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Marketing Internships

work with top companies and develop and execute marketing strategies, and conduct market research! Enhance your digital marketing skills.

Finance Internships

gain hands-on experience in financial analysis, accounting, and investment analysis, while working with leading companies in the finance industry.

HR Internships

develop your people skills and learn about HR management, employee engagement, and recruitment strategies, while working with companies of all sizes.

Accounting Internships

work with leading accounting firms, where you'll be able to develop your skills in financial reporting, budgeting, and auditing.

Sales Internships

develop your sales techniques, learn about customer relationship management, and gain practical experience in lead generation and sales forecasting.

Economics Internships

work with leading companies, where you'll be able to apply your knowledge of micro and macroeconomics to real-world problems.

Embark on an empowering journey through our wide array of business internships in Romania. Unleash your potential, grow in diverse fields, and seize the chance to leave your mark. Explore vacancies and kickstart your internship adventure now!

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Marketing industry

Romania has experienced significant growth in digital marketing. With an increasing internet penetration rate, companies are increasingly utilizing online channels for advertising and reaching their target audience.

Romanians are avid users of social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most popular social networks in the country, making social media marketing an essential strategy for businesses.

Romania hosts various creative marketing festivals and conferences, attracting professionals from the marketing and advertising industries. Notable events include ICEEfest, GPeC (eCommerce Awards Gala), and Webstock.

Finance industry

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is the main stock exchange in Romania, and it has been operating since 1882. It plays a crucial role in facilitating the trading of securities and promoting capital market development in the country.

Romania has seen a growing fintech sector, with numerous startups and innovative companies disrupting traditional financial services. This has led to increased accessibility and convenience for consumers and businesses.

Romania’s currency is the Romanian Leu (RON). The leu is abbreviated as “RON” and is often represented with the symbol “lei.”

HR industry

The HR industry in Romania has experienced significant growth in recent years, reflecting the country’s expanding economy and increasing emphasis on talent management.

Romanian HR professionals often prioritize soft skills when evaluating candidates. Traits like adaptability, teamwork, and communication are highly valued alongside technical expertise.

Remote work and flexible work hours have gained popularity in the HR industry, especially after the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accounting industry

Romania has a long history of accounting practices dating back centuries. The country’s accounting traditions have evolved over time and have been influenced by various cultural and historical factors.

The country is known for having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. This has attracted foreign investors and businesses looking for favorable tax conditions.

Romania adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the preparation of financial statements for listed companies and large entities, aligning with global accounting practices.

Sales industry

Romania’s e-commerce sector has seen significant growth in recent years, with a rising number of consumers embracing online shopping. This trend has created opportunities for sales professionals to excel in the digital marketplace.

In traditional marketplaces and certain retail settings, bargaining or haggling is a common practice in Romania. Sales professionals may need to utilize their negotiation skills to strike favorable deals with customers.

The sales industry in Romania caters to both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets, providing sales representatives with a wide range of opportunities to showcase their skills and expertise.

Economics industry

Romania has one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. It experienced significant economic growth in the early 2000s and has continued to show resilience in recent years.

The country has been exploring its potential for offshore natural gas production in the Black Sea. This energy development could have a significant impact on the country’s energy independence and regional influence.

Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007. EU membership has opened up access to the single market and various economic benefits.

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690 -1,340 EUR per month ($767,53 –  $1490,57 US dollars)

According to data from 2021, the average annual salary in Romania is around 9,730 – 12,160 EUR per year

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Romania is the twelfth-largest country in Europe and the sixth-most populous member state of the European Union.

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