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    Dec 29, 2021
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    Jun 07, 2023
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Job Description

Company description

As an international organization, our collaborator organization is characterized by diversity. It is comprised of people from different backgrounds, cultures, work styles, values and ways of thinking. This is reflected in the Organization’s internship program, which offers its interns to gain work experience in various areas, such as law, education, human rights, political science, international relations, public administration, human resources, conference organization, IT, finance, communication, marketing, web developing, web design and library support services.

Job description


The Internship Program has two main objectives:

  • To provide interns with an opportunity to develop professionally and personally
  • To provide staff with assistance and access to fresh talent and skills

In the current competitive professional environment, studies have shown that university students that conduct internships are more likely to find jobs quickly after graduation and in a field of their choice. In following with this, the primary goal of this program is to provide students with on-the-job work experience in a field of their interest. During their time, students will develop technical skills related to the department in which they are placed, along with personal skills necessary for every career, such as interpersonal skills, speaking skills, time management skills and organization skills.

Upon arrival, interns will be assigned to a staff member and will be given a work plan that covers the duration of their time. This work plan will be formulated in cooperation with the Coordinator of the Internship Program and the intern’s supervisor in order to ensure that interns have the opportunity to learn about areas of their interest and to dedicate time to their own personal development goals. For a longer internships period, students will have a mid-term evaluation to evaluate their progress and provide more in-depth feedback.

Prospective interns should note that as the activities are based largely upon an academic network located throughout the world, during periods of time throughout the year, much of the work of the organization is conducted through electronic means. Additionally, has administrative offices in Plaka and in Kolonaki, interns may occasionally be transferred to these offices to facilitate their cooperation with staff. In the event of such a transfer, interns will be informed by either the Coordinator or the Tutor.

In addition to tasks related to their placement, all interns will be required to support the general functions, including serving at the secretariat at Legraina, assisting the library with book reviews, and offering support related to the preparation of large events. Additionally, students participating in the three months and six-month internship program will be assigned a project to present to their peers. This project, along with the work that they have undertaken during the period, will be valuable additions to their portfolio, which they can present to potential employers.

The three and six-month internship program will necessarily be comprised of several training programs, both formal and informal, to assist students in understanding the functions, as well as job-specific tasks. This training will be determined by the Coordinator of the internship program in accordance with the activities and will be presented by the staff. Some examples of the informative training that may be offered include:

  • A presentation of the organization and international organizations
  • Skills development courses: presentation and communication skills, negotiation skills, management skills, official letter writing, general administrative support, dress code, how to form a CV and more.
  • Professional Courses: performance appraisal system, conducting market research, how to organize conferences and official events, protocol, professionalism in an intercultural environment, interviewing skills, European funded projects, technical assistance projects, research, book reviews and more.

Financial obligations:

During the Internship period the interns, if they wish, may reside at the guesthouse premises in Legraina, Sounion, subject to availability and payment of relevant rent (availability upon request).

Students must pay a one-time administration fee, which includes inter alia transportation from and to Athens airport, a visit to Athens and Sounion, and use facilities.

A training and guidance fee is also applied to cover costs related to the training and guidance of the interns.

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