Paid Internship Opportunity for Telecommunication Engineering in Groningen, The Netherlands

  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Groningen, The Netherlands
  • November 9, 2023 01:25
  • 300€ - 900€
  • Internship

Job Description

  • Date Posted:

    Nov 09, 2023
  • Expiration date:

    Jan 09, 2024
  • Location:

    Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Hours:

    25h / week
  • Salary:

    300€ - 900€

Job Description

Vacancy Announcement: Telecommunication Engineering Internship in Groningen, The Netherlands

We are a globally renowned organization in the telecommunications industry, innovating and providing state-of-the-art solutions to customers worldwide. Our core values define our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and constant evolution. We are pleased to announce that we are opening an internship position within our R&D Department based in Groningen.

Role Description

The intern will work in a multicultural team engaged in cutting-edge research and technology development. They will aid in designing, planning, implementing, and enhancing telecommunication networks. They can gain hands-on experience in solving complex engineering problems and developing telecommunication software.

Task Description

  • Assist in research and development of new telecommunication technologies
  • Help in designing and testing network systems
  • Support the team in software development, including quality assurance and troubleshooting
  • Contribute to project management activities, such as scheduling and task allocation
  • Generate reports on project progress and findings

Job Requirements

  • Currently enrolled or recent graduate in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering or similar disciplines
  • Basic knowledge of modern telecommunication systems and networking technologies
  • Familiarity with programming languages such as C++ or Java
  • Aptitude for problem-solving
  • Strong communication skills in English

Personal Requirements

  • Highly motivated and eager to learn
  • Able to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams
  • Proactive and independent in task completion
  • Strong attention to detail

About Groningen

Often called the "Metropolis of the North," Groningen is a vibrant, youthful city in the Netherlands. It's renowned for its world-class educational institutions and opens up diverse opportunities for research. The city has a rich cultural scene, beautiful architecture, and excellent public transportation systems, making it a fantastic place for international students and professionals.