Internships in Luleå

Discover Luleå: Sweden's Gem of Arctic Innovation and Heritage​

Nestled within the Arctic Circle in Sweden, the captivating city of Luleå beckons with a harmonious blend of rich Nordic history, advanced technological endeavors, and an invigorating cultural vibrancy. Did you know? Luleå is a premier gateway to the Northern Lights, with many venturing to this region for an unparalleled glimpse of nature’s most magical show. The city’s harbored coastlines on the Gulf of Bothnia offer breathtaking frozen seas in winter, solidifying its moniker as the ‘Jewel of the Arctic’. In 2011, Luleå made global headlines when Facebook decided to set up its first data center outside the U.S. right in this very city, a nod to its advanced technological landscape.

At Piktalent, we’re elated to connect you with exceptional internship opportunities in Luleå. Each position we highlight is meticulously selected to align with your distinct career aspirations. Thanks to our extensive ties with premier enterprises across varied sectors in the city, rest assured, you’re not merely securing an internship – you’re embarking on a defining journey uniquely crafted for your professional victory.​

Benefits of Interning in Luleå, Sweden

Steer your ambitions towards the enchanting landscapes of Luleå, Sweden. Nestled in the northernmost part of the country, Luleå is a unique blend of natural splendor, technical innovation, and rich history. Choosing Luleå for your internship grants you a dual reward: professional refinement and personal growth amidst the Arctic Circle. 

  • Luleå’s Exemplary Academic Vibrancy

Luleå is home to the esteemed Luleå University of Technology, one of Europe’s leading technical institutions. Specializing in areas such as sustainable energy, environmental science, and media, this academic fortress welcomes students and researchers from across the globe. 
The Luleå University of Technology has made significant contributions to space research and sustainable solutions, presenting a universe of possibilities for every intern.

  • Journey Through an Arctic Cultural Melting Pot

Luleå offers a mesmerizing blend of indigenous Sámi traditions and cutting-edge Scandinavian modernity. Marvel at the architecture and immerse yourself in the Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site that captures the essence of Swedish history. Celebrate innovation at the Teknikens Hus, Scandinavia’s northernmost science center, spotlighting Luleå’s advancements in technology and science. Experience Luleå’s cultural and artistic spirit, with numerous festivals, music events, and theaters echoing tales of this northern gem.

  • Embracing the Arctic Wilderness and Swedish Legacy

Luleå, sitting on the coast of the Bay of Bothnia, provides a unique opportunity to meld professional experience with the wonders of the Arctic. Delight in the magical phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, where night turns to day, and the Northern Lights paint the sky. Engage with the harmony of “lagom” – the Swedish philosophy of balanced living, while also diving deep into the indigenous Sámi heritage. Your internship in Luleå is not just a step on the career ladder but a voyage through a captivating Swedish tapestry woven with stories of nature, history, and innovation.

  • Limitless Opportunities for Comprehensive Growth

Luleå rewards your dedication and determination. Apart from attractive remunerations that bolster your professional drive, Luleå offers unparalleled personal experiences. Relish in the gastronomic delights of both modern Swedish and traditional Sámi cuisine. Participate in the city’s winter festivals, or take on adventures like dog sledding and ice fishing. In Luleå, internships transcend work boundaries, crafting a mosaic of experiences that align with your aspirations and desires.


Unearthing Luleå: Sweden's Arctic Gem Sparkles Anew

Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ for Internships in Luleå, Sweden

  1. Luleå Living: The city offers various housing options from student dormitories to private rentals. Consider platforms such as Blocket.se or Luleå’s local housing companies for available listings.
  2. Networking is Key: Many locals and previous interns recommend joining Luleå-focused Facebook groups where housing offers are frequently posted.
  3. Stay Temporary: Consider short-term solutions like Airbnb or hostels as you get settled. This gives you the chance to scout neighborhoods in person!
  • Well-Connected: Luleå’s local buses, operated by LLT, efficiently cover the city and its outskirts. The schedules are available online and through various mobile apps.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Many buses are environmentally friendly, running on biofuels, making your commute green!
  • Cycling Friendly: When the weather allows, Luleå is a fantastic city for cycling. There are well-maintained bike paths and lanes throughout.
  1. Wintry Wonderland: Luleå boasts long and cold winters with plenty of snow, turning the city into a picturesque winter scene. Perfect for snow sports!
  2. Midnight Sun: Experience the magic of endless summer days where the sun barely sets in June and July.
  3. Layer Up: The temperatures can vary greatly between seasons. Always be prepared with layers, especially if you’re venturing out for the day.
  1. Reasonable Rates: While Sweden, in general, might be on the pricier side, Luleå’s cost of living is moderate compared to major cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg.
  2. Student Discounts: With a valid student ID, you can avail of various discounts in transport, eateries, and local attractions.
  3. Smart Shopping: Local supermarkets like ICA and Coop often have weekly deals. Don’t miss out!
  1. Cultural Hub: Luleå is home to fascinating cultural sites like Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  2. Local Festivities: Experience traditional events like the Midsummer celebrations or the local winter market.
  3. Taste of the North: Dive into Northern Swedish cuisine at local eateries, tasting unique dishes like Kalix löjrom.
  • Nature’s Playground: Explore the nearby archipelago, go ice skating on the frozen sea, or witness the Northern Lights in winter.
  • City Activities: From concerts at Kulturens Hus to local art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in the heart of Luleå.
  • Stay Active: Take advantage of Luleå’s sports facilities, including ski trails, hiking paths, and more!

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