement. It’s important to note that internships cannot serve as a substitute for regular employment. Non-work placements should be closely aligned with the student’s field of study, enabling them to gain practical experience directly applicable to their degree program.

The duration and study arrangements of internships in Belgium may differ based on the company and internship type. Generally, internships are part-time commitments, spanning from 20 to 40 hours per week, allowing students to effectively balance their internship responsibilities with their academic studies.

With extensive expertise in assisting companies across various industries in Belgium, Piktalent excels in sourcing and recruiting exceptional young talent. Our extensive network of European candidates, coupled with our profound comprehension of the Belgian job market, allows us to cater to the distinct requirements of both companies and candidates. Through personalized recruitment services, we guarantee a seamless and efficient process that adheres to Belgian labor laws and regulations.

The duration of the recruitment process for jobs and internships in Belgium may vary depending on the company’s requirements and the position in question. On average, the process spans several weeks, encompassing initial screening, interviews, and final selection. Rest assured, we meticulously adhere to Belgian labor laws and regulations throughout the entire recruitment process.

Other Services

We can provide a range of services to make your internship/job experience unforgettable.