Paid Personal Sales and Customer Service Representative in Barcelona, Spain

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • November 18, 2021 16:06
  • Internship
  • Deactivated

Job Description

  • Date Posted:

    Nov 18, 2021
  • Expiration date:

    Jun 07, 2023
  • Location:

    Barcelona, Spain

Job Description


Our collaborator are an apartment rental company based in Barcelona, they rent out short term holiday apartments across the city with the perfect apartment for every taste. All of apartments are fully equipped with Wi-Fi and modern features.

Caring for guests is they greatest passion as well as delivering personalized accommodation services for people that like to feel special and unique. From the moment you contact us before booking and until after you have left, them will get to know you and tailor the service to your needs. They want all guests to leave as friends.

Whether it is preparing the vacation rental for a surprise birthday party, customizing an apartment for a handicapped person or preparing an art-intensive stay for a group of architects, always serve the guests in a creative and unique way.

The reward is the satisfaction of knowing that everyone who travels with Stay U-nique will come back again.

What they offer A ton of experience in giving the best customer service and improve your personal selling skills. Doing an internship with us will give you a ton of experience in delivering top customer service in a company focused on WOWING everyone of the Customers. Furthermore you will be learning how to sell yourself and products to guests, face to face, over the phone and via e-mails. On top of that they offer a very fun work environment filled with cool coworkers who also spend a lot of time together outside of work. They generally have a lot of fun but also works seriously and professionally towards the goals. They have a very passionate and inspired team and are looking for new people to join us in making the small company better and better.

Requirements They are looking for happy 19-24 year old open minded and socially confident people with great interpersonal skills as the contact with the customers is key! It is important to be able to work in a dynamic and some time fast paced company where things can change all the time, so stress tolerance is required. They need someone who is independent and able to take decisions on their own on the spot and who likes a challenge. A great flair for service and the ability to work efficiently and follow tasks through without supervision is absolutely key. As a big focus of them is up selling cool tours, events, tickets, products, etc to the guests, confidence and a gene for selling is important! An ambitious and enterprising mind is preferred as long as you know how to stay humble.

Required skills: It is absolutely required that you speak English at a C2 level and preferably, but not necessarily, one more language.

Tasks The tasks you will be working with are many and varied but mainly concentrated around: Check ins and outs, customer service, talking to customers via phone and in person, complaint handling, up selling, selling tours, tickets and products to guests, suggesting and recommending things to do and see to guests, convincing cancelling guests to rebook, convince inquiring guests to rebook, prepare cleaning plans, managing maintenance staff, proceeding bookings, administrative tasks, a ton of e-mailing with guests, and generally have a good time and helping us build an even better company!

Benefits You will be working in an environment filled with cool co-workers while gaining valuable work experience in the assistant/administrative field. The salary is 150 euros /month, after the 4th month of work salary is increased by 50 euros per month until after the 10th month when the intern receives 450 euros. The salary then maintains at 450 euros per month for the remainder of the internship. It is possible to earn some variable bonuses, but not up to more than approx 100-300 euros /month. They do not have a set start or end date for the interns, it depends on when suits them and their studies.

Please keep in mind that the only requirement is that the internship is a minimum of 5 months, it is not mutually beneficial to do shorter internships as you will not be able to get fully into everything.

You can apply for free for this unpaid internship throughout the year since the start date is flexible.