Paid Kitchen/Cook Internship Opportunity in Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Kitchen / Cook
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • October 27, 2023 01:27
  • 500€ - 900€
  • Internship

Job Description

  • Date Posted:

    Oct 27, 2023
  • Expiration date:

    Dec 27, 2023
  • Location:

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Hours:

    30h / week
  • Salary:

    500€ - 900€

Job Description

Internship: Kitchen/Cook (Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Announcing a golden opportunity for culinary enthusiasts and aspiring chefs. Embark on a compelling journey in the heart of Slovenia's vibrant capital, Ljubljana. Our internationally renowned company, known for its high quality, innovative approach and customer satisfaction, is currently seeking passionate interns who are ready to step into the culinary world.

About the Company

With a history steeped in tradition and a team committed to the art of culinary mastery, our company is distinguished by its unique approach to gastronomy. Operating a network of luxury restaurants across several countries, our focus extends beyond creating delicious dishes. Facilitating unforgettable dining experiences through innovative culinary techniques, personalized service, and seamless integration of local and international flavors is at the forefront of our business approach.

About Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, a city that combines the charm of a small town with the dynamism of a larger city, prides itself on its picturesque streets, rich culture and friendly locals. This thriving urban center, nestled in the heart of Slovenia, serves as the country's capital and its largest city. Its unique charm and small-town warmth, coupled with its growing culinary scene, make Ljubljana the perfect city for an intern to immerse themselves in the evolving world of gastronomy.

Job Requirements

  • Ideally studying or completed culinary arts or related field
  • A previous hospitality experience is a plus
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills
  • A passion for cooking and knowledge of different cuisines
  • Be able to follow recipes and presentation specifications
  • Willingness to learn, be proactive and maintain a positive attitude

Roles & Responsibilities

Interns will work under the culinary team's guidance, providing crucial support and learning the ins and outs of the cooking profession. Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in planning and directing food preparation
  • Learning and adhering to the company's high standards of food quality, hygiene, and sanitation
  • Contributing to the development of new dish presentation
  • Assisting with inventory, rotation and ordering of stock
  • Engaging and interacting with diners to ensure satisfaction

The selected individuals will immerse themselves in an enriching, professional and nurturing environment where learning, development and mentorship are the core values. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and kick-start your culinary journey now? We can't wait to meet you!