Paid Internship Opportunity for Translator Role in Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Translator
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • March 25, 2024 01:25
  • 100€ - 400€
  • Internship

Job Description

  • Date Posted:

    Mar 25, 2024
  • Expiration date:

    May 25, 2024
  • Location:

    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Hours:

    40h / week
  • Salary:

    100€ - 400€

Job Description

Translator Internship in Düsseldorf, Germany

We are a globally renowned company known for our unyielding commitment to innovation, integrity, and delivering unparalleled service to our diverse clientele. We invite you to join our winning team in the captivating city of Düsseldorf, Germany, known for its pioneering influence in fashion and arts, amazing culinary scene, and the Altstadt, often called the 'longest bar in the world'.

Job Description

The Translator Internship is a valuable opportunity to engage with intercultural communication and translation projects. Our intern will support various corporate functions including marketing, public relations, human resources, and customer service.


-Translating written documents from English to German and vice versa, ensuring preserved meanings and tone.
-Proofreading and editing final translated versions to deliver top quality translations.
-Collaborating with teams to understand business objectives and audience needs.
-Participating in team meetings, contributing with strategic linguistic insights.

Job Requirements

-Current enrollment in a related Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
-Proficiency in English and German languages in both verbal and written form.
-Good working knowledge of translation software.
-Familiarity with industry-specific terminologies, majorly in tech, finance, legal, or medical fields.
-Exceptional attention to details and accuracy.

Personal Requirements

-Proactive and capable of working efficiently under minimal supervision.
-Excellent interpersonal communication.
-Strong problem-solving skills and ability to think critically.
-Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.

This is more than just an internship – it is a chance to learn, thrive, and make a real impact in your career, and in the world. Are you up for the challenge?