F&B internship in a wonderful Italian restaurant. Discover the luxury Italian food working as a waiter and public Relations near Malaga

  • Public Relations, Hospitality / Tourism, Kitchen / Cook
  • Malaga, Spain
  • March 9, 2022 11:52
  • Internship
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Job Description

  • Date Posted:
    Mar 09, 2022
  • Expiration date:
    Oct 30, 2022
  • Location:
    Malaga, Spain

Job Description

Our partner is an Italian cuisine restaurant founded in 1985.

They are in a beautiful and luxury port, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, a tourist area with a spectacular climate, beautiful beaches, golf courses, etc…

They are a family restaurant run by its founder and his son. thy have an average of 10 permanent workers, becoming quite a few more in the summer season.

They are characterized by having a quality traditional Italian cuisine and an exquisite treatment with the client.

They are looking for 4 people who want to do the internship with them, a good attitude and desire to learn are essential.



- Be on time long before every shift starts

- Follow all opening and closing procedures properly

- Participate in rotating service delivery schedules, working in the informal catering service and other food and beverage service departments

- Organize the configuration of the table

- Greet and escort guests to their assigned seats

- Present meal and drink menus to the guests: suggest dinner dishes, appropriate wines and answer questions about the menu and wine selection

- Make recommendations to guests also taking into account the inventory stock

- Take orders without errors and transmit special requests to chefs clearly

- Serving food and drink courses from various locations

- Maintain the assigned station, including tables, side supports and chairs

- Anticipate the needs of guests and respond to any additional requests

- Obtain the service area assignment at the beginning of each shift 

- Serve bread, alioli and olives on each new table and provide spare parts if needed

- Set and clean tables efficiently

- Take crockery, dishes, glassware, etc. to the appropriate areas for washing. 

- Check the floor and clean it if necessary

- Acknowledge and thank all new guests.

- Respond promptly to each guest’s requests and communicate guests' requests to the responsible waitress

- Treat all guests and colleagues with the utmost respect and kindness

- Contact the waitress to ensure a trouble-free service

- Help the waitress with food delivery if needed

- Understand and be able to track the service dash on the kitchen pass

- Explain how various menu items are prepared, describing the ingredients and cooking methods

- Refill the bowls with salt, pepper, sugar bowls, soybeans, oil and vinegar, and fold the napkins

- Take the tools of the trade: table cruiser, pen, order pad, lighter and wine bottle opener

- Good communication skills, ability to keep calm and professionalism under pressure

- Exceeds guests' expectations

- Make sure your assigned station is configured according to company standards for each meal time

- Ensure that the assigned station and the work area is clean and all sanitation procedures are in compliance with hygienic requirements

- Assist, serve and clear tables, and provide hot and cold beverage service throughout the meal as requested by the waitress

- Use proper food and wine terminology and pronunciation

- Be familiar with menus and wine lists to recommend to guests

- Explain, understand and keep service board up to date

- Study menus for all guests from memory

- Follow all tasks requested by the management

- Follow trash separation procedures and all other environmental issues on site

- Attend meetings, training activities, courses and all other job related activities


- Must have the passion and drive to take care of people

- Excellent customer service skills

- Ability to perform basic mathematical operations with respect to meal counting procedures

- High school education or equivalent preferred

- Ability to speak English in a clear and friendly manner with guests

- Ability to read and write English in order to give and receive instructions and communicate effectively with guests and workmates


- Patience under pressure, especially during busy or peak periods

- Pleasant demeanor and temperament, passionate about food and customer service

- Energetic for fast-paced restaurant environment and quick customer service

- Flexible schedule for evenings, weekends, holidays and/or split shifts as needed

- Clean and neat appearance, attention to detail

- Cooperative attitude towards all co-workers in all departments

- Good health for the physical demands of the position


- Work standed up for extended periods of time

- Possess agility to reach and bend frequently

- To lift items weighing up to 40 lbs. if needed


- Be familiar with all hygiene practices and sanitation procedures

- Responsible for high standards of conduct and professionalism

- Enjoys working with the public

- Good knowledge of various foods and ingredients

- Good listening skills to understand instructions quickly

 - Trained to maintain proper balance while walking briskly while carrying trays loaded with food



500€ per month, accomoation and meals during working hours


Internship hours:

40h per week