French Language Teaching Assistant in Naples, Italy

  • Education / teaching
  • Naples, Italy
  • June 3, 2024 02:27
  • 600€ - 800€
  • Internship

Job Description

  • Date Posted:

    Jun 03, 2024
  • Expiration date:

    Aug 03, 2024
  • Location:

    Naples, Italy
  • Hours:

    40h / week
  • Salary:

    600€ - 800€

Job Description

Join our Language School as an English Teaching Assistant in Naples, Italy

Our language school, nestled in the historic city of Naples, Italy, offers students of all ages an immersive learning experience designed to enhance their proficiency in a range of languages. Given our student-centric philosophy, we build courses that best suit the needs of our learners. We are currently seeking a dynamic, qualified, and passionate English Teaching Assistant to join our dedicated staff.

Job Description

As an English Teaching Assistant, your primary duties will include:

- Assisting lead teachers in planning and delivering interactive, engaging ESL lessons.
- Providing instructional support for students during class activities.
- Individual tutoring for students needing extra help.
- Assisting in grading assignments and record-keeping duties.
- Creating a welcoming and productive learning environment for students of all ages and levels of proficiency.
- Performing administrative tasks such as preparing lesson materials and organizing educational resources.

Qualifications and Requirements

The successful English Teaching Assistant will have:

- A minimum Bachelor's degree preferably in Education, English, or a related field. A TEFL/TESOL certification would be a plus.
- At least 1-year experience working in an educational setting. Previous experience in TEFL/TESOL would be advantageous.
- Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken, is mandatory.
- Able to work with a diverse group of students, demonstrating cultural sensitivity.
- Ability to create an engaging learning environment that fosters students' confidence in using English.
- Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills. Ability to meet deadlines and work effectively both independently and as part of a team.

About Naples, Italy

Naples, nestled at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and world-class cuisine. Known as the birthplace of pizza, Naples offers a wealth of culinary delights. Additionally, the city's architecture and museums are an art lover's paradise. As an English Teaching Assistant in Naples, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Neapolitan culture while broadening your global perspective. Whether walking the picturesque streets or exploring ancient ruins, Naples is guaranteed to captivate.