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Embark on an exciting journey where the development of your career path intertwines with the captivating charm of Groningen.

Groningen is known as the “Cycling City” of the Netherlands. Approximately 60% of all journeys within the city are made by bicycle, making it one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

The city is home to a large student population, with a significant number of international students. The city has a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with numerous student associations, events, and cultural activities.

Immerse yourself in extraordinary internships thoughtfully curated by our team of experts, establishing strong alliances with renowned companies in the captivating city of Groningen.

Benefits of Interning in Groningen

Embark on remarkable internships thoughtfully selected by our team of experts, cultivating strong partnerships with prestigious companies in the captivating city of Groningen. Embrace the chance to leverage their vast expertise and elevate the value of your internship experience.

  • Vibrant student atmosphere

Groningen is a renowned student city with a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The city is home to a large student population, creating a dynamic environment filled with energy, events, and cultural activities. It provides a great opportunity to meet and connect with peers from around the world.

  • Diverse internship opportunities

Groningen offers a diverse range of internship opportunities across various industries. Whether you’re interested in technology, arts and culture, research, sustainability, or business, Groningen provides a platform to explore and gain practical experience in your field of interest.

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial environment

The city has a thriving startup ecosystem and a reputation for innovation. Interning in Groningen allows you to immerse yourself in this environment, providing opportunities to work with innovative companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and forward-thinking organizations.

  • Bicycle-friendly city

Groningen is known for being a bicycle-friendly city, with an extensive network of bike paths and a culture that promotes cycling. Interning in Groningen gives you the chance to embrace this eco-friendly mode of transportation, enjoying the convenience, health benefits, and sustainable lifestyle that cycling offers.


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Internship Fields

Our program offers internships in a variety of fields and the duration of the internships varies depending on the program but typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. These programs offer valuable work experience in a range of fields, including but not limited to:


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FAQ about Internships in Groningen, Netherlands

Groningen offers internship opportunities across various industries. Some prominent industries for internships in Groningen include:

  1. Technology and Engineering: Groningen has a growing technology and engineering sector, with opportunities in software development, data science, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and sustainable technologies. The city is home to innovative companies and research institutions at the forefront of technological advancements.

  2. Design and Creative Industries: Groningen has a vibrant creative scene, making it a great place for internships in design, including graphic design, product design, UX/UI design, fashion design, and interior design. The city fosters a creative and entrepreneurial environment for aspiring designers.

  3. Research and Academia: Groningen has a strong academic presence with its renowned University of Groningen and research institutions. Internships in research and academia offer opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects, collaborate with experts, and gain valuable research experience across various disciplines.

  4. Sustainability and Environmental Sciences: Groningen is committed to sustainability and hosts numerous organizations focused on environmental sciences and sustainability initiatives. Internships in this field can involve sustainable energy, circular economy, environmental research, and sustainable urban development.

  5. Business and Entrepreneurship: Groningen has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, making it an ideal place for internships in business development, marketing, project management, and startup support. The city offers opportunities to work with startups, incubators, accelerators, and established companies.

  6. Arts, Culture, and Media: Groningen is a cultural hub with a vibrant arts and media scene. Internships in this industry can include opportunities in museums, galleries, media production, event management, and cultural organizations.

  7. Health and Life Sciences: Groningen has a strong presence in health and life sciences, with research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Internships in this field can cover biomedical research, healthcare management, pharmaceutical sciences, and public health initiatives.

It’s important to note that these are just a few examples, and internships in Groningen span across many other industries.

The student life in Groningen is vibrant, dynamic, and filled with opportunities for personal growth and social engagement. Here are some aspects of student life in Groningen:

  1. Lively Student Community: Groningen is known as a student city, with a significant population of local and international students. The city is designed to cater to the needs and interests of students, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

  2. Student Associations and Clubs: Groningen has a wide range of student associations and clubs catering to various interests, hobbies, and academic disciplines. These associations organize social events, sports activities, parties, workshops, and cultural outings, providing ample opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

  3. Cultural and Artistic Scene: Groningen has a rich cultural and artistic scene. The city hosts numerous theaters, concert halls, art galleries, and cultural events throughout the year. From live music performances to exhibitions and festivals, there’s always something happening to cater to different tastes and interests.

  4. Sports and Recreation: Groningen offers a range of sports facilities, both within universities and through dedicated sports centers. Students can engage in various sports activities, including team sports, fitness classes, swimming, and outdoor pursuits. The city also has beautiful parks and green spaces for relaxation and recreation.

  5. Student Housing and Accommodation: Groningen provides a variety of student housing options, including dormitories, shared apartments, and private studios. The student housing complexes are often located close to university campuses and offer a supportive community environment.

  6. International Community: Groningen is home to a diverse international student community. The city’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere makes it easy for international students to adapt and feel at home. There are numerous events and initiatives specifically aimed at integrating international students into Groningen’s social fabric.

  7. Nightlife and Entertainment: Groningen boasts a lively nightlife scene with a wide range of bars, clubs, and pubs catering to different musical preferences. The city comes alive in the evenings, offering a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for students to socialize and have fun.

  8. Bike-Friendly Culture: Groningen is renowned for its bike-friendly infrastructure and culture. Most students choose to cycle as their primary mode of transportation, adding to the active and healthy lifestyle in the city.

Overall, student life in Groningen is characterized by a balance between academic pursuits, social engagement, cultural experiences, and personal development. The city’s student-friendly environment ensures that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore your interests, make friends, and create lasting memories during your time as a student in Groningen.

The weather in Groningen, like the rest of the Netherlands, experiences a temperate maritime climate. Here are some characteristics of the weather in Groningen:

  1. Mild Summers: Summers in Groningen are generally mild with average temperatures ranging from 17°C to 22°C (63°F to 72°F).
  2. Cold Winters: Winters in Groningen are cold with average temperatures ranging from 0°C to 6°C (32°F to 43°F).

The cost of living in Groningen as an intern can be estimated as follows:

Room in shared apartment: €300 – €600
Utilities: €50-€100
Groceries: €150 – €250
Eating Out: €150-€250
Transportation: €50-€100

Average cost of living between 700€-1300€.

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Internships in Groningen can vary in terms of compensation. Some internships in Groningen may offer payment, while others may be unpaid or provide other forms of compensation, such as stipends, travel allowances, or accommodation support. The availability of paid internships depends on factors such as the company, and industry.

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