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We make it easy for educators to find the best opportunities for their students, and easy for students to find their dream internship or job. Piktalent has been designed with universities and educational institutions in mind, and offers a wide range of features that make it perfect for helping students and graduates to find opportunities online, with ease.
Our solution allows your educational institution to offer a white branded platform compiling 1000s of placements and opportunities all around Europe.

Universities and Educational Institutions from around the world

Higher education students need employability software that equips them with a competitive edge in the job market. Piktalent is such a platform, and has become the go-to employability software solution for universities and educational institutions world over.

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Piktalent gives universities the opportunity to provide students with a state-of-the-art career portal on their student space/intranet, bringing convenience and real-time updates within reach of tomorrow's leaders.

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Custom made student mobility and employability services

  1. Besides our technological platform, where students have plenty of opportunities to apply by themselves, we have tailored services for those educational institutions who need personal support to handle their student mobility programs.
  2. We help hundreds of private and public institutions every year, organising thousands of mobilities in almost every location and field you could require.
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Career portal services

  1. Piktalent aims to provide educational institutions a state-of-the-art career portal for their student space/intranet, bringing convenience and real-time updates within reach of tomorrow's leaders.
  2. Within this portal, you will be able to manage your employability career´s portal, as well as measure and manage applications, vacancies and results, focusing not only in solving all the operational processes but also developing student skills development and performance tools.
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We work with more than 3000 companies from 15 countries